Reading Series: Poetic Frenzy!

In honor of National Poetry Month, we will be in a Poetic Frenzy as this star-studded cast of Left Coast Writers poets read their work. For a special treat Dusty Miller will be performing her songs before the reading so come early!

Monday, April 9 5:30 -7:00pm with networking at a nearby restaurant/bar
Theme: Poetic Frenzy
Poets: Dusty Miller (Elaine Bond), Iris Joan Price, Lowry McFerrin, Rebecca Foust, Adrienne Amundsen, Marianne Betterly Kohn, Elizabeth Weaver, Colleen McFerrin, Mary Jean Pramik, Demian Entrekin

Book Passage – FERRY PLAZA
One Ferry Plaza #46
San Francisco, CA
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