Left Coast Writers Panel: Four Paths to Sanctuary 🗓

Cindy Rasicot
Veena Rao
Judith Teitelman
Anniqua Rana

Join us on February 10th at 4PM for A Panel of on Four Paths to Sanctuary

Featuring Cindy Rasicot, Veena Rao, Judith Teitelman, and Anniqua Rana, introduced by Linda Watanabe McFerrin

The search for sanctuary—safe haven—is not uncommon throughout time, history, and geography—most especially during uncertain times like ours when many people are feeling insecure. In this hour-long program, listen to four authors discuss the unique paths they chose for their characters to find sanctuary:

An immigrant woman who is trapped in a loveless abusive marriage realizes self-love is a powerful force

A baby abandoned and covered in flies is raised by two mothers 

A Northern California housewife is ordained in the Thai Buddhist tradition 

A woman had a glimpse, a taste of her ultimate destination, and was unwavering in her quest

Join us for a Zoom panel featuring these four authors published by She Writes Press, an award-winning, female-run hybrid publisher of novels, memoirs, and nonfiction work by female authors on February 10th at 4pm.

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