LCW Book Promotion Service

Kaye McKinzie

LCW announces discounted book promotion services for members!

Once you’ve written that book and gotten it published you need to spread the news. Now LCW members can get the basics to get started in the Bay Area without hiring a publicist.
For $175 you’ll receive the Author’s Self-Promo Kit, which includes:
  • Sample contact letters so you can write your own press communications. The package of 6 includes letters to request:
                  -radio and TV interviews
                  -speaking engagements at book stores and professional groups
                  -book reviews from radio hosts, print editors, and bloggers
  • A professionally developed list of key press contacts for authors in the Bay Area, so you can send your own press releases on an ongoing basis.
  • A 45-minute consultation with PR professional Kaye McKinzie about the best way to tailor a PR campaign for your book or ebook, and the advantages of various approaches.
We also offer more robust PR packages, depending on your needs. Just ask, and we’ll be happy to custom-tailor a PR package for you and your book.

Kaye McKinzie has more than 20 years of experience in marketing and public relations, creating effective strategies for a wide range of services and products. Her promotional campaigns have won awards and media coverage for authors, business executives, food and consumer products, software technology, and documentary films.

There’s an audience for every story, and a smart way to reach them:

  • A health news website: promote the founder—Dr. Dean Edell
  • A new fingerprinting method: seminars to law enforcement
  • A book about environmental activism and climate: public radio and blogs
  • A book about Internet data: Twitter and trade show TV
  • A new ultrasound: social media and a video for expecting moms.
Hosting UK press tours … getting The NY Times to cover designer genes for science (the ultimate skinny jean!) … calling press in Delhi and Taipei … Kaye has done it all. And with a degree in communications and journalism, and years in agency and corporate PR, Kaye knows how to get the word to your audience, too.

If you want to know what publicity can do for your book, and trustworthy advice about what you can do yourself and what is best delegated to a pro, Kaye can help you get started.
Contact info:
Kaye McKinzie