Travel and Song

Picture 1It has actually taken weeks to come down to earth after the Book Passage Travel Writers and Photographers Conference this year. I don’t know how it happens … maybe it’s Book Passage—that magical, marvelous combination of publications and personalities; maybe it’s Donald George and the way he’s able to frame an event so that it seems to kind of lift off and fly. Whatever the reason, the conference carries everyone away. I have a very tough time actually landing after being part of it all.

High points were presentations by Tim Cahill, Phil Cousineau (he’ll be a Left Coast Writers Literary Salon presenter on December 7th) and David Elliot Cohen as well as the panels on adventure travel and building a website (I know this because I was on them). Oh, yes, and there was the karaoke with special back-up dancers Spud Hilton (S.F. Chronicle Travel Editor), Rolf Potts and Lowry McFerrin. Pauline Frommer sang beautifully, which is more than I can say for the rest of us. Mostly it was an incredible gathering of the best and the brightest in travel writing. So writers who love to travel should put this on the schedule for next year. You’ll wake up apres conference with memories of a crazy place where everyone reads and talks and sings all day and late into the night, a huge stack of signed books, and—very possibly—laryngitis. You can sign up at Book Passage.

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