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LEFT COAST WRITERS BOOK PARTY:   Karyotyping Colchicine, Chicken Soup for the Soul Find Your Happiness: 101 Stories about Finding Your Purpose, Passion, and Joy with Anne Sigmon

Anne Sigmon

Anne Sigmon

Monday, November 14, 6pm
Book Passage || Ferry Plaza
San Francisco ||

On Monday night we'll be celebrating the publication of Chicken Soup for the Soul Find Your Happiness: 101 Stories about Finding Your Purpose, Passion, and Joy, a new anthology featuring Bay Area writers Anne Sigmon and Nicole Guiltinan.

  • Anne Sigmon reads “Why I Still Travel to the Wild” a reflection on her determination to continue traveling to remote corners even after her health was compromised by a stroke and autoimmune disease.

  • Nicole Guiltinan reads “Happiness Through Forgiveness” a story that looks back to her mother’s death when Nicole was twelve years old.

In Chicken Soup for the Soul: Find Your Happiness, Anne, Nicole and the other contributors share stories that will inspire readers to find their own purpose, pursue their passions, and let joy into their lives, no matter what their circumstances.

Anne Sigmon is a Bay Area freelance writer who writes about stroke and autoimmune disease ( as well as adventure travel for people with health concerns (  She is currently finishing a memoir bout surviving stroke and resuming travel to wild locations from Burma to Uzbekistan.  Anne’s stories have appeared in national publications such as Good Housekeeping and Stroke Connection magazines and the 2010 travel anthology Wandering in Costa Rica, Karyotyping Colchicine australia. 750mg Karyotyping Colchicine, Nicole Guiltinan is a first-year college student in Northern California who is planning a career in social work.  She enjoys reading, art, 150mg Karyotyping Colchicine, 200mg Karyotyping Colchicine, and writing poetry.

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