Michael JohnsonFor over 20 Years Michael Johnson has been training people to do good in public radio. But baby, that’s not all. Michael’s produced music shows for 13 years on KALW and KPFA in San Francisco. He was the associate producer for the Peabody Award Winning NPR series Lost and Found Sound, editor and digital mix engineer for Spirits of the Present: The Legacy from Native America for Radio Smithsonian (PRI) carried on over 500 stations across the US and Canada (APR), and associate producer for the documentary series Legacies: Tales From America.

He’s been a freelance producer and reporter for the BBC and has served on assignment in Managua, Nicaragua during the Contra-Sandista Civil War. Michael was also the General Manager of KALW-FM in San Francisco, a training consultant for NPR and the Director of Digital Production and Training for KQED FM in San Francisco. He is currently a freelance producer and reporter.

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