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Melinda Adams AKA LilyCat

On Sunday, April 30th from 12-2pm, join Left Coast Writers® Live on FCCFREE RADIO’s popular show, Lilycat on Stuff. Lilycat’s guest on Sunday will be Lisa Faulkner. 

Lisa Faulkner (also known as the Pole Dancing Professor) is a public health expert who mentors women to quiet their busy minds and increase presence through dance, play, sensuality and nature connection.

She’s longed to live in a world filled with vibrant individuals since writing her first research paper on biofeedback in junior high school. Lisa studied psychobiology in college at the University of Pennsylvania and spent twenty years in academia researching and teaching determinants of health with a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley. However, it wasn’t until discovering sensual dance that she found the secret to radiant health.

Lisa’s first book, How Pole Dancing Changed My Life, chronicles the journey of an overworked and overweight assistant professor that takes up pole dancing to unleash her “erotic creature.” The pole terrifies her at first; for months she reminds herself, “it’s not about the pole.” Eventually, she befriends the pole, transforming from a thoughtful academic who wears granny panties and believes she was cursed with a low libido, to a feisty woman with a drawer full of leopard and hot pink lingerie, who’s insatiable for her husband’s kisses and inspires others with her irrepressible joy and lust for life.

Her personal essays have been featured in Vertical Arts and Fitness magazine and on numerous websites including Hot Flashes Sexy Stories and Bad Kitty.Lisa writes to inspire women to discover the treasures buried in their hips and unleash their inner sirens.

When she’s not writing, teaching, or dancing, you’ll find Lisa taking photo walks, sipping champagne with her husband, or asking a new friend, “When is the last time you cried tears of joy? Or answered the call of your wild soul?”

To learn more about Lisa visit poledancingprofessor.com. To download a free chapter and be notified when the book is available for purchase sashay over to HowPoleDancingChangedMyLife.com.

The ongoing spot on Lilycat on Stuff is scheduled for the third Sunday of every month. Left Coast Writers® are invited to participate in the programming. Listeners are invited to call in and share their opinions. FCCFREE RADIO is home to over 50 + original programs each week that produce more that 1,000,000 listeners per month(yes, you read that correctly 1,000,000 + listeners) of LIVE hosted content. that comes out of the plush studios in the SOMA District of San Francisco. FFR talk shows cover everything from sex, politics, sports, and back again. Google calls them an “Iconic Staple of San Francisco” and a “Frontrunner in Internet Broadcasting.” Add your voice to the fray by calling in during show hours: 415 829 2980. How to Listen in/Call in! 1 – log onto www.fccfreeradio.com 2 – find “schedule” tab and click it – go to Sundays – there will be the link for Lily Cat on Stuff – click it 3 – on Lily Cat page – there will be a “Tune In Now” section to select the streaming service of listeners choice – Under Studio A: – iTunes – Windows Media Player – Real Media Player – Quick Time Studio 4. Once selected the listening controls should appear & sound should be on – listen to the program – Lily Cat will give the phone # to call Nice thing about these live casts – they’re incorporated into Pod Casts so you can go back and listen if the program played while you were out.

For more station info and how to listen in, go to: www.FCCFREERADIO.comTo schedule and interview with the editors or writers please contact Jack at leftcoastwriters@gmail.com
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