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ParisInvitation!_s Allopurinal Vs Colchicine, POTENTIAL WANDERLANDERS …


Chers Amis,

The rumor is true … this year’s writing adventure will be our own “September Song” in Paris.

Please join us for the week of September 9-15 in one of three spacious apartments in a charming Left Bank neighborhood, Allopurinal Vs Colchicine uk.

Join us for walks among the falling leaves along the Seine, for soulful sits in famous literary cafés, Allopurinal Vs Colchicine usa, for sumptuous dining, for exploring Paris’s varied and magical arrondissements by Métro, bus and on foot.

Come with us for literature, 40mg Allopurinal Vs Colchicine, both to create it through our own writing, honed during five workshops and individual one-on-one sessions, 100mg Allopurinal Vs Colchicine, and through connecting with great writers who have lived and worked there before us and some who live and play there today.

Come with us to see and experience art in museums and galleries, in architecture, design, and style, and most importantly, in l’art de vivre, Allopurinal Vs Colchicine.

Come with us for food, as we share feasts, both in fine restaurants, Allopurinal Vs Colchicine us, and in meals we shop for and cook ourselves.

Come with us for the celebration, Allopurinal Vs Colchicine canada, for the joy of literary camaraderie in the City of Light.

Literature, art, food—we will find them from the heights of Montmartre to the streets of the Marais to the boulevards of Montparnasse and the narrow, 200mg Allopurinal Vs Colchicine, medieval lanes of the Latin Quarter. We have secrets about the city we want to share.

Then join us for the beautiful Wandering in Paris Allopurinal Vs Colchicine, anthology, which will include one or more of the stories you write on this journey. 750mg Allopurinal Vs Colchicine, Yes, this party continues once we return with tales to publish for you, stories that will last a lifetime.

All this and much more for $2, Allopurinal Vs Colchicine australia,400 (shared apartment/room costs, most meals, 50mg Allopurinal Vs Colchicine, transportation and entrance fees included).


Soyez la bienvenue, nos amis.

—Linda Watanabe McFerrin & Joanna Biggar


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