Book Party: Salento by Five by Audrey Fielding 🗓

LEFT COAST WRITERS FERRY PLAZA BOOK PARTY: Salento by Five: Friendship, Food, Music, and Travel Within the Heel of Italy’s Boot by Audrey Fielding

Audrey Fielding

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017 || 6pm Book Passage || San Francisco 1 Ferry Building, San Francisco ||

Also, a little early in November, join us “in Italy” for an evening with Audrey Fielding, not on Monday, but on Wednesday eve at Book Passage in San Francisco.

Salento by 5 is a collection of richly woven Italian stories, written by three local Italians and two American travelers. A friendship begins in the Rome airport, migrates to Salento, the southernmost Italian region of Puglia, blossoms over food and wine, and culminates in a narrative filled with nostalgic and personal recollections of Salento’s unique history, culture, and people. Enjoy the book’s watercolor sketches, the local recipes, and off-the-beaten path travel hints that only the Salento by 5 authors can provide. Whether you are an armchair traveler or looking for a new Italian adventure in a not so well known region, Salento by 5 has a little something for everyone.

Audrey Fielding was born in Bristol, Connecticut. She served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Cuzco, Peru from 1964 to 1966 and taught at Lincoln International School and Costa Rica Academy in San Jose, Costa Rica from 1971 to 1975. For more than twenty years, she was a San Francisco educator. She began studying Italian in Perugia, Italy in (more…)

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Book Party: Places in Time by Maxine Rose Schur 🗓


Maxine Rose Schur

Monday, October 9th, 2017 || 6pm Book Passage || San Francisco 1 Ferry Building, San Francisco ||

If you love to travel or read well written tales of travel, you’re sure to enjoy and evening with Maxine Rose Schur and a look into her adventures. We hope you’ll drop by and celebrate the magic of a voyage bravely taken and the magic of a story well told. This event is open to the public, so please spread the word!

“Appealingly graceful …Schur is gentle and generous, opening herself to the mystery of others and amply rewarded for the effort.” San Francisco Chronicle“The author’s reflections on her life-changing journey more than thirty years later are the subject of this remarkable book. Schur’s determination “not merely to observe, but to accept, even integrate” with other cultures distinguishes this essay collection from most travel memoirs. More than just a collection of travel stories, Places in Time is a celebration of rural life and the healing power of community.”—Foreword Magazine

“Writing with so much humor, suspense and wisdom …This is what travel memoirs should be and so seldom are. “– San Francisco Chronicle.

Maxine Rose Schur is a children’s book author and travel journalist. Her essays have appeared in numerous (more…)

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Book Party: David Hathwell, Author of Between Dog and Wolf 🗓

LEFT COAST WRITERS FERRY PLAZA BOOK PARTY: Between Dog and Wolf by David Hathwell

David Hathwell

Monday, September 11th, 2017 || 6pm Book Passage || San Francisco 1 Ferry Building, San Francisco ||

Please join us for this celebratory reading of David Hathwell’s new book, Between Dog and Wolf. The French phrase “entre chien et loup” describes those moments at twilight when the eye, no longer to be trusted, can’t distinguish between a dog and a wolf. The poems in David Hathwell’s new collection take place on the threshold—unsettling, often perilous—between light and darkness: between the familiar and the unknown, the expected and the unforeseen, safety and danger.

“Sharp and unsettling, the poems offer a sense of something just not right. An important book for times like these.”
—Erica Dawson
“An absolute delight to read. Commanding a beautiful lyricism, Hathwell ask us to consider the world in ways we likely haven’t before. Do yourself a favor and buy this book.”
—Rob Griffith


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Library Reading: Wandering in Andalusia: The Soul of Southern Spain 🗓

Saturday, August 5th, 2017 || 11am
Novato Public Library || Novato
1720 Novato Blvd, Novato CA 94947

In many ways, Andalusia, situated as it is, at the southern boundary of the Iberian Peninsula, is a crossroads, a caravansary where settlers from northern Europe, Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East have left their mark. Our writers went from Córdoba to Málaga, from Granada and its Alhambra to Cadíz to bring back stories of cities, rivers, coasts, plains, food, spirit and passion. All embarked upon new roads of discovery, and all were well rewarded in their investigations. These, after all, are the landscapes that inspired Cervantes, Lorca, Machado, Navarro, Unamuno, Hemingway, Conrad and Menocal.

In the words of poet and rock idol, Jim Morrison, “Andalusia with fields ripe with grain, I want to see you again and again.”

“Wandering in Andalusia’s enchanting collection of travel tales illuminates the region’s history, traditions, and myriad attractions. It’s the perfect companion for your next visit to Spain.”
— Christi Phillips, Author of The Rosetti Letter and The Devlin Diary

“To change ourselves, we must give ourselves away. The glass we hold cannot be filled until it is first emptied. In Andalusia, we yield ourselves to an irresistible and cumulative beauty, just as we do in love. And the life we then can lead, with reborn and unbound hopes, follows a trajectory of dedication and understanding.
— Steven Nightingale, Author of Granada: A Pomegranate in the Hand of God and The Hot Climate of Promises and Grace (more…)

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Book Party: Living Love, the Yoga of Yama & Niyama by Megan Nolan 🗓

LEFT COAST WRITERS FERRY PLAZA BOOK PARTY: Living Love, the Yoga of Yama & Niyama: Timeless Teachings for Transformation and Awakening by Megan Nolan

Megan Nolan

Monday, August 14th, 2017 || 6pm Book Passage || San Francisco 1 Ferry Building, San Francisco ||

Living Love explores the ancient teachings of yoga that assist with living in the world and facing life’s difficulties. This book leads you through processes that can help you shift negative beliefs and thought patterns, transform your relationship with yourself and others and ultimately your life. A unique blend of the ancient teachings of yoga, the Yama and Niyama of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, and modern psychology. It offers teachings for happiness, compassion, self-love, and self-realization.

It gives simple practices that can resolve, solve, clarify, heal, purify, fend off confusion, dispel error and light your way into developing a deeper connection with your true divine nature. Living Love is a practical guide to living a deep and fulfilling life that will move you towards awakening to the deepest love within you.


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Book Party: Mother Earth: Three Couples by Tommie Whitener 🗓

LEFT COAST WRITERS FERRY PLAZA BOOK PARTY: Mother Earth: Three Couples by Tommie Whitener

Tommie Whitener

Monday, July 10th, 2017 || 6pm Book Passage || San Francisco 1 Ferry Building, San Francisco ||

When Alex, Roberta and Marie signed up for a series of personal development retreats in the redwoods of Northern California they had no idea how much “development” they were going to experience. Neither they nor their unsuspecting spouses were fully prepared for the ensuing personal and marital reassessment, stock-taking and value adjustment. The three of them and their marriages were dramatically, sometimes with much stress and drama, transformed. Not every marriage survived.

Tommie W. Whitener has practiced Family Law in Marin County and the Bay Area for more than forty-five years and is now putting some of the knowledge of people and relationships gained during that time to work in his new career as a writer. In addition to his just published debut novel  he is at work on a collection of short stories and memoirs to be published later this year and a volume of historical fiction concerning two generations of his Arkansas farmer ancestors. He lives in Novato with his wife Svetlana, who is a life coach, although he is often found in Seattle with new grandchildren and in his beloved Los Angeles, where he grew up.

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Book Party: More Point Reyes Sheriff’s Calls by Susanna Solomon 🗓

LEFT COAST WRITERS FERRY PLAZA BOOK PARTY: More Point Reyes Sheriff’s Calls by Susanna Solomon

Susanna Solomon

Monday, June 12th, 2017 || 6pm Book Passage || San Francisco 1 Ferry Building, San Francisco ||

When Susanna Solomon read her first short story about the day nothing happened in West Marin, called “Sheriff’s Calls”, to a packed house at Pints ‘N Prose in Fairfax, California, the house exploded with laughter. Now, onto something, she used the sheriff’s calls entries in the “Point Reyes Light” as inspiration for more. Susanna asks, “How can I run out of material with the intriguing people of West Marin, California as my inspiration?” Her collection of short stories, entitled “Point Reyes Sheriff’s Calls”, has been published December 2013 by HD Media Press.

Her success with short story writing came as a complete surprise after over twenty-five years of struggling with (more…)

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Book Party: Hardpan by Marilyn Skinner Lanier 🗓


Marilyn Skinner Lanier

Monday, May 8th, 2017 || 6pm Book Passage || San Francisco 1 Ferry Building, San Francisco ||

Set in the mid-1950s in rural Wyoming, Hardpan tells the journey of a young ranch family grappling with the fierce forces of nature and the changing American West after World War II.

The author grew up on her grandparents’ ranch in Jordan Valley, Oregon, serious cattle country and home to Basque sheepherders, until spring 1954 when her family moved to an even bigger cattle ranch in Clark, Wyoming. Therein lies the setting and stimulus for Lanier’s first novel, Hardpan.

Returning from the war to manage the family ranch in eastern Oregon, Kurt Glover confronts familial challenges to his new role. Yet, Kurt’s decision to relocate his family to a remote cattle ranch in Wyoming introduces risks to his young family that he never imagined.

It is a tale of external forces tearing at the ranching roots of a family, recounted from the points-of-view of the father, Kurt, and his older daughter, Linda. With the disintegration of the life they have known together, while (more…)

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Book Party: Exposed by Carol Sheldon 🗓


Carol Sheldon

Monday, April 10th, 2017 || 6pm Book Passage || San Francisco 1 Ferry Building, San Francisco ||

Exposed, as the title implies, is an open, honest and revealing account of my feelings, experiences and musings in the form of poetry. Containing themes of relationships, love, nature, loss and aging, it is my hope that readers will be able to identify with many pieces in this collection.

Carol Sheldon has published two books of poetry before her newest Exposed; She teaches Poetry, the Novel, and Memoir in her home, her church, Osher’s Lifelong Learning Institute and for the Marin Writers’ Center. Her poems are in Robert Bly’s Great Mother Conference Anthology, Hot Flashes and Marin (more…)

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Book Party: The Rangity Tango Kids by Lorraine Rominger 🗓

LEFT COAST WRITERS FERRY PLAZA BOOK PARTY:  The Rangity Tango Kids with Author Lorraine Rominger

Lorraine Rominger

Monday, March 13th, 2017 || 6pm Book Passage || San Francisco 1 Ferry Building, San Francisco ||

You’ll enjoy spending an evening with Lorraine Rominger, so don’t miss the event for her new book.

The Rangity Tango Kids is the story of a fifth-generation, German Catholic farm family in 1950s and 1960s California, narrated by the eldest of 17 grandchildren. Born into a loving, hard-working, highly competitive family, and united by a strong faith, every day was an adventure growing up on a bucolic American farm, a way of life that is rapidly disappearing. The land provided her, her siblings and cousins with a sense of place, an upbringing steeped in rituals and traditions that was in stark contrast with the values and preoccupations of the outside world. When the Rangity Tango Kids’ coming-of-age rebellion ran wild, they were often tangled up in the family’s strict morals and values. Regardless of the situation or conflict, the kids were surrounded by a swarm of loving relatives who put their arms around them and stuck together, no matter what.

Lorraine Rominger was born and raised on a fifth-generation family farm in rural California, where she worked every summer in the fields until leaving home to attend college. At Winters High School she lettered in four sports, ran AAU track, and at California State University, Sacramento, was a starter on the women’s basketball and field hockey teams as a freshman. She married her college sweetheart, who sadly passed away at a very young age. Lorraine lived in Sacramento, where she worked at a modeling agency as an instructor and runway model, before becoming director of John Casablanca Elite Modeling School in San Francisco.

After leaving Elite, Lorraine became an associate producer for Lombardo & Associates, a San Francisco based company that produced and syndicated statewide and nationally televised live specials, including the Miss California and Miss Texas pageants. Moving to the south of France with a girlfriend for a year, she was hired by Cavallo, Ruffalo & Fargnoli, an entertainment management company based in Los Angeles, who managed Prince and other artists, to work as a production coordinator on the film, “Under the Cherry Moon,” filmed on location on the French Rivera. When the film wrapped, Lorraine moved to Los Angeles and worked for CRF for five years before taking a position with Guber-Peters Entertainment at Sony Pictures. Interested in being closer to her family in northern California, Lorraine moved back to San Francisco and went to work for Sports Channel, where she produced a variety of specials, including “The San Francisco Forty Niner Highlight Show.” (more…)

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