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Prozac Tolrance, LEFT COAST WRITERS LITERARY SALON: William C. Gordon, Author of King of the Bottom

William C. Gordon

Monday, May 7, 20mg Prozac Tolrance, 7pm
Book Passage || Corte Madera
51 Tamal Vista Drive ||

Maybe some of you remember celebrating wildly that night at Book Passage with Willie Gordon and Isabel Allende earlier this year when The Chinese Jars came out. It was definitely a night to remember. Well, one of our heroes (he's been a huge supporter of our Left Coast Writers) is at it again, Prozac Tolrance. William C. Gordon has a new book out: King of the Bottom, Prozac Tolrance coupon.

Oddly, it's been a long haul getting books out in English, Prozac Tolrance craiglist, even for this internationally famous author, so we're sure he has a revealing story to tell about writing and publishing books. He also has some fascinating fiction in his arsenal.

In The Chinese Jars Prozac Tolrance, , Gordon takes readers to 1960s San Francisco. The story follows Samuel Hamilton, Prozac Tolrance paypal, who is a successful ad salesman for a local newspaper. Donning the role of investigator, 30mg Prozac Tolrance, Hamilton examines the bizarre death of a local millionaire. Hamilton eventually uncovers a set of clues that lead him through the mystical world of Chinese art and antiquities. In King of the Bottom Hamilton returns, this time to work with Janak Marachak, 150mg Prozac Tolrance, a formidable attorney whose clients are implicated in a case involving industrial chemicals, illegal immigrants, 250mg Prozac Tolrance, and murder. It's noir and just bizarre enough to satisfy even jaded literary palates, Prozac Tolrance. Definitely our top choice for an energetic summer read that spotlights our beloved Bay Area.

William C. Gordon grew up in the beautiful landscapes of the old West, 500mg Prozac Tolrance. His father died when he was six, leaving his family to shift for themselves in tough times. Prozac Tolrance, Gordon attended UC Berkeley and, after a military stint, earned a law degree from Hastings College of Law. 40mg Prozac Tolrance, He eventually retired from the legal profession and, his passion for writing rekindled by his long romantic alliance with internationally famous author, Isabel Allende, he refocused his attention on the page and began writing a series of novels that were first published abroad. Four of his books will be published in English and Spanish in pocketbook editions this year and next. His fifth Samuel Hamilton mystery, The Halls of Power, is due out in 2013.




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