Ferry Plaza Book Party: Shooting Genji by Richard Voorhees

LEFT COAST WRITERS FERRY PLAZA BOOK PARTY:  Shooting Genji by Richard Voorhees

Richard Voorhees
Richard Voorhees

Monday, March 9th, 2015 || 6pm
Book Passage || San Francisco
1 Ferry Building, San Francisco ||www.bookpassage.com

Please join us for a glass of wine, a bit of chat and a particularly fitting evening event at Book Passage in the San Francisco Ferry Plaza when Richard Voorhees reads from his novel, Shooting Genji.

Shooting Genji is a noir romance that careens from the Crash of 1929 in New York to the early Talkies in Hollywood. As a young rube, the story’s protagonist falls from a ladder, leaving him practically blinded by daylight. Nature makes it up to him, though, by giving him shockingly good night vision. Countless shady careers beckon, including working for whiskey smugglers, Wall Street cons, and Hollywood scoundrels. All-too-late he discovers he’s still the guy in the dark; but there’s hope yet. An alluring lady from Shanghai could be his undoing or his salvation.

“Delightful fun with a surprisingly warm heart.”
—Kirkus Reviews

A native of Seattle, Richard Voorhees studied English at Dartmouth College and film theory at the University of Paris. A lexicographer, he is the author of a dictionary of pre-20th century occupations, The World’s Oldest Professions. His film, Proust + Vermeer, premiered at the De Young Museum in 2013. He tweets haiku on Twitter @RichVoorhees.