Left Coast Writers® is a literary organization formed in 2003. Author and Founder Linda Watanabe McFerrin was looking for a way to “shed a little light in the literary garret”, her way of saying that writing is sometimes a far too solitary affair.

The center of her literary community was and is Book Passage, Elaine and Bill Petrocelli’s tremendously popular and engaged bookstore in Corte Madera, California. With the help of Bill, Elaine, and Margarita Castanera, a literary salon was launched. The response was immediate, unexpected, and widespread. They even had to increase space in “the gallery” to accommodate. They knew they had a hit, and since that time they’ve been bringing the best and brightest in all aspects of the literary world—authors, editors, agents, publishers, marketing experts, social media gurus, and more—together in an ever-widening host of literary events and opportunities to share the written and spoken word.

Years later, we’re still joyfully delivering on the original mission statement:

Left Coast Writers® was created to support new and established writers in the production AND promotion of their work in a stimulating atmosphere of creativity and community.

We are deeply appreciative of all who have helped in delivering on that mission. Join us!

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