Get the INSIDE SCOOP on “What We’re Looking For” from a 

publisher’s point of view from LINDY HOUGH, Publisher and 

Editorial Director of North Atlantic Books and Frog. Ltd. North 

Atlantic Books, located in Berkeley, has consistently been rated 

as one of the 10 Fastest Growing Independent Publishers of the 

last ten years nationwide by Publishers Weekly. Hough spends much 

of her time on product acquisitions. 


Lindy Hough is a poet and fiction writer who founded North 

Atlantic Books in 1977 with her husband, Richard Grossinger. 

Many people are unaware that this mid-sized general trade 

independent publishing company is in our midst, on Fourth Street 

in Berkeley. Come learn what the publishing mission is of North 

Atlantic and Frog. Ltd., what’s new at North Atlantic (hint: it’s 

blue and slithers)— what new topics they are looking for, what 

NOT to submit, upcoming publishing plans. And ask your questions: 

about agents, distribution, the publishing process, who we sell 

to, etc. Learn more about Lindy Hough at . 

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