Ferry Plaza Book Party: Elaine Bond

LEFT COAST WRITERS BOOK PARTY: Elaine Miller Bond, Author of Affimals: Affirmations + Animals

Elaine Miller Bond
Elaine Miller Bond

Monday, June 13, 6pm
Book Passage || Ferry Plaza
San Francisco || www.bookpassage.com

At last! We cordially invite you to the long awaited U.S. book launch party for Elaine Miller Bond’s Affimals: Affirmations + Animanls.

Affimals is an uplifting journey into the kind of happiness we can all have in our lives, with affirmations like WILD HORSE: Unbridle your passion, and FIREFLY: Spark imagination. With every turn of the page, the reader is greeted by another beautiful illustration, along with a story based on both positivity and the latest developments from the scientific community. The book brings joy to all members of the family and serves as tool for connecting with the natural world. It’s part-inspiration, part-environmental education, all-heart.

“Animals can teach us so much, whether they are caring for their young, exhibiting altruism, communicating with each other, or just surviving. Elaine Miller Bond’s Affimals is an inspiration and a lesson — from all creatures great and small to all readers young and old.”— Michael Markarian, Exec. vice president, The Humane Society of the United States

“A delightful book! With vivid descriptions, whimsical tales, and stunning artwork, Elaine Miller Bond has created a wondrous and inspiring book for children of every age. Let all, like her bluebird, “rise up singing”! — T.A. Barron, Author of The Great Tree of Avalon, Merlin, and Merlin’s Dragon

Elaine Miller Bond grew up in the Berkeley Hills, wandering the creeks for newts and falling asleep to the spring choruses of tree frogs. She immersed herself in the environment for her graduate degree abroad at Cambridge University, having, at UC Berkeley, combined her love for the Earth (Geography) with her mind for the written word (English).

Her career began as a science writer with the University of California Natural Reserve System, where she also developed outdoor programs that served to educate underserved high school students. Her writing and photography have appeared on the Discovery Channel and in BBC Earth News, The American Naturalist, The Washington Post, and other popular and scientific media. Her field-based photographs of rare Utah prairie dogs have been used for education by Lucasfilm and leading universities, and will be published in three upcoming books, including the new edition of the popular textbook, An Introduction to Behavioral Ecology, by N. B. Davies, J. R. Krebs, and S. West.

Bond’s own book — which she wrote and illustrated — is entitled, Affimals: Affirmations + Animals. It’s part-inspiration, part-environmental education, all-heart.

She and her boisterous cat Cyrano currently make their home on the hooting, gobbling edge of her favorite childhood park — with scorpions — in Orinda.