Literary Salon: Michele Jin

LEFT COAST WRITERS LITERARY SALON: Michele Jin, publisher of Passion Fruit magazine

Monday, June 4, 7pm
Book Passage || Corte Madera
51 Tamal Vista Drive ||

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”
—Marcel Proust

Who better to talk about a new vision than Michele Jin, creative force and founder of Passion Fruit magazine.

Michele began publishing Passion Fruit magazine in print form in 1999. Now an online publication, Passion Fruit magazine is a travel magazine that explores the issues and experiences of female travelers … and she’s looking for stories! Male travelers, this doesn’t exclude you, by any means, and your contributions are also welcome.

Michele has a lot to say about travel and travel writing and publishing in a digital age. She’ll also be talking about her journey as a writer and publisher and the challenges of balancing work, family, and other passions.

If you are a kindred spirit in your love of travel or travel writing and are interested in the many ways that this fondness finds expression, especially in a digital age, please come and join the conversation. You’ll learn from the presentation and enjoy the interchange.

Who knows, you  might just find a whole new market for your work.

We hope so!