Left Coast Writers® Live: Anne Sigmon and MJ Pramik

Melinda Adams, aka Lilycat

On Sunday, February 21st from 12-2pm, join Left Coast Writers® Live on FCCFREE RADIO’s popular show, Lilycat on Stuff. Lilycat’s guest on Sunday will be Anne Sigmon and MJ Pramik, Contributors to To Oldly Go: Tales of Intrepid Travel by the Over-60s

A brand new collection of remarkable travel tales from ‘Silver Travellers’. Dervla Murphy travelling in Cuba at the age of 74, Matthew Parris swimming the Thames at 60, and Colin Thubron climbing the last stronghold of the Assassins in his 60s are among the writers recounting their adventures, often defying expectations – and the odds – and going outside their comfort zone to take a less-travelled path in later life. Published with participation from the Silver Travel Advisor, this single volume brings together contributions – some original, some previously published – from independent-minded souls whose experiences have been entertaining, amusing, thrilling, and even a little irresponsible. Other contributors include Roger Bray, ‘Green Goddess’ Diana Moran and Bradt Guides’ very own Hilary Bradt. – See more at: http://www.bradtguides.com/to-oldly-go-pb.html#sthash.WoFyrnBe.dpuf

Mary Jean Pramik, a coalminer’s daughter and a great, great-granddaughter of the Mongolian pain, has hitch-hiked across the United States, tracker May apples in Ohio, chased children through wet mountains of California, fended off bill collectors in tropical San Francisco, and counted sharp-taloned bird carcasses along the Pacific’s Point Reyes sands. Communicating with screeching penguin hoards in Antarctica remains a high point of her sojourn on this planet. MJ earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in biological sciences, and completed an MFA in writing. She moonlights as a medical writer, penning such scientific thrillers as Norenthindrone, The First Three Decades, the fast-paced history of the first birth control pill extracted from a Mexican yam. Winner of the coveted Mary Women Medal and a Travelers’ Tales Solis Award, MJ’s articles and essays have appeared in Nature BiotechnologyDrug Topics, and Cosmetic Surgery News, and mainstream publications such as Good HousekeepingOdyssey, and the National Enquirer. She has contributed to the “Venturing in” travel series on the Canal du Midi, Southern Greece, Southern Ireland, and Puglia, Italy, and the “Wandering in” series for Costa Rica, Bali, and Cornwall. MJ teaches graduate writing skills in the College of Science and Engineering at San Francisco State University.

Anne Sigmon flunked jump rope in seventh grade and washed out of college PE. After college, she headed for San Francisco and a career in public relations. Exotic travel was the stuff of dreams until, at 38, she married Jack, took tea with erstwhile headhunters in Borneo and climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro at 43. Five years later, she was zapped by a career-ending stroke caused by an obscure autoimmune disease called Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS). She may be stuck with blood thinners and a damaged brain, but she’s still traveling to isolated regions ranging from Botswana to Burma and, most recently, to Syria, Jordan, and a remote rainforest in Costa Rica. Anne’s personal essays and travel stories have appeared in local and national publications including Good Housekeeping and Stroke Connection magazines and the anthologies Wandering in Costa RicaChicken Soup for the Soul: Find Your Happiness, and Travel Stories from Around the Globe. She is currently working on a memoir about her experience with stroke and autoimmune disease. Anne’s blog www.JunglePants.com offers travel tales and tips about adventure travel off the beaten path. On her author website, www.AnneSigmon.com, she writes about—and offers tips on—living with stroke and autoimmune disease.

The ongoing spot on Lilycat on Stuff is scheduled for the third Sunday of every month. Left Coast Writers® are invited to participate in the programming. Listeners are invited to call in and share their opinions.

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