Constance HaleJournalist Constance Hale grew up in Hawaii but left the islands to get a bachelors degree from Princeton and a masters from the Graduate School of Journalism at UC-Berkeley. Hale worked as a reporter and editor at the Oakland Tribune, the San Francisco Examiner, Wired, and Health and her freelance journalism has appeared in those publications, as well as in Honolulu, HotWired, and the Atlantic Monthly. Her travel essays have been published in several anthologies, Via, the Miami Herald, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Los Angeles Times. Hale is the author of two popular books on language, Sin and Syntax and Wired Style. Once dubbed, “Marion the Librarian on a Harley,” Hale speaks extensively about the craft of writing, sin and syntax, and the intersections of language and technology. She is on the faculty of UC-Berkeley Extension, Book Passage, and the Writing Salon.

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