Left Coast Writers® Christmas List

Reindeer ManHey guys,

I just put together a Christmas list of books authored or edited by current Left Coast Writers® members. I thought you might like to have it as you consider gifts for friends and family.

Happy Holidays,
Jack Betterly-Kohn
Left Coast Writers® Administrator


Left Coast Writers® Christmas List

Books by Left Coast Writers®


  1. Amundsen, Adrienne Reclaiming the Apple: Poems from Afghanistan

    Cassandras Falling

  2. Ashdown, Lynne One American Woman Fifty Italian Men: A Journey of Cycling, Love, and Will
  3. Biggar, Joanna That Paris Year

    Wandering in Costa Rica: Landscapes Lost and Found

    Wandering in Bali: A Tropical Paradise Discovered

    Wandering in Paris: Luminaries and Love in the City of Light

  4. Black, Marsha The Accidental Photographer
  5. Bond, Elaine Affimals: Affirmations + Animals (Animal Ethics. Stories and Pictures)

    Dream Affimals, Affirmations + Animals, Inspiration to Fulfill Your Wildest Dreams

    The Utah Prairie Dog: Life among the Red Rocks

  6. Bracewell, Patricia Shadow on the Crown: A Novel
  7. Byrne, Erin Vignettes & Postcards
  8. Casias, Tami My Affair with Mickey

    Crystal Bound

  9. Chandler, GaelChronicles of Old San Francisco: Exploring the Historic City by the Bay

    Film Editing: Great Cuts Every Filmmaker and Movie Lover Must Know

    Cut by Cut, 2nd edition: Editing Your Film or Video

  10. Clark, Kristin (Venuti) Leaving the Bellweathers

    The Butler Gets a Break: A Bellweather Tale


  11. Constable, Antoinette The Lasting War
  12. Crawshaw, Todd heretofore

    Exploits of the Satyr

    Light-Years In The Dark: StoryPoems

  13. Darznik, Jasmin The Good Daughter: A Memoir of My Mother’s Hidden Life
  14. Day, Lucille Lang Married at Fourteen: A True Story

    The Curvature of Blue

    Chain Letter

    Wild One

  15. Entrekin, Gail Rudd Rearrangement of the Invisible

    Change (will do you good)

    You Notice the Body

  16. Feigon, Josiane Smart Sales Manager: The Ultimate Playbook for Building and Running a High-Performance Inside Sales Team

    Smart Selling on the Phone and Online: Inside Sales That Gets Results

  17. Foust, Rebecca All That Gorgeous Pitiless Song

    God, Seed: Poetry & Art About the Natural World

    Mom’s Canoe

    Dark Card

  18. Gardner, Rita The Coconut Latitudes: Secrets, Storms, and Survival in the Caribbean
  19. Goodson, William The Blue Eyed Girl
  20. Greenberg, Cynthia Burmese Jade, A Mystery
  21. Harms, Terry Sue Pearls My Mother Wore
  22. Hewitt, John Drone Baloney

    Under the Padre’s Thumb: The Story of a Colossal Statue Gone Awry

    Stranger in Baja

  23. Hill, Roccie Three Minutes on Love
  24. King, Laurie McAndish Lost Kidnapped Eaten Alive!: True Stories from a Curious Traveler

    Hot Flashes: sexy stories and poems

    Hot Flashes 2: more sexy little stories & poems

  25. Lonsdale, Marianne Three Mornings

    Mamas Write: 29 Tales of Truth, Wit, and Grit

  26. Luckett, Jackie Passing Love

    Searching for Tina Turner

  27. Mash, Roy Buyer’s Remorse


  28. Maskaleris, Thanasis The Terrestrial Gospel of Nikos Kazantzakis

    An Anthology of Modern Greek Poetry

  29. McFerrin, Linda Watanabe Namako: Sea Cucumber

    The Hand of Buddha

    Dead Love

    Hot Flashes: sexy stories and poems

    Hot Flashes 2: more sexy little stories & poems

    Wandering in Costa Rica: Landscapes Lost and Found

    Wandering in Bali: A Tropical Paradise Discovered

    Wandering in Paris: Luminaries and Love in the City of Light

  30. McTigue, Amanda Going to Solace
  31. Murphy, Robyn T.NIGHTY NIGHTY, JAMA JAMA, a bedtime picture book
  32. Olsen, Cristina Kissing the Sky: Poetry and Photography
  33. Peele, Amy S.Aunt Mary’s Guide to Raising Children the Old-Fashioned Way
  34. Pines, Howard The Whale Song Translation
  35. Powell, Jeanne Word Dancing

    Two Seasons

    Carousel: Essays and Such

    My Own Silence

  36. Rice, CarolynFlesh and Earth: Poems from the Left Coast
  37. Roberts, Marsha Confessions of an Instinctively Mutinous Baby Boomer: And Her Parable of the Tomato Plant
  38. Rossi, Mitchell The Hong Kong Sanction

    Truk Lagoon

    The Hong Kong Papers

    Porsche 911 Performance: Building the Ultimate Porsche 911 for High Performance Street or Road Racing

  39. Russo, Carl The Sicilian Mafia: A True Crime Travel Guide
  40. Schur, Maxine Places in Time: Reflections on a Journey

    There’s a Babirusa in my Bathtub!: Fact and Fancy about Curious Creatures

    Gulilble Gus

    Samantha’s Surprise

  41. Shaw, Mark Beneath the Mask of Holiness Thomas Merton and the Forbidden Love Affair that Set Him Free

    Road to a Miracle: A Wandering, A Knightmare, An Awakening

    Stations Along the Way: The Spiritual Transformation of Former Hitler Youth Leader Ursula Martens

    The Poison Patriarch: How the Betrayals of Joseph P. Kennedy Caused the Assassination of JFK

  42. Sheldon, Carol A Sleuth in Sausalito: A Mystery

    Mother Lode

    Driven to Rage: a historical novel

  43. Shepherd, Jessica A Love Alchemist’s Notebook: Magical Secrets for Drawing Your True Love Into Your Life

    Karmic Dates & Momentary Mates: The Astrology of the Fifth House

    Venus Signs: Discover Your Erotic Gifts and Secret Desires Through Astrology

  44. Solomon, Susanna Point Reyes Sheriff’s Calls
  45. Steidinger, Joan Sisterhood in Sports: How Female Athletes Collaborate and Compete
  46. Strickland, Gail Night of Pan
  47. Thompson, Erin Only a Stone’s Throw
  48. Trwst, Nicola Bolinas Bongo

    Bayou Nights

    The Belvedere Club

  49. Voorhees, Richard Shooting Genji

    The World’s Oldest Professions

  50. Wallace, Mary Unburying Hope
  51. Wilson, Chana Riding Fury Home