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LEFT COAST WRITERS BOOK PARTY: Left Coast Writers on Romance that is out of this world!

heartblack_s Amoxicillin Dentist, Monday, February 13th, 6pm
Book Passage || Ferry Plaza
San Francisco ||

Did you miss our Lovefest?

Don't worry; you can still come out and celebrate the Big Day with Left Coast Writers©.  On Monday at Book Passage in the Ferry Plaza some of our members will share stories about love, 20mg Amoxicillin Dentist, 500mg Amoxicillin Dentist, sex and romance that is quite literally out of this world.  The readers will be Debbie Goelz, 10mg Amoxicillin Dentist, Amoxicillin Dentist india, Patricia Ljutic, Unity Barry and Mary Brent Cantarutti, 100mg Amoxicillin Dentist. Amoxicillin Dentist mexico,  The evening will include stories about forbidden lust, the "art" of love, Amoxicillin Dentist japan, 250mg Amoxicillin Dentist, and sex with an extra-terrestrial. So get into an utltra-special lovey-dovey mood with us the day before our favorite V-day as our Left Coast Writers treat you to some very different takes on romance.

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