Left Coast Writers® Live: Dick Jordan

On Sunday, July 17th from 12-2pm, join Left Coast Writers® Live on FCCFREE RADIO’s popular show, Lilycat on Stuff. Lilycat’s guests on Sunday will be Dick Jordan, who will be chatting about Cuba, travel and his new film, Cuba Libre. 

Dick Jordan grew up in Seattle, Washington. At age 7, he donned a suit and tie, climbed aboard a United Airlines DC-6, and took his first big trip: Up to Vancouver, British Columbia, for the day, back to Seattle the same evening by train. As a teenager at the end of the heyday of U.S. passenger train travel, he rode the rails to and from Miami Beach. In between these two “Big City Trips”, he learned to appreciate the outdoor wonders of the West by joining the quintessential “F Troop” of the Boy Scouts and camping in the rain and mud of Western Washington.

His service in the U.S. Air Force took him to Texas, Indiana, and the Far East. Along the way he spent nine months studying Chinese in Monterey, California, and discovered San Francisco and Yosemite National Park. When his service days came to a close, he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, practiced law for over 30 years, and was an author of articles which appeared in the legal press, and was an editor and publisher of print and on-line legal newsletters. But his real dream was to become a travel writer.

Since 1971, Dick has traveled to nearly 250 places in the United States and abroad. In 2006 he started writing travel blogs so friends and family could follow the vacation journeys he and his wife Cindy embark on each year.

In 2009, a year after retiring, he became a freelance travel writer. His stories and photographs have appeared in the Contra Costa Times, Dallas Morning News, Los Angeles Times, Marin I-J, Oakland Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, and San Jose Mercury News.  He is also a contributor to the Book Passage Blog and a GogobotFeatured Blogger.

Dick is a Founding Member of the Professional Travel Bloggers Association whose mission is to promote the interests of travel bloggers within the industry by supporting and fostering the needs, careers and relationships of travel bloggers. He also belongs to the Bay Area Travel WritersNorth American Travel Journalists Association, and San Francisco Bay Area Journalists,

He is a member of Left Coast Writers, which supports new and established writers in the production and promotion of their work in a stimulating atmosphere of creativity and community, and is a TV producer at the Community Media Center of Marin.

In January of 2015 he was named a “Featured Journalist” by the North American Travel Journalists Association.

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