The day after the World Trade Center was destroyed, TAMIM ANSARY
sent an anguished e-mail to twenty friends discussing the attack
from his perspective as an Afghan American. The message reached
millions. Born to an Afghan father and American mother, Ansary
grew up in the intimate world of Afghan family life and emigrated
to San Francisco thinking he’s left Afghan culture behind
forever. At the height of the Iranian Revolution, however, he
took a harrowing journey through the Islamic world, and in the
years that followed, he struggled to unite his divided self and
to find a place in his imagination where his Afghan and American
identities might meet. This inner journal is chronicled in his
beautifully written memoir, “West of Kabul, East of New York.”

A regular columnist for Microsoft’s learning site,
Ansary has  written nonfiction books for children, jokes for a
mathematics program  (“edutainment” software), a literary memoir,
several novels for “reluctant readers,” a series of educational
comic books called Adventures Plus, countless letters to
friends, and one two-line play.

His commentary has been heard on the Bill Moyers Show, the News
Hour with Jim Lehrer, the Oprah Winfrey Show, Hardball, and
numerous National Public Radio stations. For more information,
check out Ansary’s website:

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