From the Launch Pad

Susan West
Susan West

On the day after the night before, we are sharing, as promised, Susan West’s 10 Tips for Launching (most anything). It was an outstanding evening with a large turnout for the first salon of the year and a great many newcomers. It was a special treat to see noted photographer Bob Holmes in the audience and to have a chance to give Stan Goldberg a big hand for his recent award (see the prior post). We’d also like to thank those—like Jasmine Darznik, whose book “The Good Daughter” comes out later this year and Rebecca Evans, who’ll be reading at Book Passage at the Ferry Plaza on Monday, January 11th—who were visiting from their new east coast residences. Finally we want t congratulate the many, many members who have new books coming out, including Marsha Black whose launch party is Saturday, January 9th. We’re excited about celebrating those new publications at upcoming events.

10 Tips for Launching (most anything)

  1. Size up the competition
  2. Picture your audience
  3. Clarify your goals
  4. Build a clear structure
  5. Use specifics
  6. Entertain yourself, but don’t indulge
  7. Show your passion
  8. Maintain flexibility
  9. Zoom in, zoom out
  10. Check your gut

Susan West
Principal, West Gold Editorial consulting