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Wanderland Writers at Laurel Books

Wanderland Writers, Authors of Wandering in Cornwall: Mystery, Mirth, and Transformation in the Land of the Ancient Celts at Laurel Books Wandering in Cornwall CoverFriday, October 2nd, 2015 || 6pm Laurel Bookstore || Oakland 1423 Broadway Oakland, CA || It's another Wanderland Writers celebration. Wine, snacks, readings, and a brand new book in the series. This time Wanderland Writers venture deep into Cornwall, exploring it's castles, its contrast. They find, of course, its legacy of Camelot, the lingering shadows of Arthurian legend, tragic love, magic, and Merlin. They also find its sorrows, buried deep in its history like the now closed mines, where the windswept moors and jagged coasts made everyday events of shipwrecks, isolation, cave-ins. Yet, as workshop leaders Joanna Biggar and Linda Watanabe McFerrin and their fellow travelers discover, that is not the whole story. They also encounter the wonderful and hospitable Cornish, with their enchanting accents, their delightful yarns, their humor, their endurance. They wander, bicycle, hike and kayak to explore hills, waterways, villages and moors in search of the spirit of artists and writers who have come before them to leave an imprint on this untamed land. Wandering in Cornwall is a beguiling collection of stories and poems about the extreme west of England. Everything that makes Cornwall so special is here: pasties, clotted cream artists, smugglers, the South West Coast Path and even the thieving seagulls. Readers who know Cornwall will be inspired to return and newcomers to this land of myth and legend will vow to see it for themselves. —Hilary Bradt MBE, Co-founder of Bradt Travel Guides “Careful, reader. This book is a delight, no doubt about it. But now I have to go to Cornwall.” —Tim Cahill, Author of Jaguars Ripped My Flesh and Hold the Enlightenment Writers reading will include: Unity Barry, Daphne Beyers, Antoinette Constable, Tom Harrell, Kitty Hughes, Laurie McAndish King, Ethel Mussen, MJ Pramik, Anne Sigmon, and Maryly Snow. For more information go to Linda Watanabe McFerrin and Joanna Biggar have floated down the Canal du Midi in France, danced in the sunlight of southern Greece, toasted the best of times in Ireland, devoured the culture and countryside of southern Italy, wandered through landscapes lost and found in Costa Rica, and explored the Indonesian island that is known as an earthly Paradise. In each destination, they eat and drink, laugh and get lost, explore and expound with their merry band of travel writers. And they always return with a varied collection of tales, some mystical, some funny, some terrifying—each told in a different, highly personal voice.

Retin A For Sagging Thigh Skin

©2013 by Marianne Lonsdale

Retin A For Sagging Thigh Skin, My family took a six-hour road trip from Oakland to Sequoia National Park last week. My husband, Michael, was the driver. I’m the trusty navigator with maps, AAA tour book and the 800 number that helps locate In-N-Out Burger locations along Highway 99, 200mg Retin A For Sagging Thigh Skin.

My ten-year-old son, Nick, and his buddy, Josh, 30mg Retin A For Sagging Thigh Skin, sat in the back seat, zoning out with iPods and handheld video games. We’d instructed them that electronics would only be allowed in the car while traveling to and from Sequoia. No electronics during the five days in the park, Retin A For Sagging Thigh Skin. So Nick and Josh were getting in their last fix.

Separation anxiety for ten-year-old boys from electronics is very real. Josh and Nick were a bit bored the first couple of days, 10mg Retin A For Sagging Thigh Skin. They were underwhelmed with the General Sherman Tree, the biggest tree in the world. Retin A For Sagging Thigh Skin, Both thought it would be bigger. The tunnel log was deemed a rip off.

We hiked the 380 steps up Moro Rock on our second day. Retin A For Sagging Thigh Skin usa, Josh stopped at about the halfway mark. He was too tired to keep climbing and was freaked out at being so high. Thereafter, he’d shoot me an evil eye when I’d outline our next hike, Retin A For Sagging Thigh Skin.

Both boys were pissed that there were only thirteen channels on the TV in our room and that the picture was grainy. They put forth a valiant effort to watch the screen our first night, but then declared it unwatchable.

By day three, 20mg Retin A For Sagging Thigh Skin, the shift in interest started, as I’d hoped it would. My son asked if I’d buy him a book to read. Retin A For Sagging Thigh Skin, He also earned the designation of Junior Ranger of Sequoia National Park by completing a booklet of educational activities.

Josh couldn't care less about the Junior Ranger program. 500mg Retin A For Sagging Thigh Skin, However, he thrilled at catching trout in Stony Creek and loved his first experience of swimming in an alpine lake. Touring Crystal Caves was creepy enough to count as fun.

We lucked out our fourth day in Sequoia when we drove into the parking lot at Cascade Meadow and saw two rangers at the edge of the lot. Two mama bears, one with two cubs and the other with three, were vying for domination, Retin A For Sagging Thigh Skin. One adorable brown cub mistakenly climbed up a tree occupied by two cubs of the other mother. That mother rushed up the tree with a fierce growl and swatted the interloper to the ground, Retin A For Sagging Thigh Skin us. We were glued to the scene for the next two hours, watching the mothers face off with growls a few times. We held our collective breaths, wondering if a fight was coming. Retin A For Sagging Thigh Skin, Nick and Josh said this drama was way better than the Discovery Channel. Retin A For Sagging Thigh Skin mexico, On our last morning, Josh asked if we could go back to Moro Rock. He wanted to challenge himself by hiking to the top. Josh made the entire climb – a hot, sweaty and proud boy.

We returned to the car and started our journey home, Retin A For Sagging Thigh Skin ebay. Earplugs came out and the boys switched on the electronics for the long drive. But they’ve got a little more between their ears than when we left Oakland.


Marianne Lonsdale lives with her husband, Michael, 200mg Retin A For Sagging Thigh Skin, and son, Nicholas, in Oakland, California.  She writes personal essays and short stories, and is now focused on developing a novel.  Her work has been published in the San Francisco Chronicle, Literary Mama, Fiction365, The Sun, and Pulse.  She’s read at various events including San Francisco’s Litquake festival.

Marianne is a co-founder of the group, Write On, Mamas! She is also a member of Left Coast Writers® and is honored to be an alumna of the Community of Writers at Squaw Valley.



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Taking Erythromycin During Pregnancy

©2012 by Richard Jordan

I met Quincy in July of 1984 at a campground just west of the McKenzie Pass on Highway 242 which runs between the Willamette Valley and the town of Sisters on the east side of the Oregon Cascades.  We would spend the next five days together camping out in the wilderness that lies at the foot of the volcanic peaks known as the Three Sisters. Taking Erythromycin During Pregnancy, Quincy and I were about the same height at the shoulder, but his head towered over mine due to his much longer neck, and he outweighed me by a hundred pounds or more.  I changed my clothes a few times during the next few days; he always wore the same shaggy coat.

By the end of our mountain trek it was debatable who was the scruffiest even though both of us had bathed at the end of each day’s hike, me by dousing myself with a bucket of cold snowmelt, he by rolling around in the dirt.  Without a doubt, we both smelled pretty fragrant by the end of the trip.

Fast-forward to 2010 when I entered these mountains with a different and far less mangy looking companion, my wife, Taking Erythromycin During Pregnancy coupon, Cindy.  After a few leisurely days hanging out at the Metolius River Resort near the town of Sisters, we turned in the key to our cabin and began the day’s journey westward toward the home of friends, east of the mountains and just south of Eugene.

The Chevron station where we stopped to top off our gas tank was jammed with cars being refueled, as was the parking lot it shared with McDonald’s. Taking Erythromycin During Pregnancy ebay, That fast-food eatery’s customers were lined up nearly out the door, waiting to fill up their stomachs with a late breakfast of Egg McMuffins, or an early lunch of Big Macs.

But as we left town heading to the McKenzie Pass, there were few vehicles ahead or behind us, Taking Erythromycin During Pregnancy. The Three Sisters quickly passed out of view as the highway’s two lanes narrowed to Ford Model “A” width and corkscrewed up the mountains.

At the first scenic viewpoint along the road we met up with the other westbound traffic:  A few cars and two Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  A guy from east of the mountains who owned a Harley with a burnt-orange paint job discussed the finer points of motorcycling with a biker dude and his lady, both dressed in leather vests and chaps. We could see the main peaks that we had spotted earlier in the week— Washington, 100mg Taking Erythromycin During Pregnancy, Jefferson, and Three Fingered Jack, rising up over the miles-long expanse of basaltic boulders that run north to south in this area.

A short while later we reached the pass and the Dee Wright Observatory, a pile of big, Taking Erythromycin During Pregnancy craiglist, black rocks stacked one a-top the other, forming a castle-like turret.

Taking Erythromycin During Pregnancy, We climbed to the top to take in the sweeping view south to the North and Middle Sister, and north toward the other major Cascade Peaks, including the haze-enshrouded summit of Mount Hood east of Portland.

A Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel with cheeks bulging out like helium balloons on either side of his face was eating out of the hand of a backpacker reclining against rocks along the pathway at the base of the observatory.  When I learned that he and his hiking companion had just come off the portion of the trail that traverses the Three Sisters Wilderness, I recalled my journey through the same area with Quincy over a quarter century before.

That summer in 1984, Quincy, his pals, Taking Erythromycin During Pregnancy paypal, me and the other members of our contingent, met up at the end of a Sunday summer afternoon and enjoyed a campfire dinner together.  Then I climbed into my sleeping bag, zipped up the “door” to my tent, and fell fast asleep. Monday morning we ate a quick breakfast, 1000mg Taking Erythromycin During Pregnancy, packed up our gear, and set off across the lava fields on the other side of the highway.

For the first two days we hiked about four to five miles a day, up and down hill, across the flanks of the still snow-clad Sisters looming above us.

We whetted our appetites each evening before dinner with Mai-Tai cocktails made from clumps of soft, summer snow.  We stuffed our faces with all manner of great food.  The Milky Way wheeled above us in the sky as we slept the night away, Taking Erythromycin During Pregnancy.

The third day we stayed put. We moseyed around taking photos, 250mg Taking Erythromycin During Pregnancy, or sat around the campsite reading.  The next day we resumed hiking toward the peaks.  On the fifth and final day we reversed course, walking seven miles back to our starting point.

Until encountering weekend backpackers coming in as we neared the end of the trail and our waiting cars, we had seen only two other people:  Horseback riders who, like us, Taking Erythromycin During Pregnancy canada, were camping out in the wilderness.

Quincy and I stuck close together throughout each day that we hiked.  On our “day off”, though, he hung out with the pals with whom he had arrived on the previous Sunday.  They were a sociable, closely bonded band of buddies.  If one of them would make a “pit stop” along the trail, he would run like hell to catch up with the friends who had walked on ahead of him.  And they always had dinner together, away from the rest of us hikers, 750mg Taking Erythromycin During Pregnancy, eschewing our protein-laden meals for a totally vegetarian repast. Taking Erythromycin During Pregnancy, I hadn’t thought about Quincy in many years, and if our trip in the summer of 2010 hadn’t taken us north into Central Oregon, he probably wouldn’t have come to mind now either.  I don’t know where Quincy and his friends are today, but it’s not likely that they are trekking through the Oregon Cascades any longer.

Their lifespan is only about fifteen to twenty years, so odds are that they are now high above The Three Sisters, looking down upon the wilderness from Llama Heaven.



Dick Jordan is a freelance travel writer who publishes the online travel magazine Tales Told From The Road, 200mg Taking Erythromycin During Pregnancy, syndicated on He is also a contributor to the Book Passage Blog and a Gogobot Featured Blogger. His freelance travel stories and photographs have appeared in the Contra Costa Times, Dallas Morning News, Los Angeles Times, Marin I-J, Oakland TribuneSan Francisco Chronicle, and San Jose Mercury News.  Read his on-line magazine at

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Flagyl Generic Name

©2012 by Lorrie Goldin

Flagyl Generic Name, Emma, my 22-year-old daughter, has long dreamed of Russia. At last she is there, studying for a semester in St. Petersburg. It’s not Siberia, but the vastness that separates us feels like a kind of exile.

Thousands of miles and eleven time zones are not all that keep us apart; Emma has always required her space. Self-possessed from the get-go, her penchant for privacy was coupled as she grew with a vigilance against usurpation, Flagyl Generic Name. Once I made the mistake of lavishly praising a picture she had drawn. Emma savagely scribbled all over it, destroying her creation but also any attempt to appropriate what was hers. I often made such inadvertent incursions, Flagyl Generic Name usa.

Eventually, I learned to heed the “No Trespassing” signs Emma posted from an early age. Flagyl Generic Name, When she withdrew further into the interior, as every adolescent must, her natural reserve had prepared me for the unrequited longing all parents must bear. Growing up is in part always an act of exile, a necessary escape from the soft smother of love.

My friend Leslie recalls when her teenaged son skulked away from their once-close bond. She said to him, “I know you need to do this, but I’ll miss you, and I’ll be glad when you’re back.” A decade later, Flagyl Generic Name uk, he put his arms around her when she was doing the dishes, and said, “I’m back.”

Emma is far from being back, and I miss her. When I take the dog out at night, I look up at the sky and travel light-years to her through the star-strewn blackness. At least we are under the same canopy, Flagyl Generic Name.

Still, it is not enough.

I read in the newspaper that the writer Ian Frazier will appear at our local bookstore to promote Travels in Siberia. I am decades beyond the pull of Russia and its novels, whose sweep of despair and unpronounceable names once captured me as they now capture Emma, Flagyl Generic Name canada. But if I venture through the portal of Frazier’s book, maybe I can sneak into Emma’s territory without tripping the alarm. Flagyl Generic Name, My friend Roberta tried something similar. She hates baseball, but learned all about RBIs and earned-run averages so she could talk with her son throughout his adolescence. Their bond is deep, as is her grasp of baseball statistics.

So I drive to the bookstore, buy Travels in Siberia, and take my seat. 1000mg Flagyl Generic Name, Maybe I will find Emma along the way, or at least understand her case of what Frazier calls “the dread Russia-love.”

Ian Frazier sports a middle-aged paunch, but he and Emma have a lot in common. For one thing, they are both lousy photographers, Flagyl Generic Name. Both are also infected with a fever for Russia, relishing its simultaneous greatness and brokenness. Frazier inscribes the book I buy “For Emma—a fellow Russophile—all best luck.” I go home eager to travel the miles through his prose to my faraway daughter.

I feel like a trespasser, though. This is Emma’s journey, not mine, much as I want to accompany her, 20mg Flagyl Generic Name. Flagyl Generic Name, What if she needs the vastness between us now more than ever, and regards me as another marauding Mongol sweeping across the steppes. I do not want to force her again into scribbling out what she has created to protect against invasion. But encouraged that the unbounded landscape is spacious enough to absorb us both without crowding, I press on.

Commenting on the loneliness of exile in Siberia, Frazier writes, “Longing and melancholy worked their way into the very soil.” So it is with parents and children of a certain age. Standing now on the opposite end of a lengthening road that takes Emma farther and farther away from childhood, I feel the sorrow of exile as she goes down the road without me.

It has not been easy for Emma either, Flagyl Generic Name. Her once-sure trajectory unspooled erratically as she zigzagged in and out of different colleges and half-baked plans. 30mg Flagyl Generic Name, “All who wander are not lost,” I tried to reassure myself. But what if she could not find her way back. It looked like breakdown to me. Flagyl Generic Name, Frazier, too, encountered breakdowns on his journey across Siberia in a rickety van. Initially he fretted that it kept sputtering to a halt, just as I fretted about Emma. Over time, though, Frazier came to see the fits and starts as essential to the pleasure and genius of discovering what to do when things go wrong.

I have come to see the same about Emma.  Her breakdowns and detours are not so much obstacles, but the road itself that will take her where she needs to go, Flagyl Generic Name paypal.

Right now Emma needs Russia, with its convulsive revolutions. How could she not, Flagyl Generic Name. It is every adolescent’s job to overthrow the tsar, and every parent’s job to surrender the throne. The old order gives birth to the new in benign or violent spasms, but there is no stopping the transformation.

Emma on the cusp is drawn to places in transition. Like Frazier, she savors crumbling Soviet-era housing blocs, Flagyl Generic Name india, babushkas hunting for mushrooms along busy highways, the ubiquitous trash. Flagyl Generic Name, Russia, stubbornly insistent on remaining itself despite the onslaught of progress, offers a bulwark as childhood gives way to Emma’s relentless induction into adulthood.

Siberia is no longer synonymous with exile. Frazier freely comes and goes after the Iron Curtain is lifted, and Emma, too, is less shuttered. In fact,she’s back. Not in the arms-around sense of Leslie’s grown-up son, but back from St, 150mg Flagyl Generic Name. Petersburg and the need to keep us at arm’s length, Flagyl Generic Name. She is even chatty, for her. Our mouths water as Emma describes fat dumplings stuffed with minced beef and onions. She is thrilled that Russians mistook her for a native. No wonder; her face, bright-eyed again, reflects her great-great grandfathers’, who fled the mother country in their own passage to adulthood.

Flagyl Generic Name, We ask Emma to show us her photos, and she reluctantly obliges. My husband and I sit next to each other at the dining room table as she positions herself on the side. 500mg Flagyl Generic Name, Emma removes certain photos before placing each of the others at an angle where we must twist our heads to see them properly. We politely ask her to set them straight. She politely ignores us, allowing only an oblique glimpse into her edited world.

Emma’s pictures are terrible: A shot of sky with an onion dome in the corner, a kitten that’s only a speck in the foreground. They are as blurry and without context as Frazier’s shots of the endless horizon.

But they are hers. And she is ours again, if we let her set the frame.

In addition to writing, Lorrie Goldin ( is a psychotherapist who practices in San Rafael and Berkeley. Several of her commentaries have been broadcast on KQED's Perspectives, and her personal essays and op-eds have appeared in various publications. .

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Cipro Class Action

Cipro Class Action, ©2012 Christine Oneto

During the Christmas holidays and throughout mid-January, I had an issue that no writer would like to have: I could not type. Although I can often type faster than I write, my fingers wouldn’t move – quickly or otherwise – as carpal tunnel had reared its nasty head. The worst fear I had ever had was now coming to fruition: Could it be that someday I could not physically write.

Some writers, myself included, have said that actually writing pen to paper can be more productive – and I believe, more creative – than either typing, 40mg Cipro Class Action, dictation or anything else. There is something to that brain/hand connection that produces this stream of thought that would not otherwise exist. I have experienced this with both my poetry writing, and more importantly, my non-fiction, Cipro Class Action. And, I say ‘more importantly’ because: isn’t non-fiction mainly just based on facts. However, as writers, we must inject creativity into even the driest of topics, in order to draw the reader in and keep them engaged. Thus, Cipro Class Action coupon, I find this pen-to-paper, brain/hand connection a key to my writing, always.

Back to my problem at hand (no pun intended). Cipro Class Action, I could say it was my neglecting of my writing and all-at-once, marathon sprints to do so. Not the case. I blamed the iPhone; I blamed the touch pad on my laptop; I even blamed my poor posture. But, Cipro Class Action overseas, that Saturday morning when I woke up in such pain from the wrist to the knuckle-joint in my right hand and forefinger, the thing that made me cry more than the pain itself was the unthinkable thought: What if I can never write again. That fear momentarily crushed me.  Writing has become my life, my energy store, my release. Two days later -- after babying my hand with contrast baths (a method I had learned through a past accidental tendon tear) and keeping it wrapped tightly – I went searching for a solution, Cipro Class Action. I found one, online -- it was Dragon Dictation.

Dragon Dictation and applications like it (Vlingo being the most popular flavor), allow you to speak into your phone or device, 200mg Cipro Class Action, return it to you on the screen in typed version, and there you have it. The choice, then, is yours to 1) email it, b) text it to someone, c) copy and paste it into any other program, 100mg Cipro Class Action, or even d) post it to your Facebook or Twitter feeds. What a great find, right. Cipro Class Action, Well, yes, in theory it does save me considerable typing keystrokes. But (you know there always is one) like any text-to-voice program (does anyone remember MyTalk from the late 90’s?) it does have flaws and limitations. Since the dictation is usually not 100 percent accurate, one does end up needing to edit; for example, when “mai tais” becomes “my ties” on the page. This is fine for someone who does not expect a software program to be absolutely, seamlessly perfect.  Except, Cipro Class Action australia, for a writer, it needs to be. Thus, if someone who wishes to (or, out of medical or physical necessity is forced to) not place her hands on the keyboard at all, this becomes a new obstacle instead of an intended solution.

So, the search goes on for the perfectly functional, yet easy and user-friendly voice-to-text app, Cipro Class Action. As you read, Cipro Class Action mexico, I am writing this original draft by hand, praying I can decipher my carpal-tunnel-infused scribble tomorrow. If you, dear reader, are reading this today (after many a flare-up, before and since that initial episode which caused me to fear that, as a writer, I was doomed) it is due to some good acupuncture and heavy self-care, exercises and patience that I am typing this today, 40mg Cipro Class Action. Dragon Dictation, Vlingo and all their cousins in the app world have a long way to go for anything to produce writing that is longer than a 140-character tweet or a quippy, wit-filled Facebook post. I, for one, am holding out for something better. Your suggestions welcome!   And write on. Cipro Class Action craiglist,

Christine Oneto is a writer, as well as marketing and PR professional, currently working on her first book, a non-fiction anthology. A former Editor for Girls in Tech, her passions lie in supporting causes which promote global women and girls, which is what her main body of writing and blogs focus on.  She is a contributing writer on and for the International Museum of Women's 'Her Blueprint' blog.  Her own blog is: WiFi: Women in all Fields Imaginable, where since 2005 she's been writing about Women's lives, ambitions, 1000mg Cipro Class Action, and how they can influence our world. As a self-described fierce women's advocate, she aims to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Pat Mitchell (the Paley Center) and Jennifer Siebel Newsom and organizations such as the UN's GirlUp, strengthening the image of women & girls in the media, and highlighting press which does so in her writing.


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Testing Prozac In Ms Studies

Testing Prozac In Ms Studies, ©2010 by Martha Dabbs Greenway

As a South Carolina native, I've been a sampler of fine Southern cuisine for many years, and as one of the founders of the Southern Sampler Artists Colony, I was thrilled to be sharing that cuisine with a great troupe of writers joining us for our Eat, Play, Write April writers retreat. Having set up, along with SSAC co-founder Mary Brent Cantarutti, an unusual and far ranging culinary tour, I was looking forward to dining at T.W. Graham & Company Seafood Restaurant, 30mg Testing Prozac In Ms Studies, an eating establishment in  McClellanville, South Carolina. In fact, T.W. 100mg Testing Prozac In Ms Studies, Graham & Company is the only restaurant in McClellanville  ... and it is enough, Testing Prozac In Ms Studies.

We had just finished Bud Hill's walking tour of this small coastal shrimping village with its population of only 491 and were delighted when Bud joined us for dinner, never pausing in his stories about the town he loved. Bud told us that the original owner of the building in which the restaurant is situated was a man with the improbable name of Buster Brown. Apparently, Buster lived by the philosophy of not following the usual rules, Testing Prozac In Ms Studies mexico. Bud pointed toward the vacant lot next door and explained that Buster had expanded the building way beyond its present location. Testing Prozac In Ms Studies, The only flaw in this ambition. Buster didn't own the land. In addition, he installed the septic tank on yet another property he didn't own. 200mg Testing Prozac In Ms Studies, But, that was yesteryear. That night I ate the best crab balls I'd ever eaten. Although I was born and reared in the South, I had never heard of crab balls—crab cakes, yes, crab balls, no, Testing Prozac In Ms Studies. About the size of a good meatball, they were fresh, light, 50mg Testing Prozac In Ms Studies, with just the right spices—large enough for maybe two or three bites, but tasty enough to gulp down in one. Bud proudly related that they had been written up in Bon Appetite. I should stop here and explain that T.W. Testing Prozac In Ms Studies paypal, Graham & Company was originally a general store and still retains many artifacts from its past; this is not a fancy white-tablecloth-and-flickering-candle upscale place. Testing Prozac In Ms Studies, No, it is at best called "rustic".

When one of our party spotted fried green tomatoes on the menu, it brought memories of the 1991 movie, Fried Green Tomatoes, starring Cathy Bates and Jessica Tandy. Laughing at shared passions, Testing Prozac In Ms Studies canada, my travel companions and I ordered a plate for the table. Crisply fried, the firm green tomato retained enough "bite" to make it a tasty treat. Since some of our group came from California, 1000mg Testing Prozac In Ms Studies, this was a new experience in Southern cuisine. The next course was a delicious carrot and ginger soup topped with a crostini and a small yellow flower, Testing Prozac In Ms Studies. I ate it all.

It was a good thing one dinner partner and I decided to split the shrimp platter. It came in a traditional red plastic basket. Carefully placed on a bed of mesclun greens sat twenty-five perfectly fried shrimp that must have been swimming in the ocean that very morning. Testing Prozac In Ms Studies, Sweet potato fries, cole slaw and hush puppies completed the meal. We almost cleaned the plate, 250mg Testing Prozac In Ms Studies, and I'm certain my satisfied smile indicated to us both that we had indeed eaten at the best restaurant in town.

—Martha Dabbs Greenway

Martha Dabbs Greenway

Martha Dabbs Greenway was born in a central South Carolina small town and today lives a few miles out from that town at Dabbs Crossroads—a community of cousins—in the family farmhouse built by her grandfather. Though she has left the comfort of this familiar setting at various times in her life to pursue new opportunities and adventures, her Southern roots have always called her home. 40mg Testing Prozac In Ms Studies, In 2006, she and Mary Brent Cantarutti founded the Southern Sampler Artists Colony, an organization that offers workshops for writers, artists and photographers both at The Crossroads and in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Poetry and short stories are her writing media, although her reading choices range from memoir to mystery. She’s a USC graduate with an English Literature major and a minor in History. Martha's thirty-one years with the Sumter County Cultural Commission provide a rich background in all the arts as well as experience in forming spaces for artists to be creative.


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Cialis 36 Hour Price Compare

© 2012 by Lorrie Goldin

Cialis 36 Hour Price Compare, I’ve long wanted to visit Crater Lake, but my husband refuses.

“It’s hot and dry and endless,” he objects, recalling a boyhood vacation with his parents.

So instead I’ve roped our daughter, Emma, into a detour there. Crater Lake will be my reward for driving her back to college instead of putting her on a plane.

“Oh, you’ll have so much to talk about, Cialis 36 Hour Price Compare japan. What fun!” people say when I share my plans for a last mother-daughter weekend together, Cialis 36 Hour Price Compare.

I don’t think so, but I smile my agreement. Who am I to disillusion those lucky enough to have chatty children not plugged into their iPods. At this point I am grateful for a sullen front-seat hostage who will open the flip-tops on my Diet Cokes.

I used to dream of long, intimate conversations with Emma. Cialis 36 Hour Price Compare, That’s how it was with my mother. She and I had every detail of my wedding mapped out by the time I was eight. I felt her panicked claustrophobia each time she recounted how the nuns locked her in the closet. 1000mg Cialis 36 Hour Price Compare, I told her when I went on the Pill. Later I learned that what I had mistaken for closeness was instead my mother’s need to live through me vicariously. Still, I loved it, and looked forward to the same intimacy with Emma, Cialis 36 Hour Price Compare. When it didn’t come, I consoled myself by thinking, “At least she’s not burdened by a mother who needs to live through her vicariously.”

Now, instead of talking, we’ll bond by listening to an audio book. I pop in the first disc of Michael Chabon’s Wonder Boys. The narrator intones the dedication to the author’s wife.

“She’s an author, 200mg Cialis 36 Hour Price Compare, too,” I tell Emma. Cialis 36 Hour Price Compare, “She got into a ton of trouble by telling an interviewer she loved her husband more than their children.”

Why am I mentioning this. Emma cannot possibly understand the intricacies of motherhood, where everything is forced into a choice, and every choice is found wanting. If my husband and daughter were encircled by sharks, I would risk my life to bring her safely to shore, leaving him to fend for himself. Cialis 36 Hour Price Compare canada, This strikes me not as preference, but as the inherent obligation of parenthood. Must love come at someone else’s expense. I am spending this weekend traversing two states just to be with my laconic daughter, even though it will aggravate my sciatica, Cialis 36 Hour Price Compare. I pour myself out for Emma, and she yields nothing. Still, I choose her, although the silence between us sometimes breaks my heart.

“How long till we get there?” Emma yawns. My loaded conversational gambits go nowhere, Cialis 36 Hour Price Compare coupon, but I notice her iPod lies untouched in the backseat. Cialis 36 Hour Price Compare, The pine trees are endless. Just as I’m beginning to think my husband was right about Crater Lake, the forest drops away abruptly to reveal its sapphire treasure. Steep ashen slopes plummet into the infinite blue, inducing a delicious vertigo as we pause on the rim. The monotonous pine forest has been part of the set up, like the long, tedious ascent of the roller coaster before its stomach-dropping plunge. Cialis 36 Hour Price Compare mexico, I’ve splurged on a night in the beautifully restored historic lodge perched right on the edge of Crater Lake. Emma loves the veranda where guests sip cocktails and take in the view, Cialis 36 Hour Price Compare. After stretching our legs, we go to our room, where Emma falls asleep on the voluptuous bed, exhausted from fending off my attempts at conversation.

Nap over, we descend to the lodge’s elegant dining room. Emma and I speculate about the provenance of the summer help, all college students with foreign accents. Maybe she’ll work here some day, Cialis 36 Hour Price Compare paypal. Cialis 36 Hour Price Compare, I don’t press it, though; Emma bristles at any attempt to map out her future. We focus instead on the scrumptious food, sparing no calorie or expense.

We sleep well, encased in crisp sheets and downy comforters. At breakfast we gorge on hazelnut pancakes and the berries that make Oregon famous. Although we would like to linger, we leave Crater Lake in the early morning. Sophomore year beckons whether or not we are ready, Cialis 36 Hour Price Compare.

We listen to Wonder Boys. Cialis 36 Hour Price Compare us, It’s about half finished by the time we get to Emma’s dorm, so we speculate about what will happen. Does she want me to tell her the ending, or will she finish it herself someday.

“You can let me know what happens if you want,” Emma equivocates. Cialis 36 Hour Price Compare, We’ve agreed that I will spend the night in her single dorm room to minimize expenses. What a mistake. After a certain age, no one should spend a night in a dormitory unless it’s as a participant in Elderhostel. I have never felt so invisible and out of place, Cialis 36 Hour Price Compare india. I cannot wait to get on the road the next day, cured of whatever romantic notions remain about mothers living vicariously through their daughters.

I finish Wonder Boys during the drive home, Cialis 36 Hour Price Compare. It’s about a novelist whose untamed manuscript is a rambling disaster. He’s written five different endings for it, but none can bring it to a satisfactory close. His life is a parallel shambles.

My own trajectory is neat, known, 10mg Cialis 36 Hour Price Compare, almost finished. Cialis 36 Hour Price Compare, But Emma’s will still unspool erratically, with any number of characters and plot twists. Should I tell her how the story ends.

I think I will let her finish it on her own.

In addition to writing, Lorrie Goldin ( is a psychotherapist who practices in San Rafael and Berkeley. Several of her commentaries have been broadcast on KQED's Perspectives, and her work has appeared in various publications.



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Metformin With Clomid

Metformin With Clomid, ©2012 by Kalpana Mohan

It’s one thing to grow up in India’s middle class and travel as a local. But traveling as a well-to-do non-resident Indian who is taking in everything around her as part of her work requires wearing trifocals. I was peering into things that I had taken for granted when I lived in India as a young woman; I wanted to talk to people I would not have deigned to talk to in the past. I was interested in doing things that I’d never have dared to do before. On this trip, drivers became my best friends.

In Mumbai, Avdesh, a driver who spoke mostly Hindi and Marathi, received me at Sahar airport, Metformin With Clomid. He drove me from Chembur to Juhu and Ghatkopar and then to Powai (all in one day, no mean feat in Mumbai traffic during monsoon season). En route, Avdesh pointed out Juhu beach, Metformin With Clomid paypal, the best coffee shops, the two homes of Bollywood mega star Amitabh Bachchan, five-star hotels and mammoth malls. He tried pidgin English. I spoke bad Hindi scaffolded by English. Metformin With Clomid, We traded snippets – about his young wife, his last job, dreadful Mumbai traffic and people in America.

From Mumbai to the town of Ahmednagar three hours away I drove with a burly, mustached gentleman called PJ. My friend Usha and I were there to meet women in Ahmednagar’s red light district. PJ kept a discreet distance, never asking what we were doing there. A good driver in India is one who never talks, Metformin With Clomid india. The best of the species is one who talks in monosyllables, Metformin With Clomid. Usha told me PJ’s daughter attended an excellent English-medium school in Mumbai. Education was the only way out of poverty and everywhere across the length and breadth of India, families were dredging their bank accounts to educate their children “in English medium”.

In the state of Gujarat, I broke bread, laddoo (chickpea flour balls) and ribbon pakoda (spicy rice flour snack) with yet another young driver, Mansingh, a reed-like man clad in tight-fitting polyester shirts and pants, who spoke no English. 150mg Metformin With Clomid,

At the Champaner-Pavagadh in Gujarat

At the Champaner-Pavagadh in Gujarat

With Mansingh at the wheel, I pulled up at palaces and museums in Baroda and Ahmedabad even though, many times, I didn’t know if we would reach our destination at all. Metformin With Clomid, His driving was dreadful, but it was his only marketable skill. And in any case, his disarming nature made up for the wild ride. While I sank into a plush bed at Ahmedabad’s St. Laurn Towers, Mansingh slept in his little purple Tata Indica, all six feet of him folded into a fetal position inside the backseat. If he so much as lowered the window by a half an inch and let the cool night air waft in, Metformin With Clomid japan, a swarm of mosquitoes would flurry in and dine on him.

Gujarat photos by Rahul Gajjar

Gujarat photos by Rahul Gajjar

Wherever I went, I let drivers also decide where I should eat and so I ended up dining at several questionable truck stops, Metformin With Clomid. At a dhaba (highway trucker’s stop) on the Shanthipur-Kolkata road in West Bengal, the roti (thin round bread) was unpuffed, the dhal (spicy lentil soup) was flavorless, the okra, formless. Everything reeked of roasted fish. The vegetarian in me curled away from the plate. While others at this dhaba ate out of stained, Metformin With Clomid ebay, stainless steel plates, I was served on dented upscale china. The only waiter who looked like a goonda – Metformin With Clomid, one of those hired thugs from Bollywood movies – sported a white sleeveless vest so dirty that I knew that the only way to keep my food in my stomach was to not visit the kitchen. With one sip of the bottled water, I knew it was bottled behind the dhaba’s kitchen, but no sooner had the waiter served me his steaming masala chai than everything turned right with the world. There’s a reason why people come back to India despite the frustrations. It’s always that chai.

On that same drive to Kolkata I remember telling Driver – often drivers get assigned this convenient first name by passengers – to stop in the middle of the one-lane highway. In the glut of green, a farmer squatted on his haunches, supervising women who were working the field for him, Metformin With Clomid.

Endless fields of jute en route from Kolkata to Fulia in West Bengal

Endless fields of jute en route from Kolkata to Fulia in West Bengal (C. Mohan, photo)

The man sat there under an umbrella, 250mg Metformin With Clomid, smoking, while arrows of water poked the ground around him. Rain pelting my face, I ran out of the car towards the paddy fields. Ten feet away, seven or eight sari-clad women were bent over, sopping wet , picking and pulling and transplanting seedlings. Metformin With Clomid, “How much do you pay them?” I asked. “Hundred rupees ($2) per day, 200mg Metformin With Clomid, ” he shot back in Bengali, chewing the cigarette between his lips, challenging me with a look in his face that said that it really was none of my business.

While reflecting on my road trips through India, I came across Ted Conover’s work, The Routes of Man. Conover laments that while roads lead to opportunities for faraway people they also, invariably, lead to the loss of cultures and traditions. “The same roads that carry medicine also hasten the spread of deadly disease; the same roads that bring outside connection and knowledge to people starving for them sometimes spell the end of indigenous cultures; the same roads that help develop the human economy open the way for destruction of the non-human environment.”

On this road trip I experienced the attrition of local culture in many places in South India, where highways and fast toll roads have rapidly connected towns and villages in the last five years, Metformin With Clomid coupon. I wish they had only changed the landscape, Metformin With Clomid. Unfortunately, they’re changing attitudes and livelihoods in ancient silk manufacturing centers like Kanchipuram, where they’re wresting old values away from families that have been experts in traditional crafts for over a thousand years.

I traveled through India with the intent of breaking free from my mental fetters about caste and class. I spent many days in the company of unknown people – many of them from the lower social and economic strata – whom I considered the anonymous cogs in the machinery called India. It didn’t matter how much money or power each of us had. Metformin With Clomid, We were all exactly like one another – trying to find our place in the world, trying to make sense of the new and the old orders while chasing a piece of the action that eluded us for reasons we would probably understand only later.

Photo by L. Ganapathy-Ravikiran

Photo by L. Ganapathy-Ravikiran

Kalpana Mohan’s essays and articles have appeared in national, Metformin With Clomid craiglist, regional and local publications, including NPR, Business Week Online and San Francisco Chronicle. In 2009, she received the New America Media award in the “Arts, Sports and Entertainment” category for a story that she wrote for India Currents Magazine. In January 2011, she won a book pitch event called Pitchapalooza hosted at Kepler’s Books in Mountain View, Metformin With Clomid. The prize gave her the courage to dream about a collection of narratives about India. She blogs about her work on India and Indians in the diaspora at Kalpana also writes short stories about Indian-Americans whose lives are derailed by way of Google, social networking, SAT scores, 100mg Metformin With Clomid, masalas and mantras. She lives in Saratoga. To know more about her work, visit


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Can Dogs Take Cipro

Can Dogs Take Cipro, @ 2012 Tami Casias

You know you have to get out when you find yourself ironing rather than writing. So when I needed to travel to my daughter’s home in Nebraska at the same time that I had writing projects due, I started looking at my options.

Puddle jumping across the Midwest on economy flights shows off the patchwork of US agricultural diversity in sections rimmed by property lines and lengths of sprinkler systems. But flying east, into the future, often brings a quick end to daylight, Can Dogs Take Cipro australia, and you’re left trying to get comfortable in a seat too small, eating sodium-stuffed snacks while watching your feet swell.

Driving east from California follows high-desert Highway 80, so bland and repetitive it’s like running in a Flintstone’s cartoon. Your feet may be moving, but the only things getting anywhere are the tumbleweeds that repeatedly lap by, Can Dogs Take Cipro. You’re left closing the blinds on the RV to avoid a glare on the television and replaying the Indiana Jones trilogy while everyone but the driver enjoys freshly blended margaritas and a game of 'May I?'

So I boarded a US train for the first time since I'd worked as a hostess on the Skunk Train in Mendocino County during high school. I'd have just the rocking pull, my laptop and time for my characters to tell me how the story ends. Best case scenario I’d have a wonderful trip and get a lot accomplished, 30mg Can Dogs Take Cipro. Worst case, there was a bar car. Can Dogs Take Cipro, The train followed basically the same route I’d already driven, so I didn’t expect to be distracted by the scenery. This was my first miscalculation.

Traveling at times only yards away from the usual roadway was discombobulating—like looking at the usual, but while standing on your head. I was used to the many malls and shopping centers that dot 80 through Sacramento. Can Dogs Take Cipro india, But from the back, they looked like refugee camps with everything from scattered mattresses to tent villages pressed against the back of cinder block walls.

This rear view improved immensely as the train climbed into the Sierras and I recognized the backside of my regular restaurant stop in Auburn, just out the east window, Can Dogs Take Cipro. As I turned to the west, I could see that the small town actually sat at the edge of a tree-filled valley. All these years, driving only yards away from this scene and not knowing. I had a backstage pass to beautiful.

Six hours after leaving Martinez, Can Dogs Take Cipro ebay, we passed the Reno station. Can Dogs Take Cipro, The cars quieted and I decided to take my work to dinner. I would love sitting through a long meal in a noisy setting, letting all the background talk fade into a pleasant buzz as I wrote, only I hadn’t counted on dining car etiquette.

I arrived at my seating reservation with my laptop ready, to be told “We seat family style.” I was paired up with another single and a couple to fill out the table of four.  Absolutely no room left on the table for a laptop, Can Dogs Take Cipro paypal, let alone a pad of paper. So I resigned myself to enjoying the setting of cloth napkins and fresh freesias. I’d eat quickly then get back to work. What I was missing in writing time I was getting in character development, Can Dogs Take Cipro.

I understood the concept of island time, but on a transcontinental train hurrying turned out to be ridiculous and impossible. No one has anywhere else to go. Dinner is to be savored and lingered over. It took at least an hour, 200mg Can Dogs Take Cipro.

Can Dogs Take Cipro, Using what was, I’m sure, great wisdom, Amtrak scheduled the route so the train left Reno near sunset and powered through desolate Northern Nevada in the dark of night.

The ear plugs deep in my backpack saved me from a night near a crying baby, and after some productive pages, I fell asleep somewhere outside Salt Lake City. I woke early, excited to have another full day onboard. I enjoyed a breakfast of fresh oatmeal and fruit, 250mg Can Dogs Take Cipro, then carried my things to the observation car and put in a good four hours before I found myself staring out the window more than at the monitor.

2butteThe train roughly followed Highway 70 along the Colorado River, south of my usual route. Passing high-desert shrubs we criss-crossed the water as we slowly climbed the Rockies, Can Dogs Take Cipro. On the north side were tall dusty buttes and rock formations, while on the south the rushing waterway was framed with greenery and spotted with multi-colored tents as men and women enjoyed fishing in the last of the clear weather before the first snows. It was fun to see campers waving to the train as if they knew someone onboard. Even the occasional wave from the waxing moon of a heavyset camper was met with quiet giggles and harrumphs from the passengers. I gave the afternoon to the glistening water and the camaraderie of fellow passengers, Can Dogs Take Cipro craiglist.

2river Can Dogs Take Cipro, Daylight ended as we reached Denver. Though technically in Colorado, many local mountain men refer to the large city and everything else east of the Rockies as Kansas, due to the flat, distant horizon.

I settled in for a few hours of writing when one of the women passed around two pounds of cheese and began unpacking piles of quilt fabric, patterns and scissors onto her chair. Can Dogs Take Cipro coupon, “If you’re bored, I brought a lot to cut,” she offered. I declined, chatted for a few moments on the number of unfinished sewing projects I already had at home, then when another woman engaged her on Q versus R-sized feet for embroidery machines, I slipped my ear plugs in and hunkered down.

Later, when I’d packed everything up, hoping for a nap before reaching Lincoln at 3:30 a.m, Can Dogs Take Cipro. I heard the first woman ask, 1000mg Can Dogs Take Cipro, “Would anyone like any udder cream. I have it in my fanny pack.”

So instead of going to sleep, I began to think of a new book -- about a woman who travels back and forth across the country by train creating quilts based on the people she meets along the way. Maybe this will be me.

I think I’ll take the Southern route next time…perhaps a trip to New Orleans.

tcasiasTami Casias wrote local news for years while raising four children. Nowadays, writing fiction for young adults while sitting in coffee shops has taken the place of city council meetings. She uses her degree in Journalism to research new ideas for stories. Tami lives with her husband and Yorkshire terrier, Bruiser, in Sonoma, California..

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Colchicine In Treatment Of Ms

Colchicine In Treatment Of Ms, ©2011 by Dr. Joan Steidinger

The concept was simple: attend a sports conference in Hawaii, then – and most importantly – travel to Nepal to run a three-day stage race to raise funds for a small Nepali orphanage. Nobody had explained much about the race, but that part of the journey was destined to become a major adventure.

It began in Kathmandu at the Manaslu Hotel, a large, older hotel tucked quietly into a hillside on the outer reaches of the city. Along with the other runners, I checked in (with my husband, JP) and received instructions. We would be on our own for dinner, up at 5:00 am for breakfast, then off towards Tibet at 6:00 a.m, Colchicine In Treatment Of Ms. Quickly we located a place for massage, then spent the afternoon resting in our Tibetan-style room overlooking a large, verdant lawn and pale blue rectangle pool. Colchicine In Treatment Of Ms mexico, Off to bed early.

Up before dawn, we ate an American-style breakfast and climbed aboard one of four buses decorated in mustard yellow, royal blue, and cherry red. Soon we were driving on the only road heading north out of Kathmandu. Colchicine In Treatment Of Ms, Wall to wall traffic moved at a crawl as we inched our way out of the city. In the countryside the vehicles thinned out, and we traveled on a paved, but horribly rutted road. After several hours we stopped at a small village for a traditional meal of dahl baht, lentils and rice – the staple diet of Nepal. This would be our last stop before the road to Tibet began to get interesting, which began when the pavement ended.

The route to the remote villages of Dunche and Shyaphru, where the race was staged, 50mg Colchicine In Treatment Of Ms, placed us on one of the most dangerous roads that I’ve ever been on in a bus. It was unpaved, rocky, rutted and muddy, with barely a lane for the buses and, at its edge, a thousand foot drop, Colchicine In Treatment Of Ms. The mud and rocks were especially loose due to periodic downpours, causing the busses to jostle considerably as we drove slowly northwards. We were heading toward the Langtang Valley and surrounding peaks, a region of Nepal that has remained poor due to its inaccessibility. Apparently, landslides are a common occurrence in this area.

The talk on the bus focused on possible landslides ahead when the bus crested a hill and we looked down to find our fears realized – a massive landslide had covered the road. Colchicine In Treatment Of Ms, The buses could go no further. The plan was for the racers and crew to take our belongings off the buses and engage local Nepalese to carry the heavier bags over the earthfall. Our instructions were to carry our smaller items over the slide and a few kilometers beyond.

LandslideWe began walking, individually and in small groups, picking our way through the unstable rock and mud. 750mg Colchicine In Treatment Of Ms, The mucky, rutted road kept going up and up and up. After a couple of kilometers, with hills rising endlessly before us, it started to rain, Colchicine In Treatment Of Ms. We weren’t dressed for rain. I wore only a black short-sleeved Skyline 50K polyester running top and khaki hiking shorts, and I was cold. I was carrying a cotton Vietnamese book bag for a purse and a well-used and dusty Kelty backpack, and when my back began to hurt from its weight I carried the backpack in front of me and upside down to keep the contents dry. The rain began to come down in buckets. Colchicine In Treatment Of Ms, Now everyone was shivering, but we continued doggedly uphill.

An hour later the rain subsided, but our scramble over rocks and mud continued. After 15 minutes, lulled into a false sense of security because the rain had stopped, I took off my shirt, pulled a warm, dry, Colchicine In Treatment Of Ms uk, polyester, black, hooded jacket from my backpack and put it on. Warmth, at last.

slideWithin 10 minutes, the rain started again, and once more I was cold.

As we crossed gigantic puddles and patches of mud, we slid around on the small rocky track, disconcerted by the 1,000-foot drop on our left side, Colchicine In Treatment Of Ms. Groups of people gathered beneath rock outcroppings and in the few forested areas that provided brief protection from the downpour. Finally after several hours of walking (five miles later), we arrived at a couple of local teahouses with seats and high tables made out of boards set out under green tarps. Everyone was shivering and cold, all vying to get a cup of hot tea. 200mg Colchicine In Treatment Of Ms, JP managed to grab a couple of mugs, which warmed us immediately. Colchicine In Treatment Of Ms, When a few runners spotted a multi-colored bus and a royal blue truck, apparently waiting for us, a mad dash ensued as all sizes of runners quickly leapt for the bus. By the skin of our teeth, JP and I snagged spots in the bus’s standing room only area. The remaining group had to ride in the back of the truck with the luggage and blue tarps draped over them. We were happy to be out of the rain, but the precarious lurching of the vehicles on the narrow, rocky road did not inspire much confidence.

Still, our un-scheduled walk on this dangerous road had been good preparation for the steep up and down of the three-day stage Himalayan race, which we would be starting before dawn. We would rely on headlamps to illuminate the arduous trails in the first hours of the race, Colchicine In Treatment Of Ms.

The race itself posed other challenges. The racers were expected to arise every morning at 3:45 am for 5:00 am starts..…I am so not a morning person.

Food was not provided on the course unless you brought your own or paid for it…..I didn’t bring enough food or money.

Worst of all, Colchicine In Treatment Of Ms india, I failed to allow enough time to overcome the impact of altitude and jet lag.  At the end of the second day, for the first time ever, I was pulled from the race. Colchicine In Treatment Of Ms, Suffering from hypothermia, I crawled onto the back of a small Japanese dirt motorcycle, and the seemingly endless ride down the rough terrain of a narrow fire road did not improve my condition. When JP and race personnel scooped me off the bike at the finishing area, my face was stark white, I was shivering uncontrollably, and my lips, cheeks and fingernails were indigo blue. The doctor who examined me discovered my normally low blood pressure to be sky high. His prescription, “No salt!”

What happened. I completely ran out of internal fuel. I only managed to run/hike for 18 hours for two days, plus the dangerous road walk, Colchicine In Treatment Of Ms. I was completely exhausted. Colchicine In Treatment Of Ms us, I had never felt so physically weak at the end of a race (not even 100 milers). At age 56, I approached this event as my old self – a 40-year-old and active competitive ultra distance runner. It turned out that more pre-race preparation was needed for maybe the oldest woman in the race. Colchicine In Treatment Of Ms, Immediately following the race we visited the Freedom Children’s Welfare Center orphanage. This is our friend, Pancha’s, orphanage, and we had raised enough funds to cover a year of educational costs for all 26 kids. Pancha is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the orphanage. We were greeted at the door by Kamala, the main caretaker, Passon, a former resident, and the child greeting committee, Angyil, Colchicine In Treatment Of Ms paypal. Angyil, a five-year-old boy, immediately took my hand, showed me around, and wouldn’t let go for the longest time.joanfriend

When the book boxes that we brought were opened, Angyil dove right in and brought a picture book about mountain animals to show me. We met with Kamala and her staff over black tea to learn about the operation of the center, Colchicine In Treatment Of Ms. Each child had his or her own bed and attended private school to receive a thorough education.

JP flew home that night, but the next day I went back to the orphanage. Once again, Angyil waited by the front door and grabbed my hand immediately to show me around.  When he wanted my attention, he would call me ma’am. This day, Colchicine In Treatment Of Ms craiglist, Kamala had her assistants fix a wonderful lunch which Pancha, Kamala, a fellow trekking guide named Emmet, and I enjoyed. Colchicine In Treatment Of Ms, This was an example of the wonderful homespun hospitality of Nepal and most Asian countries. I knew we had chosen the perfect charity on which to focus our time and effort. JP and I have agreed that we will take on the center as our ongoing project. We plan to be actively involved in assisting with the educational needs of the children.

Our overall trip involved a dangerous road, but at the end of that road we were able to share our abundance with the orphaned children of Nepal.

SteidingerDr, Colchicine In Treatment Of Ms. Joan Steidinger is an AASP Certified sports psychologist, writer, and ardent traveler.  She wrote “Dr. Joan’s Sports Psych Talk” for, the San Francisco Chronicle Website. Her column “Blood, 10mg Colchicine In Treatment Of Ms, Sweat, and Cheers” which focuses on female athletes, sports performance, and relationships, currently runs in the online magazine Psychology Today. Joan has traveled the world over primarily participating in active vacations, such as climbing mountains, trekking, running, cycling, and scuba diving. She recently climbed a mountain in Ladakh, India and traveled to Nepal to run a three-day stage race raising funds for a small Nepali orphanage..

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Smoking Colchicine

Reflections from a Book Passage Travel & Food Writing & Photography Conference Newbie

Smoking Colchicine, ©2011 by Diane Susan Petty

I used to be wealthy and successful—number one in my industry.

Now I sit on a bench contemplating a “No Barking” sign, the “P” graffitied over with a “B". I observe the cars are indeed parked in front and the dogs are quiet. I notice a sign saying an 18-pound male cat named PhiPhi has run away and wonder if it was because the other kitties were teasing him about his name.

Diane&Don_sI recently became an unemployed, broke mortgage banker. After announcing my desire to make a major life change and become an unemployed, broke travel writer, a mutual friend introduced me to travel writing guru, Don George, Smoking Colchicine.

Don’s advice. “Come to the Book Passage Travel & Food Writing & Photography Conference. Meet Spud. It’ll be life changing.”

Down to our last $1000, Smoking Colchicine craiglist, my husband suggested we might want to use that money for groceries; why not wait and go next year. Smoking Colchicine, Groceries be damned; I could drop a few pounds anyway. I’m going to the conference.

One minute I’m excited and hopeful for the future; the former confident me has returned. The next I’m petrified about attending, convinced I’m grasping at straws out of pure desperation. What do I know about travel writing.

When you tell your family you’ve spent your last dime on a travel writer’s conference, their faces go blank and they ask why, Smoking Colchicine.

When you read The Paris Wife about Hemingway’s brilliant mind and tortured soul, you momentarily wish you had a drinking problem; it might help you become a better writer.

When a stranger in the airport asks where you are off to and you tell her a San Francisco writer’s conference, 100mg Smoking Colchicine, her face lights up. “Oh, you’re a writer!” she beams with yearning eyes. “You’re so lucky.” I don’t bother to correct her and spend the next hour strutting around the Toronto airport, imagining I am a writer waiting for my flight. Smoking Colchicine, When I’m unexpectedly bumped to first class, I take it as a sign … even the United Airlines gods know I am destined to be a travel writer, jet-setting around the world with my laptop in a beat up leather bag. I wonder if duty-free sells beat up leather bags.

It’s the morning of Don’s pre-conference field trip to Point Reyes Station. Feeling exhilarated and freaked out, I focus my attention on the superficial, worrying about wearing the right clothes, trying to forget I have the wrong degree, 1000mg Smoking Colchicine. Too dressed up and I’ll look uppity. Too casual and I’ll look like a slob who doesn’t care, Smoking Colchicine. I wish I knew what that Linda Watanabe McFerrin was wearing.

Guess what? Wear tattered jeans or a ball gown; it doesn’t matter.

At Cowgirl Creamery, we sit with Don and plot our day. Walk. Smoking Colchicine, Observe. Write. Eat. Repeat. Smoking Colchicine ebay, Share what you wrote at the end of the day.

My confidence is back; I can walk and talk and gawk, Smoking Colchicine. And I love to eat.

I feel the need to be more brilliant, interesting, and observant than anyone else in our group. I want to stand out and be noticed.  I can’t possibly share my ideas or observations lest someone steal them; they are that brilliant.

Don tells us to put ourselves in the shoes of a travel writer. Smoking Colchicine, I sit on a bench and try hard to observe new, unique things. The only thing I observe is that I want another one of those new, unique cookies from Bovine Bakery across the street and that the dogs in Point Reyes Station seem to be able to read.

It’s the end of our field trip, time to share what we wrote, Smoking Colchicine coupon.

Someone commented on the painful juxtaposition of signs about the future of Point Reyes Station posted on an abandoned red brick building.

Damn. I didn’t even see the building, let alone the juxtaposition, Smoking Colchicine.

Another mentions a dialogue about a 45 lb marlin, overheard between a pedestrian and someone in a car stopped in the middle of the road.

Damn. The only dialogue I heard was someone yelling, “We don’t want you travel writers here; we don’t want to become another Carmel.”

Don asks if anyone has written a piece.

Diane&GoldShoesShe is a stunning journalist from Chile with an exotic Spanish accent and totally cool gold shoes. Smoking Colchicine, I hate her already. On two scrunched up yellow Post-It notes, Smoking Colchicine usa, she has managed to scribble a brilliant story, complete and ready for publication. She asks for criticism; there is none.

Blogger, Kylethevagabond volunteers to read his piece. When he pulls out his 32” flatscreen laptop, everyone ooohs and aaahs as if he has just invented the wheel.

Damn, Smoking Colchicine. Why didn’t I bring my laptop.

A silence hangs over the group after he reads his work. He apologizes; this was just a rough draft. He works for Gadling, Smoking Colchicine japan. Smoking Colchicine, He has published 45 articles. Someone says his lede is brilliant and natural. I think his nut bar is perfect until a colleague gently explains it is called a nutgraf.

I want to go eat a nut bar at Toby’s Feed Barn across the street.

The drive back to Book Passage is much less animated. Some of us are feeling we should not be here, Smoking Colchicine. Why didn’t I go to journalism school. Stupid, useless, law degree.

Back at the store, 250mg Smoking Colchicine, feeling completely inadequate, I look at all the courses I can take throughout the year to hone my craft. That’s what I need to do, despite the fact that I don’t yet have a craft and I have nothing to hone. Smoking Colchicine, I don’t even know what hone means. Take more courses, then write something. That’s my new plan.

Guess what? It is far easier to pay $350 for another course than it is to write something and risk rejection. Janis Cooke Newman tells us, “Your immediate goal should be ten rejection letters.” Genius.

At the intro dinner, I maneuver to sit with my idol from the San Francisco Chronicle, Spud Hilton, Smoking Colchicine. He actually buys articles, Smoking Colchicine mexico. He tells our table of newbies exactly what he wants …  lede-nutgraf-scene-scene-scene-walkaway. That‘s it. This is what I came for. Smoking Colchicine, I have a roadmap. I’ve cracked the code. I already feel the conference was worth it, and it hasn’t even started. I don’t care if I have to live on nut bars for the rest of my life; I’m going to be a travel writer. *****

DianePetty_sDiane Susan Petty is a former mortgage banker and accepts full responsibility for the current state of the US economy. She recently attended her first Book Passage Travel, Smoking Colchicine uk, Food and Photography Conference, and she is hooked. When not out seeking new adventures, she lives in the redwoods of Larkspur, California, with her husband, two children and their golden retriever, Buster.

photos and story by Diane Susan Petty

©2011 by Diane Susan Petty


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Generic Cialis From India

©2011 by Debbie Goelz

DebbieWritersClub_sEach and every member of my writing group is the type of world traveler you might see on the cover of Adventure Generic Cialis From India, magazine, wrestling alligators in a blizzard atop Aconcaqua in her underwear … or jumping out of rusty, ill-maintained seaplanes into shallow rivers to commune with piranha. At the end of an exhilarating day riding lions bareback, teaching quantum physics to aboriginal children in their native tongue, and riding over Iguazu Falls in a wine barrel, she might roast her alligator (of course the gator lost the wrestling match!) over the caldera of an active volcano. Upon her safe return (and so far all have returned), she writes a fascinating magazine article read by ordinary people like me. Well, maybe not read, but thoroughly skimmed with lots of attention paid to the glossy photographs where my super-tanned, super-human writer friend grins widely while splattered in mud. After carefully cutting out my friend’s article for my files before properly disposing of the magazine in the recycling bin, thus doing my bit for the good of the earth, I end up feeling bad about myself. What is wrong with me, Generic Cialis From India. Why can’t I want to do these things too. Vacation for me is a warm island, 50mg Generic Cialis From India, a comfortable lounge chair with a high quality Turkish cotton towel, a good book and an endless supply of tropical alcoholic beverages.

But suddenly I am in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I’m here because I’m an overprotective mother, and I’m accompanying my sixteen-year-old son, who is here teaching filmmaking to Burmese immigrants at a school called BEAM (Bridging Educational Access to Migrants). Generic Cialis From India, After that, he heads to Mae Sot near the Burma border where he will gain knowledge about the fight for freedom in Burma. Mae Sot is crawling with Burmese spies, and if I allow my paranoid mom imagination to get away from me, I picture my son in a room with a single bare light bulb dangling at the end of a cord being interrogated by some nervous guy in a military uniform. The guy has bad breath by the way. And he smokes. The room is filled with yellow smoke, and my boy is coughing and probably getting cancer. As I said, my imagination can be dark and active, Generic Cialis From India. 10mg Generic Cialis From India, When I first arrived in Chiang Mai, I was greeted at the hotel with a glass of sweet rice drink from rice grown on the premises. I sat in the lobby, drinking my rice beverage and soon attracted a crowd … of mosquitoes. Word in the mosquito community got out quickly, and before I had a chance to apply my DEET, I was bitten numerous times. The mosquitoes are probably still talking about their great meal. Generic Cialis From India, I see them lurking around me, just waiting for me to forget my bug spray.

So what do I do when presented with sixteen days in Thailand by myself. Do I fight alligators. Of course not. Do I ride elephants. Nope, Generic Cialis From India. Do I completely throw caution to the winds and drink the tap water. No.

DebbieTemple_sMost of the time I hang out in Siripanna, my beautiful hotel, Generic Cialis From India canada, and I work on my novel about a race of insecure aliens. Sixteen days of uninterrupted thought is a boon to a writer. Generic Cialis From India, The manager of my hotel, Nan, doesn’t buy this. She decides I should get out more. She sits me down in the bar with her iPad and makes many suggestions. I should plant rice in the paddy behind the hotel. I should take a Thai cooking class. I should visit the really beautiful temple on the mountain called Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, Generic Cialis From India. I should go to the Saturday night walking street and the Sunday night one as well. Maybe I should cuddle tigers and ride elephants (yes, you can do both here). I begin to feel guilty every time I see her. So I venture out. Generic Cialis From India, Some examples of my courageousness:

People get around Chiang Mai either on motor scooters or tuk-tuks. Tuk-tuks are named for the sound their engine makes and are basically motorized rickshaws. Riding in a tuk-tuk has the same degree of exhilaration and terror as riding a rollercoaster. As I sit, 750mg Generic Cialis From India, holding on to the armrest, white-knuckled, we weave in and out of traffic. There are no real lanes. It’s a free-for-all, Generic Cialis From India. Scooters carrying entire families, including babies (no one in a helmet) cut us off and we cut them off. I marvel that the streets aren’t littered with injured people and mangled vehicles. I have only one female tuk-tuk driver. Her name is Peet. Generic Cialis From India, She has a hot-pink tuk-tuk. She drives less frenetically than the men, and I proudly let go of the armrest and enjoy the ride. Some of the tuk-tuks are decorated with lights or plastic doodads. One has a sound system that blares Justin Bieber through the streets. They cost about $3 to $5 to go just about anywhere.

One night I visit The Chaing Mai Writer’s Club and Wine Bar recommended by a friend of mine who knows the owners—Robert Tilley and his wife Tong, Generic Cialis From India. It is a place frequented by many journalists and writers. Robert is a veteran of the London Telegraph and the Sunday Telegraph and has a great, Generic Cialis From India us, great, great, etc. uncle who came to America on the Mayflower. I sip an ice-cold Thai beer at the bar. Generic Cialis From India, People strike up conversations readily, and guess what. Although no one has any visible mud splatters, I can tell the people in the bar are of the alligator-wrestling variety. One man, Tom Fawthrop, directed a film called Killing of the Mekong Dam by Dam about how China is going to destroy the Mekong River by damming it for energy production. There are other filmmakers, news correspondents, and people saving the world in one way or another. And me.

I bring up a deep topic of conversation with Robert about the street dogs in Chiang Mai, Generic Cialis From India. 150mg Generic Cialis From India, For some reason I am fascinated by them. They are so different from the pampered Marin County dogs. They are generally shorthaired, long-legged and very thin—almost haggard. They have no collars. Generic Cialis From India, One day I am in Old Town (the original part of the city where remnants of the stone wall and moat that formerly surrounded the city are still there), and I see a street dog look both ways before it crosses the street. Robert tells me that at the 14th Century temple called Wat Chedi Luang, next to his restaurant, every night at five o’clock when they ring the gong, the dogs that live on the premises begin to howl. Soon, all the dogs in the area are howling. He says it’s like a weird dog orchestra. I miss my dog.

It is at the Writer’s Club that I pick up my stalker, Generic Cialis From India. In my defense, I only gave him my phone number because I thought I was being a “ready for adventure” kind of gal like my writer friends. He wants to introduce me to his English teacher, 20mg Generic Cialis From India, who though a layman, lives at a monastery. He likes practicing his English with me. The next day he calls while I eat breakfast and says, “I am picking you up at your hotel in one hour to take you to meet my teacher.” My instincts tells me this was strange, but then, am I just being paranoid again. Generic Cialis From India, I promise to call him back and go to the front desk to ask if this is normal Thai behavior. They say no. I call him back, and say I have to write that day. He says, “I will come to your hotel with a book for you written by my teacher.” When he arrives, he calls again and asks for my hotel room number. I do not give it to him. I meet him in the lobby, and he gives me a book about Buddhism, Generic Cialis From India. Generic Cialis From India paypal, I tell him I have to get back to work. Before he leaves he says I should let him know when I want to see the monastery and he will take the day off from work. He also wants to show me his village in the country.

On Saturday, Nan signs me up to take the hotel tram into town for the walking street night market. Generic Cialis From India, There are about 10,000 other sweaty bodies there. It is around 100 degrees. The sides of the street are lined with food stands and tables of clothing, shoes and crafts. Makeshift massage parlors are set up with cushions on the side of the road. Down the center of the street, people in wheelchairs play instruments and blind people simply dressed and children wearing traditional Thai costume sing. The scents of a thousand cooking meats waft through the air, Generic Cialis From India. I find an entire food stand devoted to fried bugs. All kinds. I pass this table quickly. I eat a pack of Oreos for dinner because I am not sure it is okay to eat the food from any of the carts. Generic Cialis From India, I feel ashamed. The people in my class would eat from the carts; I am sure of it, Generic Cialis From India india. I decide to go to the Sunday market to try to redeem myself, but opt out due to rain and lightening.

That’s it so far. I’ve procrastinated long enough. Back to my book … or maybe a Mai Tai poolside, Generic Cialis From India.

Later …

Am very proud. I swam for half an hour. One of the French guests laughed at me. I’m not sure why, but probably I deserved it. Generic Cialis From India, I ordered a Mojito as a reward for my exercise. As I sipped, the rain came down so hard it was as if someone had turned on the power washer. Bravely, I finished my drink alone at the pool. Everyone, Generic Cialis From India overseas, even the Frenchman, had retreated to safety.  *****

Debbieportrait_sDebbie Goelz, a scifi fan, grew up thinking she might travel to strange new worlds like on Star Trek. Obviously, she would have been a terrible space explorer, refusing to eat food from the Replicator or try Romulan ale. A refugee from Hollywood where she served for ten years as a financial executive for such companies as Universal Pictures, Dino de Laurentiis and Jim Henson Productions. She is currently writing her first novel: Alien Invasion: A Love Story, about a misunderstood physician, a time-traveling strumpet and a race of very insecure yet exceedingly attractive aliens planning to take over the Earth and extricate its most valuable resource—an infinite supply of celebrity idol worship.

photos and story by Debbie Goelz

©2011 by Debbie Goelz.

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Zithromax Expired

BPTFPC_sThe absolutely amazing Zithromax Expired, Book Passage Travel, Food and Photography Conference begins next week, August 11-14,  in Corte Madera.

Writers from around the world will be converging for four days of workshops, panels, consultations, and outstanding presentations. I am thoroughly thrilled to be kicking off the conference with a presentation about The Life of a Travel Writer with one of my mentors from way back:  the Grande Dame of travel writing, Georgia Hesse. 30mg Zithromax Expired, I had lunch with Georgia at San Francisco’s Café de la Presse. We talked about travel, then and now, over a salade frisée, a tarte provençale, and a couple of glasses of vin rouge. This prompted a host of questions from me, which Georgia has politely deigned to answer, Zithromax Expired.

First, a few words about Georgia and her illustrious career:

Georgia I, 500mg Zithromax Expired. Hesse claims to have been born on the 28 Ranch on Crazy Woman Creek at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming. She was graduated from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, and studied political science and white wines as a Fulbright scholar at the University of Strasbourg in France. She is the founding travel editor of the San Francisco Examiner (the original Hearst-owned one, she hastens to say) and then of the joined (on Sundays) Examiner-Chronicle. Zithromax Expired, Georgia has taught travel writing for the 20 years of the Book Passage conference and has lectured at several writers’ gatherings and at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. 200mg Zithromax Expired, For several years she had a weekly travel-music program at the once and much-missed S.F. radio station KABL. Her articles have appeared in 20 magazines and 38 newspapers and she is the author/co-author of 14 books, several of them guides to France and California.

Georgia holds the Ordre National du Mérite from the French government and the Chevalier l’Ordre de la République from Tunisia. She has visited all 50 U.S, Zithromax Expired. states and at most recent tally has crossed the Atlantic 174 times and the Pacific 98 times, by airplane and ship. She believes in Paul Theroux’s dictum, 40mg Zithromax Expired, “Every step out the door can be a story. Consider San Francisco’s #30 bus.”

Q. Georgia, you were the Travel Editor for the "San Francisco Examiner" and then the"Examiner-Chronicle" at a time when travel was an elegant enterprise; what was your most extravagant journey?

A. Zithromax Expired, The most extravagant in traditional terms surely was a trip back to the time of Maria Theresa and the Hapsburgs, in the glorious first half of the 19th century when Vienna replaced Paris as the center of the elegant earth. Through a wrinkle in time equivalent to that in the current movie “Midnight in Paris,” I fell into the Vienna of Biedermeier design, Zithromax Expired australia, of gold leaf, crystal, fine porcelain and pastries…into the very night of the Opera Ball in the Staatsoper. Pomp and circumstance, glitter and dazzle, medals and uniforms, sobbing violins and the corps de ballet of the Vienna State Opera, even a few diamond tiaras.  “Ah, Zithromax Expired us,” said an irreverent tenor, “Strauss is so much more delicious than socialism!” It was so transporting that the next year I went back and fell through that wrinkle again.OperaBallGeorgia_s

Q. On the flip side, I loved your story in "I Should Have Stayed Home." Do you have another standout in that category. Can you tell us about it?

A. A 12-day rattle and roll across the old Soviet Union on the Trans-Siberian Express was not as dangerous as the North Pole trip but almost as uncomfortable, Zithromax Expired. I had thought the forest of white birches in the David Lean movie of Boris Pasternak ‘s novel “Dr. Zithromax Expired usa, Zhivago” seemed endless…but in reality that forest goes on for three days. Following Siberia, Finland seemed like “A Thousand and One Nights.” I was fascinated, in an international relations sense, by every day of that trek, but I’m glad I don’t have to make it again.

And then there was the long time when I didn’t know where in the world I was and it turned out to be Guadalcanal. Zithromax Expired, And then… .

Q, 20mg Zithromax Expired. What do you like most about travel today?

A. Most places have bathrooms and most of those are clean, unlike a tent of carpets on the Kenya-Tanzania border.

Q. What do you like least?

A, Zithromax Expired. The crowds and lack of civility at airports and aboard aircraft. Add to that the endless fees and unforeseen add-on charges. 50mg Zithromax Expired, I used to feel flying as a great escape. Now it’s an exercise in exhaustion, mental as well as physical.

Zithromax Expired, Q. What place is currently at the top of your list of places to visit and why?

A. Libya, crazily enough; because I’ve never tramped through Leptis Magna.

Q. What advice do you have for travel writers new to the business?

A, Zithromax Expired overseas. Learn how to write and then Stop, Look, and Listen to the world as it speaks to you, Zithromax Expired.


Good advice from an expert and much more to come. See you at the conference. Don't forget, there is a special discount for Left Coast Writers®, so be sure to tell them you're one of us.

—Linda Watanabe McFerrin, travel writer and author of Dead Love, (Stone Bridge Press, 2010)

Photo courtesy of Georgia Hesse.

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Ventolin Colchicine

Ventolin Colchicine, © 2010 by Dick Jordan

For the past three nights I’ve heard the explosions from miles away.  I’m not in Afghanistan or Iraq; I live near San Francisco.  It’s just fireworks, bombs bursting in air, going off in the sky over the nearby County Fairgrounds.

When I was growing up as a kid in Seattle, the Fourth of July was a big event.  The rain and drizzle that had persisted since the Fall was largely over.  Summer with mid-70 degree temperatures and puffy cumulus clouds floating like ships slowly passing over Puget Sound had arrived.  But the best part of the Fourth of July for kids of that era was the opportunity to literally blow yourself up in a dazzling display of pyrotechnic splendor.

Sometime around late May or early June the fireworks catalogs would show up in our mailbox.  You could order a variety of dangerous devices:  Roman Candles pulsating variegated globs of fire toward the Jovian heavens, strings of firecrackers resembling bandoliers of bullets, Ventolin Colchicine canada, and skyrockets that would roar off toward outer space like the Saturn V’s that would later fling Apollo spacecraft towards the Moon at the end of the 1960’s.  There were pinwheels which would spin wildly around their axes when nailed to a tree or telephone pole, and stinky coils of some burning stuff that would melt into a fetid pile on the sidewalk.

Back then, it was a totally unsafe and insane Fourth of July.  Things did burn down, and kids had their fingers or whole hands blown off by “Cherry Bombs,” small spheres with immense, Ventolin Colchicine usa, destructive power.

You could have all of these highly flammable Fourth of July toys delivered directly to you by Railway Express, the forerunner of today’s FEDEX and UPS freight companies.  Of course, you had to be careful about setting off these incendiary devices in your own neighborhood; burning down the house next door or the church across the street was frowned upon, 150mg Ventolin Colchicine, if not patently illegal.

But I was luckier than most kids.  Not only could I have all manner of personal fireworks sent to my home, but I had a relatively safe place to set them off:  My grandmother’s farm in Idaho, Ventolin Colchicine.

When school was out each June, I would be driven across Washington State to the Palouse, an area of rolling hills that runs eastward from the lava lands of the Columbia Plateau to the foothills of the Bitterroot Range in neighboring Idaho.  I would stay until about Labor Day, then be trucked back to Seattle for the start of a new school year.  Two things accompanied me on these journeys to the farm:  A three-speed “English Racer” bicycle, and my stash of fireworks, Ventolin Colchicine australia.

The next farmhouse was a safe mile or more from the launching pad for my weapons of potential destruction.  While some fields were filled with ripening waves of barley or wheat, others were “fallow” —- nothing but clods of dirt interspersed with the stubbly remnants of last year’s crop, and generally impervious to ignition from my gunpowder-fueled items of amusement.  For me, the Fourth of July was always a real “blast.”

Thirty years later, 100mg Ventolin Colchicine, long after those days had come and gone, I returned to Idaho to visit my grandmother who had retired from farming and was living in Moscow, home to the University of Idaho.  We took a long, hot drive south,  down a long, steep grade to Lewiston and into the baking confines of the canyon where the Clearwater and Snake Rivers meet.  There we purchased some tame fireworks, Ventolin Colchicine japan, mostly sparklers and pop-bottle rockets, which we set off back in Moscow to celebrate Independence Day.  A few days later we drove north, past Indian reservations where much more potent fireworks could be bought free from laws regulating their sale elsewhere in the state.

This year I’ll be spending the Fourth of July at an annual party hosted by friends.  If we stay late enough, Ventolin Colchicine overseas, we’ll be able to see municipal fireworks displays as we gaze from their deck northeast across Concord towards I-80 running from San Francisco to Sacramento.  If we leave earlier, and the famous summer fog that blankets San Francisco Bay stays offshore, we could be lucky enough to catch three, separate night-time blasts emanating from the southwest as we drive through Oakland, directly ahead as we turn toward San Francisco, and finally to the northwest when crossing the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, 200mg Ventolin Colchicine.

It’ll be safe, it’ll be sane, but it won’t be the same as Fourth of July when I was a kid, lighting fuses, 30mg Ventolin Colchicine, running from danger, and watching in awe, as I filled the sky over my part of America with glorious, glorious color.  *****

sitkaTravel writer Dick Jordan escaped death by dinosaur in the Children's Reading room of Sitka, Alaska public library.  The stories of his travels to the 49th U.S. state appeared in the Dallas Mornings News, Ventolin Colchicine coupon, Los Angeles Times, and San Francisco Chronicle.  When he is not hanging out at Book Passage, he writes the travel blog, Tales Told From The Road ( where By The Rockets Red Glare first ran on July 4, 2010.

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Prozac Withdrawal Symptom

Prozac Withdrawal Symptom, © 2011 by Todd Crawshaw

Navigating through life as a writer you will, at times, feel crushed like roadkill on the superhighway.  It’s unavoidable.  My advice, when this happens, is to take a deep breath, chant the philosophical mumbo jumbo (i.e., the pabulum of gurus) “life is a journey…not a destination…life is a journey…” And voila!  You magically rise above the flattened mess of your existence and hover in the air, looking down upon your body, a still life, a work in progress, this incredible wreck of flesh and blood you call yourself and embrace the moment of becoming a free spirit again, aloof, disembodied, at peace with the world!  That is, until you hear the rumble of another semi truck with its cannonball air horn blaring and you awake from your reverie and scramble to safety, to some ditch, where you assess your psyche for damages and needed repairs, dust yourself off, then forge ahead.  Life being a journey and not…whatever.

Okay, so I fantasize.  We’re professional daydreamers, us writers.  And, if wise, we learn and grow from each encounter, however numbing or bone-crushing the event may be.  Which, naturally, reminds me of a story.  A short one told by John Gardner, the great novelist of Grendel, The Sunlight Dialogues and Mickelsson's Ghosts.  In his book, Becoming a Novelist, published posthumously, Gardner writes about a close encounter he had one winter night.  To paraphrase, he came upon an automobile accident while traveling on a mountain pass and stopped to help a severely-injured woman.  During the encounter, Gardner mentally told himself: “I must remember this!  I must remember my feelings!  How would I describe this?”  He had responded promptly, helping the victim, while his voyeuristic self metaphorically hovered above to observe with detached fascination – wanting to fully interpret the incident.  This is the yin-yang conflict, the curse/gift of being a writer.  Coincidentally, John Gardner died shortly thereafter by losing control of his motorcycle on a similar mountain pass.  Life is strange.  No question about that.

Beautiful too, this life.  Exquisitely so when we encounter love.  Inexplicable, these moments.  Yet, being writers, 1000mg Prozac Withdrawal Symptom, we try to depict their essence.  We can’t help ourselves.  It’s our nature.  In my novel, Exploits of the Satyr, the protagonist realizes he has found love upon his tumultuous journey: “Slater felt comforted by the sight of her, 100mg Prozac Withdrawal Symptom, this mesmerizing port, offering calm water and peace. He could hear the buffeting wind and crazed waves fading at his stern as he gently touched her.” Beauty often arrives with the birth of a child: “Miraculous form.  Twitching contentedly as he rode her back and forth in the rocking chair.  Her eyes gazing upward at him.  In that moment, Slater realized she needed him.  They needed each other.” As a writer, an artist, 50mg Prozac Withdrawal Symptom, I yearn for these poetic insights.  And by happenstance, I come upon them, like witnessing the birth of a butterfly emerging from its own womb – then taking flight. 150mg Prozac Withdrawal Symptom, So where am I going with this on-the-road travel analogy?  Basically this.  Whether we are here or there, we will be in the same place we were yesterday and will likely be tomorrow.  Consciously aware we are something as opposed to nothing, scavenging through our minds to make sense of this mysterious place we find ourselves foraging within to survive, forever searching for that trump card holding the answer to a universal question: What is the meaning of life?  For one convoluted analysis on the subject and glimmers of insight, consternation, Prozac Withdrawal Symptom japan, and poetic ambiguity, read my novel, Exploits of the Satyr. Alternatively, Prozac Withdrawal Symptom uk, if this 550-page tome is too much of a time commitment without guidance from signposts shouting acclaim and encouragement at each bend in the road to reassure you this exploratory ride is worth the ticket – a guarantee of payoff at the end of the rainbow – well then, read Light-Years in the Dark.  My soon-to-be-released collection of StoryPoems.  What’s that?  Think of Debussy’s Preludes for Piano, where each concise piece is a cosmos, an entire distilled symphony.  Here’s a sample:


She walked into a rainstorm of cobalt blue.  Viridian green.  Aquas.  Emeralds.  The colors fell around her with each brush stroke, spattering her clothes, Prozac Withdrawal Symptom us, her hair, the ground.  She reached into the sky and brought down a shower of wetness with her fingertips.  She fell in love with the droplets as they shimmered, trickling off dark green branches to brighten a cluster of mauve and violet flowers.  Within this misty light, 500mg Prozac Withdrawal Symptom, along a garden path layered chocolate brown and zinc white like icing on a wedding cake, she was to meet a man at its end.  When it was time she brought his form into being.  With a palette knife she blended dabs of lamp black and burnt sienna, smoothed it with sable hairs, then crowned his image with her fingernail by adding a glint of gold.  She spent the remainder of the day with him, alone in her studio, 20mg Prozac Withdrawal Symptom, his face staring back from the darkness.  By late evening she knew him completely.  He had emerged from the shadows of her life, arriving in this downpour of blue to save her.  She washed herself in his presence with turpentine, then submerged her body in a hot bath.  Up to her neck in a prism of bubbles she dreamed of their life together.  She stepped from the water to walk naked across the hardwood floor.  She had to see him again.  Magnificent, Prozac Withdrawal Symptom ebay, everything she had hoped he would be.  She draped her body in a warm towel and prepared a smooth bed of white canvas, stretching and sizing it for the next day.  She wanted to be ready.  Tomorrow she would paint the sun.

For additional excerpts from both books, visit

Thanks for taking the time to read me, my fellow roadkill warriors writers.

Todd_Crawshaw_LCW11Todd Crawshaw is a visual artist who writes.  He has been writing fiction for 39 years.  Exploits of the Satyr is his fourth novel. He founded Crawshaw Design in 1975, a San Francisco graphic design studio that has evolved – significantly with the advent of computers and their global proliferation – and provides integrated brand marketing for print and the web..

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Prozac Drug Interactions


Publisher Jimmy Patterson and Author Joanna Biggar share the stage

Publisher Jimmy Patterson and Author Joanna Biggar share the stage

Prozac Drug Interactions, Monday, May 9, 6pm
Book Passage || Ferry Plaza
San Francisco ||

We hope you'll join us as visiting publisher and author James J. Patterson (Bermuda Shorts) teams up with local favorite Joanna Biggar (That Paris Year) for a night of remembrances. The authors will chat about memoir, or in the case of Patterson ... men-moir ., Prozac Drug Interactions usa. and tell tales about life and love in the city of light and the good old USA.

James J, Prozac Drug Interactions. Patterson grew up with a foot planted in each of two worlds — one in Washington DC, the Capital of the Empire as he calls it, Prozac Drug Interactions australia, and one in rural Ontario, where his Canadian mother insisted the family spend their summers. His father, one of the wizards of 20th Century newspaper publishing, introduced him to the city’s wheels of money and power, 30mg Prozac Drug Interactions, which he would later navigate as an entrepreneur, starting his first business at 20. But those Canadian summers introduced him to a different world – one where a cedar strip boat was better than any car, Prozac Drug Interactions india, and where the ghosts of those who’d previously inhabited the family’s island house floated out over the water of Lovesick Lake. It is those two worlds that blend in Bermuda Shorts, a collection on what it means to be a man, an artist, an iconoclast, 250mg Prozac Drug Interactions, a patriot, and a lover, as the 20th Century rolls over into the 21st. Prozac Drug Interactions, A life long student of history, philosophy and politics, Patterson has managed country bands, delivered newspapers, adapted Sherlock Holmes short stories for radio plays, and published a highly regarded sports magazine. 200mg Prozac Drug Interactions, As a singer-songwriter, Patterson was half of the political satire folk music duo, The Pheromones, one of the first acts to be featured on MTV and one of the last bands to play on American Bandstand. With the Pheromones, 40mg Prozac Drug Interactions, he toured the US for over fifteen years.

Joanna Biggar turned twenty in Paris, where she was a student at the Sorbonne, Prozac Drug Interactions paypal, and went on to earn degrees in Chinese language and French literature. Since then she has chaired a school board in Ghana, traveled solo to remote regions of China, worked as a journalist in Washington, D.C., 100mg Prozac Drug Interactions, and taught inner-city school students in Oakland, California, where she lives. 50mg Prozac Drug Interactions, She is married, has five adult children and six grandchildren, who love books. A member of the Society of Woman Geographers, her special places of the heart remain France and the California coast.

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Topical Erythromycin

Topical Erythromycin, ©2011 by Anita Jones

Anyone who says writing is a lonely business has never spent time with a roomful of hardheaded fictional folk bent on having their way. Unlike boring, predictable humans – and for the sake of story, conflict and change – characters are inevitably ego-tripping demigods that writers must turn into minions with omnipotent appeal. This is at best a neurotic, symbiotic relationship. However, over the past decade one of my characters helped me find a sane way of working together, discovered during early morning walks.

This routine began when my family started homeschooling. That hour or so before the beginning of our school day was the only time I had completely to myself, or at least I assumed I was alone, Topical Erythromycin. I worked on lesson plans, wrote songs, 100mg Topical Erythromycin, designed ways to integrate history, science, math, and literature into experiential learning for our only daughter. I relished the solitude and creativity of those walks, but it wasn’t long before I realized—I was not alone. Three years into homeschooling I had joined Left Coast Writers, which pushed me happily back into an active writing process and had me dusting off stories languishing in computer files. As soon as I started stirring those simmering pots, many idle characters sprang to life, Topical Erythromycin craiglist, infiltrating my peaceful walks.

“What the %$#@* are you waiting for?” Topical Erythromycin, they yelled as I contemplated cool ways to introduce third grade algorithms. “What good is this immortality you keep promising us if it’s spent shut away in a file. You need to get busy…” On and on they raged, high-jacking my solitude with bratty tirades.

It worked. Like the old days when I was single and living in New York, words pushed me out of bed again. I began a(nother) new novel adding a host of fresh characters to the fray, Topical Erythromycin. Motivated by opportunities to read at Left Coast salons, I split my evenings between lesson plans and fiction. It felt good, but did not stop the noise from my discontented crew.

I imagine that they congregate in a Character Waiting Room, 30mg Topical Erythromycin. The most irate stand in front holding forth, others are lounging in chairs, napping on sofas, dipping snuff, smoking, listening to iPods or transistor radios, reading by candle light or Kindles. Topical Erythromycin, The noise from the front is deafening. The veterans infuse the new comers, and now they are all pissed. So one morning I call them out. Topical Erythromycin mexico, “Dang!…what more do y’all want?” I ask. “I’m workin’ again, got a pretty productive schedule going, even had a couple of readings.”

That isn’t enough; the rants escalate. Then Indicca Bright speaks softly from the back of the Waiting Room, Topical Erythromycin. She’s 23, the demure single mother of 3-year-old Cricket, and one of my favorite new characters.

You oughta interview us”, she suggests, “that way everybody can have they say AND we can get some peace and quiet ’round here.”

“That’s a good idea!” I reply. “Why didn’t I think of that?”

I start interviews right away.

For years on my walks I jotted notes in a small pad, Topical Erythromycin japan, before switching to a digital recorder. Topical Erythromycin, Over time yard-side chats with neighbors showed that I’d become a neighborhood fixture: the black woman in the red ski jacket and baseball cap, with the ever- present note pad. People are genuinely interested and impressed that I am writing a novel. The middle-aged blonde woman with a black, vintage Mercedes in the driveway wants me to find a place for her in my book – even though she’s never asked what my story is about. Not worth explaining that there’s no room for her villainess in my family saga centered around the rediscovered love of a black, 70-something couple separated for 50 years after the horrors of the Civil Rights Movement in Albany, a city in southwest Georgia which happens to be my birthplace.

As the word count increases, characters line up for interviews, proving Indicca Bright to be right: this idea brings order to the chaos and, Topical Erythromycin canada, inadvertently, turns my characters into writers. Even the most mutinous now wait pensively with pads and pens, prepping for interviews; and they – as much as I – look forward to my annual research trek back to Georgia, Topical Erythromycin.

Since my parents and sister passed away in the 1990’s, going home is bittersweet. Gone are my mom’s signature pats on the back, my dad’s hearty laugh and my sister’s infectious creative zest. Gone is the “home house” with its reminiscent smells, meals and memories. Morning walks in Georgia are now from a hotel room and I’m a stranger in my hometown. Topical Erythromycin, The interviews continue, but my characters up the ante on this home turf. They seem humbled by place and hungry to know more about the real folk of my life, living and deceased, who populate my research and inform my stories, 750mg Topical Erythromycin. But I know exactly what those fictional folk are up to. Their inner writers are all ruthlessly pursuing new material, looking for stuff to round out their hedonistic profiles, give their interviews zing to ensure them a spot above “minor character”.

With each trip back my (our) research deepens. I stroll the campus of Albany State University remembering the days in the 1960s when it was still a college, and my childhood house – now a parking lot (for real) – stood across the street from the girls’ dorm, Topical Erythromycin. College Avenue, the single street that leads to the campus, was then called Hazard Drive, one end occupied by the campus, the other end lined with mostly wooden houses filled with folks raising families and renting rooms to college students. 50mg Topical Erythromycin, The street was a mélange of those two cultures. After school sounds of kids playing back-yard ball and hide-and-seek crisscrossed distant, early morning singing and chanting as sorority and fraternity pledges crossed the burning sands, enduring the humiliation of initiation rituals. The college enriched the neighborhood with football games, homecoming parades and student teachers at the laboratory school. Topical Erythromycin, It was a lively, magical place to grow up. And now, decades later, I mentally reenact civil rights marches across the old bridge. I pull my hero couple—Fletcher Dukes and Altovise Johnson—from The Waiting Room and place them in the pews of historical Shiloh Baptist Church the night Dr. King spoke.

Sure, Topical Erythromycin coupon, some of them may never make it out of The Waiting Room, but as all of my fussy, irreplaceable characters become more skillful at distinguishing themselves in interviews, together we find new ways to process story. Together we concoct ways to make good on my promise to give them a shot at immortality, a chance to live and breathe on the page.


jones2Anita Jones is a writer, visual artist and oral tradition storyteller originally from Albany, Georgia. Her novel-in-progress, 500mg Topical Erythromycin, Peach Seed Monkey was a 2007 Novella semi-finalist in the William Faulkner-William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition. She won a The Pinch literary journal award and is published in the anthology, Gardening Among Friends, edited by Barbara Euser. Jones is Executive Director of The Gaines-Jones Education Foundation, a family foundation she co-founded with her husband, Robert Roehrick.

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Cipro Venereal Disease

Cipro Venereal Disease, © 2011 by Robert Rosborough

I feel the dust hit my tongue as I step out of our minibus, avoiding a pair of goats that seem unconcerned that the rest of their flock is twenty yards down the highway. The highway in question – I use the term loosely since the livestock using it outnumber the people – is Burma’s main highway, running north from Yangon to Mandalay. Today my friends and I are heading to Mt. Popa, a sacred volcano in central Burma. We mill about – the dust, heat and smell of dung from the fields a decent tradeoff for the ability to stretch our cramped bodies.

We left our tiny hotel in Pyay early enough to anticipate spending a relaxing New Year’s Eve lounging by the pool in the late-afternoon sun at our resort in Mt, Cipro Venereal Disease. Popa. My friend Jeff has traveled extensively in Burma and says our drive is six hours or so, Cipro Venereal Disease uk. The “or so” is already looking like the salient term since it’s early afternoon and from my rudimentary map we appear to be much less than half way.

A couple of hours later, dreams of a poolside cocktail hour start to slip away as we slow to a crawl behind yet more water buffalo. Cipro Venereal Disease, They eye us lazily through our large windows as we inch by. Eventually we pull away from them, but the scenery still passes slowly. Burma’s abundant natural beauty is not always apparent along this road, which has become as monotonous as our guide’s talk of the rice trade.

As the sun drops low in the sky, Cipro Venereal Disease craiglist, our minivan’s shocks -- or lack thereof -- have clearly taken their toll. My butt feels like it has been sitting in a church pew all day. My boyfriend, Tim, looks to be in as much pain as I am, but a little prescription pain relief perks us up enough to pepper our guide with questions, including when we might try kun-ya, or betelnut, the local (legal) stimulant, Cipro Venereal Disease.

An hour after sunset, I long wistfully for the scenery that I had been so quick to dismiss in the daylight. The minivan’s vibrations make reading virtually impossible, my iPod batteries are exhausted and we’re at nine hours and counting. I recall a drive I once took in the back of a Land Rover on a pre-pavement-era Pan-American Highway, comforting myself that at least this time I will not have a concussion at journey’s end.

Somewhere around hour eleven we enter another small, dusty town but this time Jeff says excitedly that this is it, Cipro Venereal Disease ebay. Cipro Venereal Disease, Given our non-resort-like surroundings, I am alarmed at the prospect that we had actually arrived, but it is only the village nearest the resort. The next day we would see its festive New Year’s celebrations: firecrackers and dancing in the streets,Burma1 with dancers costumed as colorful elephants, animals central to the everyday and spiritual lives of many Burmese. (You can watch a clip of a Burmese elephant dance here:

We wind our way upward for another agonizingly slow twenty minutes, and as we crest the hill the resort appears like an oasis. Towering teak and other native trees create a lush partial canopy over simple, elegant wooden buildings. Elevated wooden walkways perforated by the Burma2occasional tree connect areas landscaped with dense shrubs and blooming gardens.

Most impressive of all is the view, even in the dark, Cipro Venereal Disease. Cipro Venereal Disease overseas, Beyond a swimming pool, an isolated peak crowned with a Buddhist monastery thrusts almost straight up to a height of 737 meters: Taung Kalat, on the flanks of Mt. Popa. This entire area has a colorful and sacred history, for Popa means “flower” in Sanskrit: the volcano is named for a flower-eating ogress who once inhabited its forest which today is inhabited by Burma’s most powerful “nats”, or local spirits, that are worshipped throughout the country.

The view is not enough to keep us long from the resort’s New Year's Eve Burma3“banquet,” which turns out to be more aptly termed buffet, 50mg Cipro Venereal Disease. Cipro Venereal Disease, The food looks rather sad and unappealing—unidentifiable dishes dehydrating over flickering Sterno. But we have wine, a festive atmosphere and, most importantly, no minibus. We sit on a deck surrounding an open-air dining room, an improvised stage at one end. We learn there is a New Year's Eve show, but after eleven hours of driving, Cipro Venereal Disease us, the only items on my agenda are eating and sleeping. And a little New Year’s Eve sparkling wine.

Dinner, though – such as it is – revives us, Cipro Venereal Disease. We are conversing surprisingly animatedly when an odd thought passes through my head: a drag queen just walked by. Given where I am, this is unexpected, to say the least. Maybe the day has taken a greater toll than I thought. Before long, I register that a line of Burmese is snaking past our table towards the stage. Cipro Venereal Disease, I look up into the flirtatious smile of...another drag queen. In fact, Cipro Venereal Disease coupon, the entire line is formed by young men whose smooth Burmese skin makes them look more like boys – in drag.

That we are all surprised is an understatement. Jeff has never seen anything like this, or anything else that hinted at a gay sensibility, anywhere in Burma. We are taking in this peculiar sight when Western music bursts forth from the dining room speakers. The first young man in line, dressed in a blond wig and attire that vaguely recalls Madonna, sashays onto the stage, lip-synching Vogue, Cipro Venereal Disease. The drag queen with the flirty smile turns out to be J.Lo, and the procession continues, 40mg Cipro Venereal Disease, one decidedly Western song per drag queen.

The performers are all hotel employees. Their colleagues cheer and giggle from the back of the room. When the parade of pop hits ends, what follows is...unique: a hands-free coconut peeling contest. Cipro Venereal Disease, J.Lo is pitted against another pop princess and, kneeling down, they have at their coconuts with their mouths. I think J.Lo is probably the only gay man in the troupe, but she is gay enough for everyone. It's definitely my first homoerotic coconut peeling. With enough of the shell removed, she smashes the coconut against the stage with a lascivious smile, 200mg Cipro Venereal Disease, its milk bursting forth and winning her the contest. But she hasn't finished. She gleefully laps up the milk from the stage, mugging expressions of ecstasy, Cipro Venereal Disease. After she is congratulated, the divas parade for a final bow and are gone.

Burma4There really isn’t much to say after that. It was different. Whatever it was, I was grateful not to have missed it. Cipro Venereal Disease, It certainly beat a cocktail by the pool. 30mg Cipro Venereal Disease, It was even worth that drive. Now, where did J.Lo go.

Robert Rosborough recently completed writing his first picture book: Leopold the Leafy Sea Dragon. He is a writer, editor, teacher and mediator with a background in engineering and art history and a former life as an environmental attorney..

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Overgrowth Tetracycline

Overgrowth Tetracycline, © 2010 Leslie Lee

I never imagined how much I would learn by collaborating on a story.  What’s even more surprising is that I’ve never met my co-writer, Carolyn Chang, in person.  We met through an online Science Fiction writing class.

There’s a cliché that says the window to the soul is through the eyes, but I think if you really want to get to know another person, read what she writes, 100mg Overgrowth Tetracycline. The only sense you are using is your mind. All you know about the person you are engaging with is what you see on the written page, Overgrowth Tetracycline. The stories she writes and the feedback she provides reveals how that person thinks and tells you what’s important to her. It’s mind-to-mind communication.

That was the first thing that made me respect Carolyn.  Her humor and values came through in her stories.  Here was a lady who questioned the status quo, who valued independent thought over political correctness, Overgrowth Tetracycline paypal, and who wrote about this subject with a sardonic humor that was also poignant. Overgrowth Tetracycline,  Her imagination amazed and inspired me. She was able to create whole other worlds effortlessly, and her characters were unique and funny. Carolyn’s perceptive questions about my stories revealed unexplored vistas. Latent ideas lying dormant deep in my consciousness rose to the surface, opened new windows of opportunity.  I respected her intelligence, and found her commitment to the craft inspiring, Overgrowth Tetracycline coupon.

Our in-class, on-line discussions soon evolved into an email friendship.  When I jokingly sent her my Myers-Briggs personality result with the note: “Now you’ll really know me,” she informed me that she really would because shared the identical personality type, Overgrowth Tetracycline. This pleased and surprised us both, and we developed an affectionate nick-name for each other—mind-twin.

I enjoyed getting to know Carolyn, especially because our lives are so different.  Even though I’ve traveled to a few countries, California has always been my home. Overgrowth Tetracycline canada, I’ve lived in the same house for nineteen years, with my husband, our now sixteen-year-old daughter and our dog. Overgrowth Tetracycline, I work part-time at College of Marin, and spend my free time with my family, writing, reading, and exercising. Carolyn is an ex-pat from Michigan, and is married to a Dutch man. She’s lived in Amsterdam for the last thirteen years.  Carolyn juggles two young children, ages three and five, with a career in international banking, Overgrowth Tetracycline mexico. Last year she shared her trials with driving lessons, and how different the laws were in the Netherlands.  I cheered when she passed the exam and obtained her Dutch license. On weekends she takes walks into the local forest (where I imagine little elves and gnomes live), or she and her family ride into town for dinner via a “box Bike” (a  giant three-wheeler with a big box in front large enough to hold four small children or a week’s groceries).  For all the plethora of Mexican restaurants where I live, there is only one decent Mexican restaurant in Amsterdam.  I cannot imagine living in a city where Mexican food is so limited, Overgrowth Tetracycline.

One day Carolyn emailed me and asked if I’d be interested in collaborating on a story with her. Overgrowth Tetracycline us, I mentally shrugged, “Why not?” I truly had no expectations that it would be anything more than a friendly exercise, something that would dissipate from disinterest and/or lack of agreement. Our initial explorations, though, soon developed into the following process.

We free-wrote paragraphs or scenes, letting our imaginations flow, Overgrowth Tetracycline paypal, without either internal or external editing.  This method allowed us to be as creative as possible. Overgrowth Tetracycline, It was also a lot of fun. Both Carolyn and I found ourselves anxiously awaiting the next email to see how the other person continued the story. We each found it rewarding to write a scene that would evoke an emotion from our partner, to leave her in a horrible position and see how she would write herself out of it. Carolyn expressed this sentiment well: “I couldn’t wait for those emails from you to see where you’d take it next and what cliff hanger you’d leave me with.  I would really laugh out loud with where you’d hand over the scene to me – sort of like dangling me over a deep hole and seeing if I’d make my way back to solid ground.  Hah!  I loved it!  It really pushed my creativity and I also WANTED to surprise you or make you laugh – to pull some emotion from you.  It helped me be a better writer.”

If one of us felt that a scene was not working, we would stop and discuss plot ideas, 100mg Overgrowth Tetracycline, setting or character development, and we’d save the scene for possible use elsewhere.

When we edited our work, we suggested changes using different colored fonts (so we could tell who was writing what), and we inserted comments on the side-bar so we could discuss the rationale behind our recommendations.  While we respected each other's feelings and point of view, our ultimate goal was the quality and integrity of the story, so our communication was always open and honest, Overgrowth Tetracycline.

If we still disagreed even after inserting our comments, the next phase was an email debate. This has become one of my favorite parts about collaborating with another writer, 200mg Overgrowth Tetracycline, because it is where I learn and grow. I discovered that when you defend your writing to another person through analysis, you raise your awareness of what you are doing to a new level. Conscious intent replaces “because it is cool”. Overgrowth Tetracycline, I learned that “cool” needs to be grounded in logic, in setting, in character, in the world you’ve created for your story, or the whole thing falls apart. It’s important to set one’s ego aside, and focus on the story. Overgrowth Tetracycline coupon, In addition, being flexible, and being able to negotiate and to compromise are crucial strategies for successful collaboration.

I encourage you to try collaborative writing—it’s an adventure you won’t regret.

LeeLeslie and Carolyn’s short story, “Cloud Monsters” was published by Aurora Press, in their anthology, Novus Creatures.  Leslie’s short story, “Tattoo”, has been nominated for the 2010 Pushcart Anthology by Liquid Imagination Magazine. Carolyn Chang is the creator of the website:, a website that helps writers develop their plots and discuss current fiction. She is also a slush pile editor at Abandoned Towers Magazine ( Leslie Lee and Carolyn Chang also have a novelette and short story in progress..

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Online Rx Diflucan

©2011 by Linda Watanabe McFerrin

deadlovecoverr2_lrg-1_s Online Rx Diflucan, Talk about spooky characters. I am sitting at a coffee shop in Washington D.C., talking to Oleg Kalugin, former head of KGB operations, getting a warm, fuzzy, feeling … and it is creeping me out. This friendly man, 750mg Online Rx Diflucan, in whom I find it so easy to confide, once received high honors for the assassination of Bulgarian writer Georgi Markov; though KGB chief Yuri Andropov probably ordered the hit. Admittedly, I’m already in a heightened state of excitation, having just visited the International Spy Museum, an operation dedicated to the art of espionage, Online Rx Diflucan japan, for which Mr. Kalugin serves as an advisory director, but still ….

I am actually in Washington on government business, helping an agency give money away to arts organizations all over the country, Online Rx Diflucan. It is a tedious affair trying to slice up a pie that is nowhere near big enough. The International Spy Museum and the chat with Oleg Kalugin are my idea of adding a bit of—how shall I say it—a thrill to the visit. The museum and the chat have been thrilling. I have an almost unhealthy interest in investigation, particularly of the clandestine variety, 10mg Online Rx Diflucan, as part of my work as a writer and certainly in relation to my novel, Dead Love. In Dead Love Online Rx Diflucan, , The Consortium, an evil organization run by the dastardly Christian Orison, is threatened with exposure and strikes back in nefarious ways with the help of a shape-shifting ghoul. My book is a global supernatural thriller with an international chase full of torturous twists and turns, and I need to know plenty about covert operations in order to make it real.



At the International Spy Museum I have learned about bugs and drops and micro-devices and, most significantly, Online Rx Diflucan overseas, about creating what spies call “a cover.” The fabrication of a fictitious personality and a past that supports it—from sales slips for items never purchased to passports, entire families, and tickets to events never attended—strikes me as the essence of what writers must do when creating a character. I know that my characters often become so real that I have trouble confining them to the works for which they were generated. A really well drawn character will speak to me, maybe even start making demands. Erin, Christian’s daughter in the novel, who almost becomes a zombie, now has her own website where she blogs every day on The Daily Slice, Online Rx Diflucan. She’s even been a guest blogger for other sites. Clément, 30mg Online Rx Diflucan, the aforementioned ghoul and master at assuming identities—he changes bodies like humans change clothes—is demanding top billing in a book of his own. In other words, a well-invented character has an authenticity that it should be hard to question.

My website features a quote by Jessamyn West: “Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures.” Uncovering the truth that lies hidden seems to be at the root of the most alluring tales. Online Rx Diflucan, Writers are experts at this, and it is a known fact that inventive writers make very good spies. One of my uncles was an American war correspondent and a spy. When he died at an advanced age; the real stories were buried with him. Online Rx Diflucan ebay, When I think about it, a lot of my favorite authors were spies. Anthony Burgess, who wrote A Clockwork Orange and Tremor of Intent worked for British Army Intelligence in WWII. John le Carré (real name: David Cornwall); author of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy; Smiley’s People; and more, worked for British Intelligence during the Cold War, Online Rx Diflucan. Ian Fleming worked for British Naval Intelligence and our own André Le Gallo, Left Coast Writer and author of The Caliphate served as the National Intelligence Officer for Counterterrorism for the CIA.

There is one little problem for both spies and authors, particularly writers of fiction, Online Rx Diflucan coupon. When you are inventing people and worlds, the line between truth and fiction seems to blur. But haven’t we learned, post Einstein, that everything, including the truth, 150mg Online Rx Diflucan, is relative. Online Rx Diflucan, Well, that opens up  a whole can of worms, many of which like playing with the characters in Dead Love. As for me, I’m recruiting for my own spy ring, the Z.I.A., or Zombie Intelligence Agency; their mission is to report to me on all matters zombie. How to join. It’s no secret. Just send Erin a note on Facebook, Online Rx Diflucan us.

©2010 by Linda Watanabe McFerrin


Poet, travel writer and novelist Linda Watanabe McFerrin (, is the founder of Left Coast Writers®. She has been traveling since she was two and writing about it since she was six. A contributor to numerous journals, newspapers, Online Rx Diflucan usa, magazines, anthologies and online publications, she is the author of two poetry collections, an award-winning novel (Namako:  Sea Cucumber) and short story collection (The Hand of Buddha), and the editor of a travel guidebook (Best Places Northern California, 4th ed.) and four literary anthologies.

A past winner of the Katherine Anne Porter Prize for Fiction she teaches and leads workshops in fiction and creative non-fiction. Her latest novel, Dead Love, is available now from Stone Bridge Press..

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Colchicine Price

Colchicine Price, by Terry Sue Harms

Now that my novel, Pearls My Mother Wore, is on the market, I’m satisfied that self-publishing was the right path for me to take. Four years ago, though, when I started writing the book, I felt certain that I’d go the traditional route.  Although I didn’t think too much about a publisher as I toiled over my manuscript,  I’d occasionally drift into a fantasy of being taken under the wing of one of the venerated publishing houses.  I imagined the acknowledgement page in my beautiful, hardbound book where I would thank a team of folks who had worked tirelessly to shepherd my novel into the world.  Together we would have tackled all of the behind-the-scenes aspects of literary success: contracts, 30mg Colchicine Price, manufacturing, marketing, placement, touring, reviews, awards, etc.  I would be taken care of.  I would be part of a team.

When my novel was completed and well-polished, Colchicine Price mexico, I sent the first chapter to my number-one pick for a literary agent.  The agent requested the full manuscript, and I was elated. A few weeks later I got the call. “Congratulations, you’ve written a really good novel.  I’ve got to go to New York, but when I get back we’ll get together to discuss how to present it to publishers.”  I was over the moon. I’d been taken on by the agent of my choice, first time out, Colchicine Price. 500mg Colchicine Price, I was golden.

Two weeks later, I got an e-mail taking it all back.  I don’t know what happened in New York, but the e-mail basically said that times had never been harder to sell fiction, and my work wasn’t good enough to try.  That was tough, especially after bragging to all of my friends that I’d reached this amazing milestone.

I took a few weeks to consider my next move.  During that time I was soothed by a number of woeful tales about agents and publishers that made my experience pale by comparison.  The establishment wasn’t looking so great.  Writers seemed to get dozens of rejection letters, if they were lucky.  A more common experience was to be totally ignored.  I was cautioned about contractual traps that could leave me empty-handed.  Even if I made it in, 20mg Colchicine Price, I was told not to expect any concentrated editing efforts.  I wouldn’t be allowed to design the book cover.  I couldn’t set the price.  I wouldn’t be able to control the release date.  I would have to create and fund my own book tour.  Marketing Platforms, I get it about marketing platforms, but the hustle/reward ratio seemed heavily slanted in the publishing house’s favor.  I do most of the work, agent and publisher collect most of the profit.  At least this is how I heard it in casual conversations.

All of this presented me with a heart-sinking dilemma — continue to pursue other agents in the hopes that they could find me a publisher, or go it alone, 10mg Colchicine Price, self-publish. Colchicine Price, My 180 came when I acknowledged that everything about the writing phase had been fun.  I had enjoyed the classes I took, the people I met, and the deep emotional places to which my story had carried me.  Writing had enriched my life and was incredibly rewarding.  So why, I asked myself, would I want to subject my positive writing experience to the ego bruising ordeal of traditional publishing?  The answer was, I wouldn’t, and I didn’t have to.  Self-publishing had come a long way during the years I’d been writing and perfecting my novel, and it was absolutely a viable option.

I did a little more work on the manuscript and hired an editor to make sure it was as clean as it could be, Colchicine Price india. My husband and I designed the cover art, I worked with a book designer to put everything together in the most professional looking layout, and off it went to for self-publishing.  It was the perfect solution.

Lulu didn’t require any up-front money, and in some ways, you get what you pay for.  The customer service was seriously lacking.  When problems loading my PDF arose, 750mg Colchicine Price, it was like writing to an ATM and asking for tens instead of twenties.  My help e-mails were answered with pre-made, generic solutions that didn’t apply.  The fix required several re-downloads, several test-copy orders, and several agonizing weeks.  My other complaint is that the paper stock for the cover is pretty flimsy, although the glue binding seems to be holding up well.  If I had to do it again, I would try another self-publishing company, Colchicine Price. Live and learn.

Nevertheless, self-publishing has allowed me to hold my book and to share it with others.  I continue to have great enthusiasm for my characters and my plot, Colchicine Price australia, and I have plenty of energy to do my own promoting.  I get to do that in my own way, on my own time. I don’t have to worry about answering for any quotas, and as a print-on-demand operation, I’m not haunted by thousands of unsold books.

I don’t actually know what working with a traditional publisher would be like. Colchicine Price usa, I guess I gave up before even trying, a case of “contempt prior to investigation.”  Nevertheless, I’m holding out hope that sales of Pearls My Mother Wore become so impressive that some publisher does a 180 and comes courting me.

Terry Sue Harms received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Mills College.  In May of 2005, she Terry1was inspired, in response to the new reality TV craze, “to write a story where the losers were the winners.”  Pearls My Mother Wore was born of that inspiration.  Her Left Coast Writers Book Launch will be on August 21 at Book Passage, Corte Madera.  Meantime look for Pearls My Mother Wore on Facebook, 40mg Colchicine Price, or visit her website at

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Colchicine Met Allopurinol

Colchicine Met Allopurinol, © 2010 Greg Jones

I’m headed to Tres Bocas on the Rio Sarmiento in Argentina’s Parana River Delta. It’s a voyage of discovery. I don’t pretend to understand this country or its people but perhaps I can aim a penlight, which is all I happen to have at the moment, in order to shed a thin shaft of illumination on their wonderful flaws and terrible virtues.

The 45-minute commuter train ride from Buenos Aires to Tigre is highly subsidized and costs only about 30 cents. Tigre is the river-port on the western bank of the Lujan River where it empties into the Platte Estuary. Coming into the station, I notice some graffiti scrawled on a brick wall along the railway easement, Colchicine Met Allopurinol. One author advocates Socialism while another invokes the Revolution. “We are armed,” he warns. Someone has written, 500mg Colchicine Met Allopurinol, “Vamos a Cristina.” A member of the Radical Party, Cristina Kirchner is the current president. For the past sixty years, the country has been in the grips of Peronism. Colchicine Met Allopurinol, Key industries have been nationalized and then sold, manufacturing is protected from foreign competition, exports are heavily taxed, and prices are fixed for hundreds of consumer goods. In 2002, the government froze bank accounts and allowed the peso to float after having for years pegged it one-to-one with the dollar. Overnight, the currency shed two-thirds of its value. Dictatorship, hyperinflation (try 197% per month), and a Byzantine beaurocracy have left Argentineans justifiably cynical. It’s a bit like the mood in Eastern Europe after the fall of Communism, Colchicine Met Allopurinol india. They want to be part of the global economy; they just don’t know quite how to do it, Colchicine Met Allopurinol.

At the train station, a blind busker sings for centavos that are given freely and unselfconsciously. A girl of about fifteen parts from her friends to help an old man, crippled by arthritis, make his way onto the platform. They hold the door for them or she would have missed the train back to Buenos Aires.

I walk the short distance to the Estacion Fluvial. Colchicine Met Allopurinol, Tigre’s docks were at one time heaped with timber and tropical fruit shipped down from upriver plantations. It enjoyed its heyday in the late 19th century when Argentina was the 5th largest economy in the world, and the well-to-do from the capital built summer homes here. They gambled in the magnificent casino, Colchicine Met Allopurinol coupon, a building constructed after the advent of railroads, steamships, and refrigeration made it possible to ship the vast wealth of the pampas—beef and grain—to Europe. Buenos Aires became Nuevo Chicago, the railhead and port at the edge of an immense plain, the stockyards and slaughterhouses situated discretely on its outskirts.

Tigre, BsAs 002I stand in a long line to board the lancha collectiva, a varnished low-riding river bus. It’s Easter, the last week of summer in the southern hemisphere, Colchicine Met Allopurinol. Schools are out, and many excited youngsters, 40mg Colchicine Met Allopurinol, their backpacks and bedrolls stacked on top of the roof, are riding the river launch, heading to overnight camps out in the delta. Argentineans are overwhelmingly Catholic, but few of them regularly attend mass. They prefer to celebrate Easter as we do Labor Day weekend. The guy in front of me hands over his bag to a crewman. Colchicine Met Allopurinol, Boarding, he kisses him on the side of the face. Argentineans, even man to man, almost always kiss one another. Colchicine Met Allopurinol ebay, The river launch departs the dock and throbs past the Naval Prefecture and the Italian Rowing Club. Entering the main channel, I spot a beached ferry, rotting in the sun, and several rusting freighters, half-sunk in the river. The spectacle resembles those bombed naval bases I’ve seen in archival films.

Turning up the Rio Sarmiento, we enter a different world, Colchicine Met Allopurinol. There are over 6,500 miles of rivers, tributaries, canals, and sloughs that wind through this region, Colchicine Met Allopurinol us. Boats are the only means of transportation for the 3,000 or so local residents. Having been raised around California’s Sacramento River Delta, I’m drawn to this place. It’s a welcome respite from the noise and pollution of Buenos Aires, a city that may top twelve million souls. Colchicine Met Allopurinol, But the delta of my youth works for a living; this one is a wastrel. There are no farms along its banks, only weekend getaways, stilt houses, campgrounds, 500mg Colchicine Met Allopurinol, resorts, dockside restaurants, a dozen small hostelries, and an assortment of faded mansions set back behind low, back-filled sea-walls. Weekenders sail, kayak, canoe, scull, water ski, and cruise around the hundreds of little islands that dot the map. There’s even a wakeboarding school.Tigre, BsAs 004

On-board, a girl wants to sell me some smoked fish from her straw basket. They say Argentineans speak Spanish with an Italian accent. Ninety-seven percent of them claim European heritage—mainly Spanish and Italian, Colchicine Met Allopurinol. Though they look to Europe, Argentineans seem to be strangely isolated.

The lancha drops me at a jetty on Tres Bocas. The puttering engine roars to life, and the launch plows upstream with its load of passengers. For just a moment, Colchicine Met Allopurinol uk, I’m choked by its diesel exhaust fumes. Colchicine Met Allopurinol, There’s a narrow path that winds along the slough and hops over rickety pedestrian bridges from island to island. Hydrangeas are in bloom, pines and papyrus line the riverbank, and overhanging willows provide welcome shade. I skip a flat stone over the ochre water and inhale the familiar odor of fetid black river mud. A mahogany runabout sends its wake rolling onto the rip-rap.

I grab a canvas chair on the plank dock of El Remanso Resto Bar where several German Shepherds lounge lazily in the shade of the 7-Up umbrellas. I order lunch from the pretty waitress who reminds me they’re cash only, Colchicine Met Allopurinol. Typically, Tigre, BsAs 017Argentineans distrust banking, currency, Colchicine Met Allopurinol canada, and credit cards. Lunch is finally served—no one is in a terrible hurry around here—and the grilled Paku, a local perch, is excellent. The Quilmes beer, swathed in Styrofoam, tastes refreshing on a warm sultry afternoon. The bill for everything is less than ten bucks. But it’s not the cheap eats that draws me back to this country; rather, it’s these warm, resilient, and baffling people.

Bay Area writer, Greg Jones, splits his time between Northern California and Argentina..

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Sialocele Tetracycline

Black River Cemetery
Sialocele Tetracycline, As the writers head off to Charleston, for another literary adventure with the Southern Sampler Artists Colony, novelist and travel writer Linda Watanabe McFerrin reflects on Southern vistas.

Southern Exposure: On the Palmetto Trail

©2010 by Linda Watanabe McFerrin

The size of the snake had grown, in the telling, from the length and breadth of my friend Martha’s arm, to the far more dramatic dimensions of her muscular cousin, Dickie’s. I was at a gathering of the Dabbs clan at one of the old family properties by the Crossroads just east of Black River Swamp in the county of Sumter, South Carolina. Martha and I had been hiking along on the High Hills of Santee Passage of the Palmetto Trail when the large green-brown serpent slithered across our paths and disappeared into the waters of Old Levi Mill Lake. Martha was disturbed; I was ecstatic. I let out a gleeful shriek, Sialocele Tetracycline. Sialocele Tetracycline craiglist, The South is intriguing territory. Home of the blues, gumbos, gators, haunts, hollers, swamps and all their quirky inhabitants, it’s also been the stomping grounds of some of my favorite writers—William Faulkner, Flannery O’Connor, Harper Lee, Erskine Caldwell, 50mg Sialocele Tetracycline, Alice Walker, even Edgar Allen Poe—sensual, steamy and sometimes scary as hell. As a girl I longed to explore it. As an adult I did, eventually capsizing my canoe and falling into the murky waters of the Okefenokee Swamp. Sialocele Tetracycline, So when southern friends Mary Brent and Martha suggested a visit and Martha mentioned the 425-plus-mile Palmetto Trail, I found the prospect exciting. It wasn’t long before I found myself just north of Charleston, South Carolina, heading up US Highway 17 towards Awendaw, 20mg Sialocele Tetracycline, the Francis Marion National Forest, Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge and the point at which the Palmetto Trail hits the sea.

The Palmetto Trail is really not one trail at all. Cobbled together from only a few of the myriad footpaths that fret the state, it is a nearly continuous passageway that stretches from Oconee State Park in the mountainous upstate region to Buck Hall, its low country terminus. A federally designated Millennium Legacy Trail and one of only thirteen cross-state trails in the nation, it crawls down pinnacles, across gorges and swamps, along riverbanks and through forests, traversing some of the most spectacular terrain in the country, 30mg Sialocele Tetracycline.

The weather was hot when I emerged from my car at Buck Hall Plantation, the cicadas so loud they sounded like buzz saws blazing away in the blistering sunshine, Sialocele Tetracycline. At this watery end of the Palmetto Trail it’s an easy jaunt along salt marsh and through verdant maritime forest. Tides creep in here to surround and feed the swamp grass then gently recede. Egrets, cranes, herons and pelicans swoop to graceful landings. Thousands upon thousands of marble-sized fiddler crabs scuttle about in the sands. Sialocele Tetracycline, Young longleaf and loblolly pines sway in the occasional breeze. Fan-like palmettos (South Carolina’s state tree) and ancient live oaks, among the only remnants of a venerable generation that managed to weather Hurricane Hugo, offer much welcome shade. 40mg Sialocele Tetracycline, Awendaw Passage connects to the rest of the Palmetto Trail not far from this point via the Swamp Fox Passage, officially the next leg of the journey. A 42-mile forest trek across pinelands and wetlands, over boardwalks and bridges and along the defunct railbeds of old logging trams, it ends at Lake Moultrie in Berkeley County at the western edge of the forest. With days rather than weeks to spend on the trail, I opted to take Highway 45 through the woodlands and I was glad I did. No sooner had I turned inland and into the forest than it started to rain, sprinkling at first as I experimented hastily with my rental car lights and windshield wipers, Sialocele Tetracycline. It was storm season in South Carolina and reminders of the hurricanes that ravage the coast were everywhere. The rain began to hammer away at the car, sluicing off the windows in sheets. Lightening flashed down in long, 500mg Sialocele Tetracycline, jagged forks that ended somewhere in the trees around me or on the road up ahead. Jamestown, St. Sialocele Tetracycline, Stephen, Manning—the journey to Martha’s was tumultuous and beautiful, and I was genuinely relieved when I finally met her at the far side of Black River Swamp and we turned up the long, narrow drive to her home, the dogs bounding alongside the cars in boisterous greeting.

The weather was clear and warm the next day when Martha and I set out for the High Hills of Santee Passage, the highway bordered by neat little churches and plantation-style homes astoundingly picturesque. We stopped at a roadside shop to pick up a light lunch and picnicked at the trailhead at Poinsett State Park right next to the small lake in which Martha swam as a child. The land is a bit hilly along this 14-mile stretch of the trail, but it is still easy walking. It’s also spectacular with wildlife. The sun worked like a powerful soporific, tiring us quickly, Sialocele Tetracycline. 1000mg Sialocele Tetracycline, The cicadas droned softly around us like hypnotic, non-stop, battery-powered maracas. Mosquitoes circled hopefully, looking for a break in our prophylactic curtains of repellant. I had been warned that I should be on the lookout for water moccasins on this part of the trail, that the ticks in Sumter County had been known to carry lyme disease. But I wasn’t thinking about any of this, so entranced was I with the green of the water and the ascent and descent of the trail. Sialocele Tetracycline, That’s when the elegant green-brown ophidian slithered across our path. A ranger told us later it was very likely a rat snake, and the nearby wood duck nest suggested that this might be the case as these snakes like eggs for breakfast, Sialocele Tetracycline australia, but it could just as easily have been a somewhat more poisonous reptile. No matter; it didn’t bite, which is more than I can say for the tick I brought back to the house.

“Look at this, Martha,” I said, pointing to a brand new freckle.

“My Lord, it’s a tick, Sialocele Tetracycline uk, ” said Martha, deftly plucking it away.

That night Martha and I had dinner with Dickie again, and as we listened to his wild tales of motorcycle adventures in the American outback and stories of the ghosts that share his enormous southern mansion, I was reminded once more why I love the South and its residents, Sialocele Tetracycline.

I’m told the Palmetto Trail becomes much more rigorous as it heads up into the high country, a place of 60-foot waterfalls and 1000-foot ascents, a place to visit when my ankle is stronger and I have a lot more time. One Southern friend said, “Fine trail like that, you can’t do it all at once. You have to take it slow.” Wise words. I’ll be back. The hike isn’t over, Sialocele Tetracycline coupon. In fact it’s only begun.


From "On the Palmetto Trail", ©Linda Watanabe McFerrin. You can read the whole story, as it originally appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle Magazine here.


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Cipro Suspension Use In Feeding Tubes

©2010 by Cheryl McLaughlin

tn Cipro Suspension Use In Feeding Tubes, Moguls skier Alex Bilodeau won the first Gold medal for Canada at the Vancouver Olympic Games and credited his older brother who has cerebral palsy.

At the last Olympics, American skater Evan Lysacek had a disastrous short program performance that took him out of any contention for a medal. This time he won the Gold medal beating reigning Olympic Champion, Yevgeny Pleshenko.

19-year old figure skater Kim Yu-Na from South Korea carried the hopes of a nation and the heavy expectations of gold as she took the ice and turned in two of the most spectacular performances in the history of Olympic Women's Figure Skating.

So, what does this have to do with writing, Cipro Suspension Use In Feeding Tubes craiglist. What can novelists, poets and writers of non-fiction learn from the experiences of these athletes, Cipro Suspension Use In Feeding Tubes.

While I was up into the wee hours of far too many mornings these last two weeks witnessing the "do it or die" performances of a lifetime - some lasting only fifteen seconds - I thought about the lessons they've learned to become Champions and how valuable those lessons can be for writers. Here are just a few:

Find Your Source of Motivation - and Use it!
A Champion's performance is the culmination of a lifetime of daily practice - not just going through the mindless motions of a sport, but improving specific mental, physical, strategic and technical aspects of the game. They are like muscles that must be strengthened every day. 40mg Cipro Suspension Use In Feeding Tubes, So it is with writers, too. Cipro Suspension Use In Feeding Tubes, Establishing a daily practice that continually sharpens your craft trains your brain and body so the muse will speak, the words will flow and you can strengthen your writing with those necessary edits.

But what motivates an athlete to start training at 6a.m. each day, doing workouts that hurt and burn while mixing in school, homework, jobs and parenthood.

For Gold medalist, Cipro Suspension Use In Feeding Tubes australia, Alex Bilodeau, his inspiration was his older brother, Frederic. Throughout his life, Alex has watched Frederic wake up every morning with his huge grin, though Frederic now struggles to talk and can no longer walk without falling due to cerebral palsy. He never complains, Cipro Suspension Use In Feeding Tubes. 50mg Cipro Suspension Use In Feeding Tubes, Alex said that when his back and legs were so sore he nearly stopped a workout, he'd think of Frederic and continue training. When he thought of complaining, he'd think of Frederic. "I tell myself I should just shut up and swallow and go train," Alex said. "I've got that chance to one day be an Olympic Champion."

As a writer, what compels you to sit your butt in a chair, Cipro Suspension Use In Feeding Tubes india, strap yourself in and write those words only to go through the seemingly endless revisions. Cipro Suspension Use In Feeding Tubes, What is the inspiration you can use to get out of bed early in the morning, write your novel on your ferry rides to and from work, and continue putting those words down on the page daily in spite of distractions or wanting to quit when you're frustrated, tired or have lost your passion.

Focus On: The Present, Your Performance and On What You Can Control
Champions have learned that playing the "bad movies" of your past mistakes only dooms you to repeat them. What you see in your mind's eye is what you will do. And focusing on the future - on winning a Gold medal, getting that book contract, Cipro Suspension Use In Feeding Tubes ebay, or even worrying about what might happen if you don't - only increases pressure and fear. Both kill your ability to perform well.

The key is to focus on the Present and on what we call Performance Goals - those specific things under your control that you can do right here, right now to execute well from the first moment to the last, Cipro Suspension Use In Feeding Tubes. Focusing on Performance Goals gives you the best chance to be successful and the good news is, you'll feel less anxiety, pressure, and fear.

The importance of focus played out dramatically in this year's Figure Skating events. Evan Lysacek could have easily scared himself by replaying that bad movie of his disastrous Olympic performance four years ago, Cipro Suspension Use In Feeding Tubes japan. Instead, he set a performance goal: to skate two clean performances. Cipro Suspension Use In Feeding Tubes, As he took the ice, he focused on completing each element of his program to the best of his ability and turned in two Gold medal-winning performances of a lifetime.

South Korean skater, Kim Yu-Na, carried the heavy burden of her nation's expectations of Gold, and her fear that if she did not perform well, 1000mg Cipro Suspension Use In Feeding Tubes, her country would turn its back on her. But instead of getting paralyzed by the weight of other people's expectations, she chose to focus on what she could control: to skate two complete, clean programs. Like Lysacek, she focused on each graceful element of her two spell-binding performances and won the Olympic Gold medal.

As I'm writing this, I'm struck by the importance of having specific performance goals to focus on when we sit down to write that book of our dreams, 750mg Cipro Suspension Use In Feeding Tubes. It's so easy to scare ourselves into inaction by focusing on the big outcome goals like writing that novel, getting an agent, or selling your book proposal to a publisher. I'm going to write a checklist of my performance goals and sharpen up my source of motivation to improve my daily writing practice. How about you.

Cheryl McLaughlin is the President of McLaughlin Human Performance Institute, 30mg Cipro Suspension Use In Feeding Tubes, a writer and speaker, and the founder of The Buzz Professor, who is going to use Performance Goals to accomplish her far-too-long, to-do list of writing tasks!.

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Amoxicillin Dosierung

Amoxicillin Dosierung, ©2010 by Patricia Bracewell

On a sunny July day in Fecamp, Normandy, I stood in front of the stony corpse of an 11th century ducal palace, studying the ruin before me with the eyes of an Independent Scholar. That’s an impressive way of saying that I was a history student without the benefit of credentials, university affiliation, or professors.

So, what kind of historical inquiry was a former Lit Major with a minimal grasp of French and a dreadful accent conducting in a fishing village on Normandy’s Alabaster Coast. I was doing background research for a novel, of course.

Having blithely disregarded the standard “write what you know” advice drummed into me in college, I had decided to write a novel set in the 11th century, Amoxicillin Dosierung india, about which, when I started the book, I had known precisely nothing. The first task I set myself was to research the period feverishly, reading history texts and poring over dusty translations of primary sources written by guys with names like Dudo and Wulfstan, Amoxicillin Dosierung. Still, after a year of independent study I’d concluded that I needed a boots-on- the-ground approach as well. So I had come to Normandy to explore first hand the setting where my novel would take place and where my real-life heroine had grown up.

This palace at Fecamp, I had determined, Amoxicillin Dosierung japan, was where my story would begin.
France & England July 2007 032In front of me, the favorite retreat of the early Norman dukes looked desolate, even in bright sunshine. Amoxicillin Dosierung, Ivy climbed up the broken walls from below to meet leggy shrubs cascading down from above. Three square, roofless towers guarded the outer ramparts, but the threat of invasion had disappeared centuries ago. The ducal palace held little interest, these days, for anybody but ghosts, 250mg Amoxicillin Dosierung. Nature had been allowed to run riot within the walls, and since no one from Disney had come along to transform this ruin into a replica of its former glory, it was clear that I was going to have to do it myself. Camera and notebook in hand, I slipped past the flimsy barricade strung across the entrance to take a closer look.

I realized right away that I was seeing only a fraction of what had been here a millennium ago, Amoxicillin Dosierung. In 1002 there would have been guesthouses, kitchens, stables, 1000mg Amoxicillin Dosierung, storerooms, an armory, animal pens, dovecots – all vanished now. Meantime, the detritus of centuries hid much of what was left. The ground had risen up around the castle walls, burying their foundations several yards below my feet. In the great hall where William the Conqueror held a feast in 1067 to celebrate his narrow victory at Hastings, a couple of good-sized trees grew in the spot where a huge central hearth would have been, 200mg Amoxicillin Dosierung. Amoxicillin Dosierung, I had to step carefully over tree roots, shrubs, and broken stones to make my way around what must once have been a magnificent and elaborate chamber. In a silence broken only by traffic noise and birdsong, there was no echo of the family members, retainers and servants who must once have filled this space. France & England July 2007 026

Clambering up to stand in one of the square towers, I looked out through a narrow window embrasure cut into walls that were several feet thick. Had the roof been intact, the tower room where I stood would have been dark and cold, even in July. Amoxicillin Dosierung usa, Mentally rolling up my sleeves I set to work, imagining the solid roof into place, its wooden beams intricately carved and gilded. I clothed the walls in plaster, painted them with limewash, and hung them with embroidered tapestries, Amoxicillin Dosierung. I furnished the room with several beds, wooden coffers for storage, charcoal braziers for heat, and thick beeswax candles for light. I divided the beds among the duke’s daughters, and imagined one of them peering out that tiny window slit towards the river.

If she looked to her right she would see the grounds of an abbey founded in the 7th century, 750mg Amoxicillin Dosierung, its ancient church rebuilt again and again. Looking at it myself I could see, on either side of the church door, massive statues of the first two Norman dukes gazing back at me. Amoxicillin Dosierung, But the statues and the church façade were recent additions, I reminded myself, only three hundred years old. To see the abbey church that had stood there a thousand years ago, I had to time shift, to re-focus my vision and imagine a smaller building studded with cloisters and surrounded by green fields instead of stone walls and asphalt roadways.

France & England July 2007 048Leaving the palace I made my way to the nearby shore, Amoxicillin Dosierung coupon, to a white, shingled beach below a chalk headland – the mirror image of Dover’s white cliffs. I imagined a fifteen-year-old girl surrounded by a crowd of servants and family as she was escorted aboard a longship, its high prow pointed towards England and a royal wedding. Would my heroine have looked forward with eager anticipation to those cliffs across the water, or backwards with regret at the cliffs of her home. That was the question that would lie at the heart of my novel, Amoxicillin Dosierung.

Now, two years later, the book has been written, its opening scenes set in that Fecamp palace, Amoxicillin Dosierung australia. In the writing of it I consulted photographs that documented my visit, but what my camera recorded that day and what I envisioned were two very different things.

A friend asked me once where I would go if I could travel anywhere I wished.  I didn’t even have to think about it. I would go into the past, I replied, back a thousand years like a character in some time travel novel. Amoxicillin Dosierung, I wouldn’t want to stay for very long, because I’ve learned enough to know how dangerous it would be. But I’d be willing to hazard a week there, in the distant past – just long enough to discover if I’d imagined any of it right. 40mg Amoxicillin Dosierung, Patricia Bracewell's novel, "Royal Hostage", is under consideration by publishers in New York and London. An essayist as well as a novelist, Patricia is the editor of Roadwork.  LCW members who wish to submit to the Roadwork column should contact her at .

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Fish Amoxicillin

Make a New Year's Resolution to write for Roadwork Fish Amoxicillin, in 2010. Left Coast Writers on-line column is published bi-monthly, 50mg Fish Amoxicillin, Fish Amoxicillin uk, and editor Pat Bracewell is looking for 1000-word essays about writing, travel and any combination thereof from LCW members, 150mg Fish Amoxicillin. Fish Amoxicillin australia, Contact Pat at 750mg Fish Amoxicillin. Fish Amoxicillin usa. 40mg Fish Amoxicillin. Fish Amoxicillin australia. Fish Amoxicillin uk. Fish Amoxicillin mexico.

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Prozac And Weight

Prozac And Weight, ©2009 by Chana Wilson

The tiny Calistoga airport sits at one end of the Napa Valley town of Calistoga, a tourist resort known for its hot springs.  Along the town’s one main street are the spas boasting various treatments: mud baths, hot whirlpools, massage.  My mother and I have come here for my 30th birthday, but not to seek the waters.  I long to soar, to lift into quiet far above the world’s din, and Mom is giving me the gift of flight: a glider ride in one of those motorless little planes.

My mother is scared of heights.  She has had phobias since I was a child.  I remember her arms and back stiffening as she drove on highway overpasses, bridges, and narrow roads with drop-offs.  When Mom got in one of those states, all I could do from my passenger seat was put my hand on her lap and chant, “it’s okay, Mom, it’s okay.”  Sometimes that wasn’t enough, 500mg Prozac And Weight, and she just froze up altogether, somehow managing to pull the car onto the shoulder and sit there, hyperventilating.

Now, my mother wants her daughter to fly.  At least, she makes a brave show of it, 250mg Prozac And Weight, smiling at me before I walk off toward the plane.  I know her fear lurks underneath, but we both ignore it as she says cheerily, “Have a great time!”

I walk onto the tarmac where the pilot waits next to the glider. It looks like a blown-up toy, a narrow white fiberglass body with long thin wings and a domed clear hood.  The pilot adjusts something in the tiny cockpit, then ushers me into my seat directly in front of him, gets in and closes the Plexiglas lid that bubbles over our heads.  The clear nose of the glider encases my legs.  After I strap myself in, I can’t even turn to see the pilot behind me, Prozac And Weight us, and it’s as if it’s just me and this tiny bubble of plane.

The small twin-engine aircraft that will lift us aloft taxis into position in front of us, and with a rough tug we’re pulled down the runway.  I watch the tow plane lift, and then we rise.  Just before the hills, the plane cuts us loose and banks away.  We’re catching the thermals that let gliders soar, those warm pockets of air that rise from the valley up the mountainsides.  The noisy plane disappears, Prozac And Weight australia, leaving us in the quiet, the hills green and brown below me.

The whoosh of the air currents over the wings is the only sound.  I know my mother is down there on earth, waiting for me, but as the glider dips, sensation roars through my capillaries—drowning out anything but the moment.  To be free to forget my mother is her greatest gift to me.  She has reclaimed her own happiness, and I have let go of vigilance to a depressed mother.  In childhood I slept with my ears attuned for the thud of her falling, woozy on too many sleeping pills; I’d jolt upright out of sleep, and rush to lift her.  Now, she’s been well for over ten years, though her phobia of heights remains, Prozac And Weight.

Hawk-like, we swoop and glide, taking in the hills below, the tiny rows of vineyard grapes, the dots of houses.  I am filled with wind, sound, 40mg Prozac And Weight, and light.  I must have laughed, the joy bursting out of me.  The pilot, who has been respectfully silent, asks, “Would you like to do some stunts?”

“Sure,” I blithely respond. 50mg Prozac And Weight, Barely a beat passes and the pilot puts the plane into a full dive. The Plexiglas nose in front of me is now headed directly for the earth.  Nausea lurches in my stomach.  My intestines are both jelly and hard knots.  If my chest-belt is digging in, I don’t feel it, because I am screaming like a middle-schooler on a roller-coaster ride, full-out roaring.  When I find words, I yell, “STOP STOP!”  The pilot pulls us out of the dive.

“I guess-that’s-why-I’ve-never-been–on-a roller coaster, Prozac And Weight usa,” is all I manage to choke out.  I think of my mother then, her breathless terror of heights, the silence of it.  There were never any screams.  I have a sense of it now: how it must have felt in her frozen body, stiff and sweating, with her choked breath, her panicked eyes.  I remember the sour smell of her fear.  Oh, 750mg Prozac And Weight, Mom.  My banging heart regains some of its steadiness as the glider resumes its gentle arcs.  I release my own breath, come back to pleasure in the soaring. Prozac And Weight, Mom is waiting for me.  She is standing next to her car in the parking lot that butts right up against the airstrip.  One hand is shading her forehead, as if she has been squinting into the distance for a long time.  A lit cigarette dangles from her other hand. When she sees me coming toward her, she drops the cigarette and stomps it into the gravel, then smiles at me.  I can tell from her smile she has not seen the plane suddenly dive toward the earth.  We must have been on the other side of the ridge.  Still, I imagine she must have been nervous, searching the empty sky for her daughter.

“How was it?” she asks, 10mg Prozac And Weight.

I hesitate, just for a moment.  Then I tell her the truth, “It was the most amazing thing ever.”

Her face breaks open, fully lit, and we stand there a moment, beaming at each other.  “I’m so glad, Prozac And Weight canada, sweetheart.”

channa2New(2)Chana Wilson is a psychotherapist and writer who lives in Oakland, California.  She is published in the journals “The Sun” and “Sinister Wisdom”, and in several anthologies, including “The Next Step: Out From Under, Mentsh: On Being Jewish and Queer”, and “I’m Home: What It is Like to Love a Woman”.  “Calistoga” is adapted from the memoir she is currently completing. Contact her at

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Synthroid Destroys Thyroid

© 2009 by Joanna Biggar

Synthroid Destroys Thyroid, January 21, 2009...For forty years I have been going to the National Mall to celebrate, to witness and to participate in history. I’ve been there to see marathons and hootenannies, Grandmothers for Peace, Students for the Earth, reunions of the Peace Corps, and a Million Men’s March.

In the early days, the days of Lyndon Johnson in the late ‘60’s, the country was torn asunder by what was perceived as an unjust war. Led by youth – and I was then young – thousands came to march against the relentless killing in Southeast Asia in a fruitless and seemingly endless war. 20mg Synthroid Destroys Thyroid, Among those who were dying were thousands of my own generation, drafted, disillusioned, and angry.

I was living in Washington at the time, my young husband having been drafted and serving in the Naval Medical Corps. I was impressed that, from all over the country, people of all ages, races, and backgrounds poured into the Capital to march – peacefully, but determined to make their voices heard, Synthroid Destroys Thyroid.

When citizens exercise their lawful right to protest peacefully during times of hardening lines between the government and the people, there is always tension. In those days, tension gave way to lawlessness – in my experience, Synthroid Destroys Thyroid coupon, on the part of the police. I remember vividly days when all of downtown seemed overrun with armed cops in riot gear, their faces impersonal behind their blue masks and shields. I remember marching peacefully with thousands of others crowding onto the Mall near Constitution Avenue, one of my babies in my arms while my husband had the other. Synthroid Destroys Thyroid, Something happened toward the edges of the crowd – police bullying, someone said, but I didn’t see it myself. Everyone started running, panicked. I feared a stampede and with our children there, Synthroid Destroys Thyroid usa, felt a fear I have rarely experienced.

In those days one did not even need to be marching to get arrested, but merely to be on the wrong street at the wrong time. I remember riding on a bus through a rundown section of town near the Capitol and seeing SWAT-like teams of riot cops sweep in front of the bus, rounding up and sometimes bludgeoning anybody who happened to be on the street. Most of the residents in that neighborhood were black, but on that day and in that mood, the cops were truly ecumenical, Synthroid Destroys Thyroid. Later, thousands in the sweep were arrested without charges and held in RFK Stadium. By that time of course, LBJ was gone and we had moved on to Richard Nixon.

Over the years I went to the Mall on countless other occasions, 1000mg Synthroid Destroys Thyroid. I went for Smithsonian Folk Life festivals every summer, for Cherry Blossom Festivals in spring (even when it snowed), and, in recent years, to protest another unjust war. Synthroid Destroys Thyroid, Every year that I lived in Washington I went for my favorite Mall holiday, the Fourth of July, with its picnics, long sunsets, bands, merry-making and the crescendo of huge fireworks. The music pretty much reflected the regime; sometimes it rocked, sometimes it was hokey, sometimes it made you sing and dance. 500mg Synthroid Destroys Thyroid, On one Fourth during the Reagan years the Beach Boys were uninvited to the party – for being suspected dissidents.

Yesterday I went back to that old neighborhood, or as close as I could get to it at 17th and Constitution. Yesterday I experienced something almost impossible to imagine forty years ago. Yesterday I went down with the multitudes to celebrate the first official event of Barack Obama’s Inauguration as the 44th President of the United States: the Concert on the Mall, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Synthroid Destroys Thyroid. Like all the festivals and celebrations, like all the Fourth of Julys, it was joyful. Like all the marches and protests, it was full of soul and heart and feeling. But unlike the others, 50mg Synthroid Destroys Thyroid, tension was replaced by calm; fear gave way to hope. And mostly there was love in a way I have never experienced it in my country. Synthroid Destroys Thyroid, To witness this and celebrate it, the superstars were there: Bruce Springsteen backed by a gospel choir, and Mary J. Blige making her smooth moves in her snakeskin boots; old guys like James Taylor and John Mellincamp who sang “Ain’t That America,” and Pete Seeger who sang “This Land is Your Land” with all the verses from the Great Depression; Bon Jovi was there, and U2, and Queen Latifah who introduced the voice of Marion Anderson; Stevie Wonder rocked on the piano and Shakira rocked in leather pants; that wild trio, Sheryl Crow and Herbie Hancock and Will.I.Am in his dreds and Scottish tartan. Then, Synthroid Destroys Thyroid japan, Barack and Michelle Obama singing along with Garth Brooks doing an “American Pie” medley. And finally Beyonce finished it all off with “America the Beautiful.” Not a dry eye in the house.

But as Obama said, “this is not about me,” and it wasn’t about them, really, biggar2either. It was about us, the thousands of folks who waited in the grey winter light, who shivered in the January cold, who stood for hours to celebrate this moment, to hear these voices, yes, but mostly just to be there, Synthroid Destroys Thyroid. With each other. The family behind me, black, Synthroid Destroys Thyroid india, who had driven the day before all the way from Michigan. The young women in front of me, white, who had come from Utah and were so pleased with themselves for getting tickets to the Inauguration. “Think about it. Synthroid Destroys Thyroid, They’re all Republicans in Utah and they’re not coming to this. No big deal to get tickets from our Republican Congressman.” The black woman in the long black fur coat and black hat who stood next to a blond white woman in a white coat and furry white hat who kept hugging each other. The people of every size, color, 750mg Synthroid Destroys Thyroid, and contour who spontaneously linked arms, swayed and sang together.

This time was different, maybe because for the first time in my memory all those people were for something – the same thing – rather than against something. This time was different because people were unselfconsciously waving flags when at other times they might have been tearing, wearing or burning them. This time was different because in my memory, the living memory of most folks there, times have never been worse, Synthroid Destroys Thyroid. And somehow we – all of us there, I sensed – never felt better or more hopeful. Nobody, none of us, 100mg Synthroid Destroys Thyroid, had ever experienced, or maybe even imagined such a day.

Joanna Biggar lives in Oakland and is a teacher, writer, and traveler whose special places of the heart include the California coast and the South of France. A professional writer for more than 25 years, her poetry, fiction, personal essays, feature, news and travel articles have appeared in hundreds of publications. .

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Retin A Generic Name

Retin A Generic Name, © 2009 by Patricia Woeber

Alpes-Maritimes, France

The Cote d'Azur brings to mind luxurious hotels and the cachet of the Mediterranean coast stretching from Cannes to Menton, yet this strip of land is connected to another world. To the north, a mountainous backcountry offers a diversity of cultures and outdoor activities.

Both elegant coast and wild backcountry are part of the Alpes-Maritimes departement, which is tucked along the Italian border in southeastern France. This area of Provence possesses the seaside, the mountains (as high as Mt. Gelas at 10,300 feet) with an alpine landscape of fir forests, and the high rocky land of the Mercantour National Park. So why not enjoy it all. Stay in deluxe hotels, discover ancient hillside villages, puzzle over ancient pictographs, and hike in nature so dramatic it will knock your socks off, Retin A Generic Name.


Although the Riviera boasts its famous hilltop villages, 40mg Retin A Generic Name, such as Eze and Saint-Paul-de-Vence, the backcountry has its share of ancient villages with narrow cobblestone streets and stone houses. It takes just an hour driving north to reach them. In the Roya Valley, the lovely village of Saorge (11th century) has medieval houses strung together like a necklace across the mountainside. The streets are beautifully hand-paved with water-smoothed oblong river-pebbles. alps31 Retin A Generic Name, The hillside village of Venanson seems to float on a ridge, and gives spectacular views overlooking the Vesubie Valley River. And in Breil-sur-Roya, tall, narrow, Retin A Generic Name craiglist, attached houses have retained their medieval character. This town is only 24 kilometers from the Mediterranean.

For centuries these villages were completely isolated as the main road by-passed them. Instead it ran farther west, over the Tende Pass through the village of Sospel, with its 11th century bridge, which sprouts a medieval watchtower in the middle of the span. The new road was constructed some 30 years ago, bringing the modern world closer.alps4

The Roya Valley has been described as Italian, but with a French accent and sense of discipline, Retin A Generic Name. Constant reminders of this mix are evident: flat bread covered with tomato paste (like pizza), espresso coffee drunk strong and black with lots of sugar, and the Breil dialect that incorporates Latin words. On some “newer” buildings (16th, 50mg Retin A Generic Name, 17th & 18th century), decorative accents and walls painted with warm pinks and yellows give an Italianate flair reminiscent of the Italian Riviera.

History explains this blend, as for centuries the Roya Valley was half French and half Italian. Part belonged to the Duke of Savoy, who favored his land as the best hunting ground. Retin A Generic Name, In fact, the upper Valley of the Roya only became part of France in 1947 after World War II, when the people of Tende and La Brigue asked to become part of France. Some of the Riviera, including Nice, did the same in 1860. 100mg Retin A Generic Name, In the Alpes-Maritimes, nature has taken its course with great dramatic appeal, cutting away at mountainsides and leaving behind steep canyons with a palette of colors. For example, the Roya Valley has areas of purple rocks with green striations, while the cliffs of the Daluis Gorge are an antique, ruby red, and the nearby Cians is yellow. Some gorges north of Puget-Theniers are black, as if sprinkled with ash, and the Gorge du Paganen’s  grey rock would fit right into Dante’s underworld, Retin A Generic Name usa.

In the Mercantour National Park, thousands of engravings dating from the Bronze Age (1800-1500 BC) adorn rocks, for this high place was sacred to the ancient inhabitants of the valley, Retin A Generic Name. The surprisingly small drawings were scratched into ochre-colored flat schist rocks that had been smoothed by ice during the Glacial Age. Professional guides lead hikes to the most interesting sites in Vallee des Merveilles (Valley of Marvels) and Fontanalbe and can interpret the engravings. A visit to either site is a full day’s outing. For these trips and other outdoor sports contact professional guides in Saint-Martin-Vesubie and Breil-sur-Roya, north of Menton. Retin A Generic Name, Another way is to drive north from Nice on the N202.

alps11Whatever one wishes for – gurgling streams, perhaps, or deep, dramatic ravines – one is sure to be able to find it here. 500mg Retin A Generic Name, This includes swimming, kayaking and other water sports, fishing, rock climbing, horse riding, and mountain biking. Within the Mercantour’s rocky terrain lie 4,000 kilometers of marked trails for walkers, hikers, and bikers. The Roya Valley alone has 25 mountain lakes, Retin A Generic Name uk, so gorgeous scenery is a given.

Before World War II, Saint-Martin-Vesubie was a fashionable resort with ten hotels, but during the post-war economic slump tourism fell off, Retin A Generic Name. Today, with only two hotels, the place is unknown, when compared to the Riviera. Yet this town, cradled between fir-covered hills, is a perfect base for hiking in spring and fall. Le Boreon, Retin A Generic Name mexico, also for hikers, offers cross-country skiing in winter. Alpine skiing is found at La Colmiane. Retin A Generic Name, The spiritual distance of the mountains is greater than the hour it takes to get back down to the coast and its deluxe hotels. Beaulieu-sur-Mer, between Monaco and Nice, has ultra luxurious La Reserve de Beaulieu, resembling an Italian Renaissance villa, with hand-painted furniture heightening the décor of the rooms. Restaurants, rooms, and the heated salt-water pool, Retin A Generic Name coupon, are a splash away from the sea. In Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, the deluxe Royal Riviera Hotel claims the largest pool on the coast as well as a private beach. These hotels’ gourmet restaurants attract European royalty.

Local tourist sites include the Italian-style palatial villa and gardens of the Baroness Ephrussi de Rothschild in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Retin A Generic Name. In Beaulieu-sur-Mer, the Villa Kerylos is a pure re-creation of an ancient Greek mansion.

Along the waterfront in Nice and Cannes, locals stroll the palm-lined promenades. In legendary hotels such as the Carlton and stucco mansions, 30mg Retin A Generic Name, champagne corks pop at breakfast. The towns offer lively outdoor food and flower markets. Retin A Generic Name, The Alpes-Maritimes certainly has something for everyone.

THE DETAILS: Spring and fall are the best times for hiking. Guides are in Breil-sur-Roya and Saint-Martin-Vesubie.
French Government Tourist Office:
Air France :
Castel du Roy hotel in Breil-sur-Roya:
La Reserve de Beaulieu:
The Royal Riviera

Patricia Woeber was born in Cape Town, South Africa, and moved to the United States at the age of 21. Her travel articles have been published throughout the United States and Canada. In 2004, the French Government awarded her the Medaille d’Or du Tourisme (Gold Medal) for her extensive articles on France.  At the moment, she is polishing her book of travel adventures filled with stories of extraordinary situations ranging from wonderful to dangerous..

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What To Expect Clomid

What To Expect Clomid, ©2009 by Toni Piccinini

Is there a better launching off point for positive change than New Year’s Day. Nope, not much beats January 1st as the beginning of the new you. A whole new year awaits for the writer in you to make your mark.  Fresh and unspoiled by editor rejections and by your own sketchy writing habits, that fat January is all about possibilities.  All the excess of the holiday season, the “might as well wait ‘till the first of the year” procrastination, and the sludgy sloth are but a faint memory after midnight December 31st.  You have improvement plans for this New Year.  This year you will finish that novel, 10mg What To Expect Clomid, this year you will send out that stack of short stories languishing in the drawer; hell, this year you’re going to quit smoking, lose weight, get fit, and find your soul mate.

What’s that you say?  Here it is the second week of January and already you’ve missed your sunrise yoga class for the third time and got lost reading a book instead of working on yours. You do this every year. You suck, What To Expect Clomid.

But don’t despair, What To Expect Clomid canada. The New Year, though powerful, is but one of many occasions you can use to identify the beginning of the new you.  Chinese New Year comes soon enough in February, and if that passes you by there is always that fire starter, sun-moving-into-Aries first day of spring. Fresh starts crave a precise moment to mark the spot when old bad habits are shed like a crusty scab revealing the glowing newness underneath.  Well, What To Expect Clomid australia, maybe that’s a microdermabrasion facial, but you get the picture.

More importantly though, why do we need this totem, a day on the calendar that captures our best selves?  I have a theory. What To Expect Clomid, I have a friend who believes in everything––no, wait a minute, that’s me––but let’s just say that everything in the universe is either yin or yang.  You know, female/male, expansive/contractive, sweet pink vodka cosmopolitan/deep fried pork sausage.  Surely we writers are expansive yin beings.  (I’m surprised poets can keep their corporeal form and not just fly away in a beam of pure light.) Thus we need yang energy to balance us, to bring us down to earth. Self-imposed structure demonstrates our attempt to ground ourselves with powerful yang energy. Brilliant yin ideas need some butt-in-the-chair yang work ethic to reach fruition. Every day we seek balance, 200mg What To Expect Clomid. But if we were completely successful existing on steady sameness, brown rice, and goodness, where would the murder scenes come from. Or tales of the steamy sex of betrayal, What To Expect Clomid.

Today I decided to take an inventory of my accomplishments, to see how far I have come with all the personal and professional growth I set out to manufacture last January.  I think I was on four diets last year, What To Expect Clomid ebay, and I am happy to say that I weigh exactly the same as I did last January.  Early in the year, as I channel surfed for the Australian Open (procrastinating on my book proposal) I landed on the best thing I ever saw.  Good-looking, happy, sweaty people gyrated to a salsa beat.  Exercise. How could it be exercise––it looked like so much fun. I ordered the Zumba tapes with the free Zumba sticks (an unbelievable offer) before the hard-bodied dancers were done dancing across my TV screen.  Now, a year later, the unopened box sits on a shelf, 150mg What To Expect Clomid, a cluttered shelf.  Oh yeah, that’s right, that was another thing I was planning on doing.  “Clear the clutter” was high on the resolution list at the onset of 2008.

Why do we make these resolutions. What To Expect Clomid, Because we’re dreamers. And let’s just give it up to the creative universe for that!  Writers are imaginers. We can see flesh and blood on a cold blank page.  We can feel the pain of a life not lived or the joy of a mother’s love in people who don’t even exist.  We can chronicle our lives and, 20mg What To Expect Clomid, maybe without realizing it, land on universal truths that resonate with our readers.

Last year at this time I had a few pages about many things, which was the start of my woman-coming-of-a-certain-age food memoir.  I was flailing, trying to herd squirrels of thought with little success.  I was yinned out.  My story was so ethereal and all over the place it was on the verge of disappearing, taking my vision of me as a writer with it.  And then the magic happened.  The universe delivered someone to help me, a special editor/coach goddess, who incidentally has very tangy yang energy, What To Expect Clomid india. This January I have three fat chapters and a real honest-to-goodness book proposal.  The heft of it in my hand feels like a newborn baby. It feels like a miracle to me, What To Expect Clomid. That’s what creation is.

January is the month for fresh starts. That’s the generous, expansive yin of it. January is also a fallow winter month, What To Expect Clomid us, a time of reflection and a time to draw together.  That’s the tightening yang of it.  What I learned in this last year is that positive change (the new year theme) doesn’t need to be directed by a judgmental taskmaster.  That Zumba guy wasn’t bitching at anybody. That’s what drew me to him in the first place.  He and his band of zumba-cisers were working hard, sweat beading up on their six-pack abs, but they were having fun.  They were dialed in to their creative energy.

So this new year, instead of eliminating things that give you pleasure, make a list of resolutions to celebrate and savor the wonderful unique qualities that make you you. Take a deep breath of your divine essence, 750mg What To Expect Clomid, dear reader, and instead of starting the next to-do list, look at all that you have done. I think you will be surprised.  dscn0379

Toni Piccinini is a Marin-based writer and the creator and original owner of Mescolanza, a San Francisco Chronicle Top 100 Bay Area Restaurant.  When Toni is not teaching Italian cooking classes, ( or shaking her Zumba sticks, she is looking for an agent to represent her coming-of-age food memoir “A Simple Year”..

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Pharmacia Tetracycline Algoddones Mexico

© 2008 Rebecca Foust


You care for them
soap their backs
pick nits from
each strand of hair;
nourish and starve
them for their own
good; discipline
them into line;

Pharmacia Tetracycline Algoddones Mexico, They grow, get
rowdy, take on
lives of their own,
so you send
them off make
their way
in the world, earn
some dough.

Then you wait,
and wait and wait
for the news;
Will there be a
train crash. Pharmacia Tetracycline Algoddones Mexico japan, A cure for cancer
or maybe
the Swine Flu.

Until some
Grad student editor
not much older
than them
(but much, much
than you)

deigns to respond,
No thank you, Pharmacia Tetracycline Algoddones Mexico overseas,
in a letter
sealed in
an envelope
stamped and
in your
own hand.


The relationship between poetry and pastry
is sadly quite inverse.

Do one well, the other suffers, Pharmacia Tetracycline Algoddones Mexico. Pharmacia Tetracycline Algoddones Mexico uk, An hour
for the villanelle subverts

the flaky crust, but still I keep my hands
in both; I give thanks

for publication that's been broad and deep
in family praise, and that

for extracting smiles from kids half dead
with ennui

I've earned my Pulitzer in pies.


It randomly generates end-rhyme
and regular meter, Pharmacia Tetracycline Algoddones Mexico india, plans for each stress,
gives infinite choices for first and third lines. Pharmacia Tetracycline Algoddones Mexico mexico, A real workhorse muse, it draws tandem lines,
searching each website and database;
it eats text and excretes it as end-rhyme,

slant, 20mg Pharmacia Tetracycline Algoddones Mexico, near or true.  In a few seconds' time
tercets are teeming.  It breeds words like a virus,
spawns infinite choices for first and third lines. 250mg Pharmacia Tetracycline Algoddones Mexico, Poetic pirouettes whirl en pointe on a dime
with no mental strain; nuanced phrase after phrase.
While it effortlessly generates end-rhyme.

Quality will rise, as in a short time
programs imprint preferences, 1000mg Pharmacia Tetracycline Algoddones Mexico, continually revise
available choices for first and third lines

and sieve out the drek.  Hack poets will wane,
will wander disconsolate the Boolean maze
of the randomly generated end-rhymes. 30mg Pharmacia Tetracycline Algoddones Mexico, Here fire derived from an algorithm burns
and warms the icicle heart even of Isosceles
who reads the roulette-wheel spun end-rhymes,
and triages choices for first and third lines.

Rebecca Foust won the 2007 and 2008 Robert Phillips Poetry Chapbook Prizes and was a finalist for Poetry's 2007 Emily Dickinson Award.  Nominated for two 2008 Pushcart Prizes, Foust's recent poetry appers or is forthcoming in Atlanta Review, Pharmacia Tetracycline Algoddones Mexico usa, Nimrod, North American Review, Spoon River, Women's Review of Books and elsewhere.

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Clomid And Obesity

© 2008 by Laurie McAndish King

Clomid And Obesity, Do you know that in Australia the globes are just like American ones, with Australia on the bottom? It boggles my imagination to think about all those people Down Under knowing they live on the bottom of the world, knowing they're walking around upside down all the time. This would not be the case, of course, if they simply re-drew all the globes to show the southern hemisphere at the top.  Why not do this?

What does it feel like to live Down Under? Is it just another aspect of living in a world filled with exported American culture: McDonalds and Coca Cola in every country? What does it take for an American to begin to understand the rest of the world?

What's Up Down Under, a collection of travel stories, began as a series of letters sent home to friends during the year that I lived and worked in Melbourne. I loved it that our two countries were so similar on the surface, yet Australia presented me with a never-ending series of surprising cultural and linguistic differences. There was an Alice-in-Wonderland-like quality to living in a place where English was spoken, yet often not having a clue what people were talking about:

You're flying to cans?

He's wearing a bag of fruit?

I should pass you a tinny?

Between the accents, country-specific peculiarities, and incomprehensible rhyming slang, I was often befuddled. And I enjoyed trying to figure things out. During that year in Australia I caught the travel bug. Soon afterward, I found myself visiting other countries – mostly in the southern hemisphere, many "developing".

Things do look different when you are not on top. Things look different when yours is not the dominant culture, when you are not white and well fed, or when you have only one set of clothing, which is ragged and dirty and displays the logo of a foreign country's football team. They look very different when you don't have access to clean water or electricity, when members of your family suffer from malaria, or when your city has been reduced to rubble by an occupying army.

I met families living at subsistence level in Madagascar. They had to compete with foreign scientists – and their precious endangered species – for the right to live as local families have for generations, eking a living from the small parcel of forest in which they gather firewood, harvest plants, and trap small animals to eat. Same location, but the scientists and the locals may as well be living in parallel universes.

Similarly, I may as well be in a parallel universe when I travel to a place where I don't speak the language or understand the customs, don't know how to get around, and don't enjoy the security and support of a network of extended family and friends.

What's Up Down Under is an exploration of ways in which to experience the world. The best way I know to do that is to put myself into new situations, new worlds. Worlds where I don't know what's going on or who is safe to travel with, where my legs are covered with leeches and I'm slipping down a mountain, where I am confused or frightened or simply have very little sense of context.

Not every story in this book took place south of the equator, but each was entered into with a spirit of adventure and exploration, and with the hope of learning about the world in a new way. I travel in order to have those experiences, and I write in an attempt to understand them. Because in the same way that traveling dislocates, travel writing locates. As a portrait of place, or person in place, travel writing provides a structure for examining and making sense of the unfamiliar, for becoming familiar with the foreign.

Travel has introduced me to what had been foreign. I don't know what it's like to live in a city pockmarked by shrapnel, reminded every day of occupation, hunger, and death, but being lost in Sarajevo certainly evoked a different kind of fear than I have ever experienced before. And I have never had to wear other people's clothing because everything I owned was destroyed, but I now have a sense of what it must be like, and a deep admiration for the courage and resourcefulness of those who live through a direct experience of war.

What has impressed me most is the kindness of people around the world, their generosity, hospitality and eagerness to communicate. In one case it was dramatic: strangers rescuing me from a kidnapper! In others it was more subtle: a rainforest guide quietly slicing lianas to make my hike easier, a museum curator providing special access to ancient goddess figures hidden away in a closet, or a restaurateur whispering a secret recipe for Irish brown soda bread.

I have enjoyed and been inspired by people around the world, and hope you'll feel some of that inspiration as you read these stories.

Laurie McAndish King's collection of travel stories, What's Up Down Under, is a work in progress.  Her essays have been published by Lonely Planet, Travelers' Tales, and the San Francisco Chronicle Magazine. Laurie is the publisher of Travel Writers News and co-editor, with Linda Watanabe McFerrin, of two volumes of Left Coast Writers' Hot Flashes: Sexy Little Stories and Poems.

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Infant Diflucan Thrush

Normal 0

© 2008 Wendy Nelson Tokunaga

I was addicted.

Infant Diflucan Thrush, Unlike the mid-1990s, when I first started on the long road of attempting to get a novel published, in the 2000's it was possible to query literary agents by email. No more dropping snail mail query letters with a SASE into the post box and waiting weeks or months for a reply. No more wear and tear on my printer, and no need to schlep to the post office to send out a partial or, if I were lucky, a full manuscript. Now when an agent asked to see all or part of my novel, I could send it as an attachment, or paste an excerpt in the email itself.

When my writing life wasn't going too well (which, Infant Diflucan Thrush india, unfortunately, was a lot of the time), I'd send out email queries, about a dozen at a time, to brighten my spirits, hoping a miracle would happen—that I would find the agent who wanted to sell my book. I'd click on the "Send" button as if pulling the arm of a slot machine, then sit back to await my fate. Maybe this was the day my life would change, Infant Diflucan Thrush. I fixated on my computer screen like a day trader, watching for the slightest stock movement, 40mg Infant Diflucan Thrush, clicking the "Get Mail" icon every few seconds to see if a reply had come through.

By early 2006, in the midst of querying on my fifth novel, with the hundreds of rejections of the four previous novels behind me, I had become a full-fledged email query addict. And I was getting results. Along with the quick responses (some received in less than two minutes after sending the query) of "thanks, but not for me," my luck was improving. Infant Diflucan Thrush paypal, Some agents were asking for the full manuscript.

One morning I sent an email query to "Agent X." A big New York agent and a popular one, I'd been reluctant to pitch to her. Infant Diflucan Thrush, This isn't her kind of book, I thought, while another voice in my head said, "What have you got to lose. It's just an email." I held my breath, hit "Send," and waited.

A reply flew back. "Can you send me the first three chapters by email?"

Uh, sure. In less than a minute she had them.

Next reply, about fifteen minutes later: "I *love* this. Can you send me the rest?"

Stunned, Infant Diflucan Thrush japan, I loaded up the attachment of my 245-page manuscript and sent it on its way.

The weeks that passed turned into a couple of months, and I had yet to hear from Agent X. In the meantime other agents I'd sent the novel to were getting back to me, some with praise, but not one taker; more rejections to add to the not insignificant pile, Infant Diflucan Thrush. But I had yet to get a rejection from Agent X.

As luck would have it, Agent X was going to be at a writers conference I was to attend in a few weeks. She, along with fifteen other agents, would be participating in something called Speed Dating with Agents.

I was not a virgin when it came to agent speed dating. At another writers conference a few years before, 10mg Infant Diflucan Thrush, where I'd been pitching Novel #3, I paid twenty-five dollars for the privilege of crowding into a hotel ballroom with about two hundred other desperate-to-be-published writers, standing for over an hour in haphazard, zig-zagging lines for the chance of having five minutes with an agent. Twenty of them sat at desks lining the periphery of the room, kings and queens holding court, awaiting pitches from the masses. Infant Diflucan Thrush, The only difference between this ballroom and the Harris cattle ranch I'd passed many times on Highway 5 on the way to Los Angeles was the absence of the smell of manure. However, I'm sure a plentiful amount of b.s. was being thrown around in that room just the same.

But this was a different conference, Infant Diflucan Thrush overseas, a different speed-dating experience, and this was Novel #5. The organizers promised the event would be civilized, not a cattle call. You would sign up for three agents ahead of time and receive a ticket for each, then visit each one in order. A proctor would ring a bell after your five minutes were up, and you'd go on to the next agent on your list.

I'd considered contacting Agent X before the conference, telling her I would be there, but I didn't want to pester her, Infant Diflucan Thrush. Agents don't like pests, I'd been told many times. Infant Diflucan Thrush coupon, She was a busy New York agent and she probably hadn't even finished reading the manuscript. Besides, she said she loved it—at least the first three chapters. I was nervous, but still held out hope. Infant Diflucan Thrush, I hadn't heard back, but no rejection had arrived either.

As I took the seat across from Agent X at the Speed Dating with Agents event she looked at my name tag with interest. I introduced myself, told her the title of my book, and asked if she remembered me.

She smiled and said, "Of course I remember you. I really liked your book."

She really liked the book.

"Wow, 500mg Infant Diflucan Thrush. Thanks. So, I haven't heard back yet and. , Infant Diflucan Thrush. ." I stammered.

"Oh. I guess you didn't receive the rejection email yet."

It took a moment for me to process what she'd said. "No, I guess I didn't."

"My assistant was sending out a whole bunch when I left for here."

"I see. Well, Infant Diflucan Thrush australia, was there any part of the book you felt needed to be changed. Infant Diflucan Thrush, The voice, maybe?"

"No, the voice was lovely."

"The protagonist?"


"The part with the gangsters?"

"No, I liked that."

"Then, ah. . ."

She looked me straight in the eye. "It's a wonderful book, but it just didn't have that certain something."

But you said you loved it, I wanted to say, but kept quiet. Like dating, it seemed that a novel needed to have chemistry with an agent or else it was just not to be. Clearly this was only a coffee date, with no chance of it turning into a fancy dinner leading to romance.

That evening in my hotel room I called my husband.

"So how was it?" he asked, an urgent tone to his voice.

"Great, Infant Diflucan Thrush. Agent X said my book was wonderful."

"Really? She's going to take it?"

"No, Infant Diflucan Thrush us," I said. "But it was a really positive rejection."

"But she's not taking it."

"No, she's not taking it."

I guess you have to be a writer to understand the comfort of a "positive rejection," and to appreciate the obsession of querying by email to search for that one agent who has to be out there, the one who thinks your book has that certain something.

A few months later Wendy Nelson Tokunaga found a wonderful agent who got her a two-book deal with St. Martin's. Her debut novel, MIDORI BY MOONLIGHT, was published in September 2007. Her next book, WISHING ON A KIRA-KIRA STAR, is due out in Spring 2009. She is set to receive her MFA in Writing from University of San Francisco in Fall 2008. Visit Wendy's Web site at:


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Zithromax Tri Pak

Zithromax Tri Pak, © 2008 Kate Amatruda

Tuesday, February 20
1128 Hours
Scrunched into a slippery orange chair at the DMV, I'm waiting with my 15-1/2 year old son to see what he needs to do to get a learner's permit. With my Supermom powers of detecting danger where none exists, I'm conjuring up exploding gas tanks, road rage and high-speed crashes. I shudder at the picture of my boy in a vehicle going 65 mph. My nickname as a child was "Chicken Little" for my propensity to worry that the sky was falling.

My cell phone bleats. The moment I hear the robotic voice saying "This is an urgent message from the Federal Disaster Medical Response Team," adrenaline pumps through my body. The neurotransmitter fires up my sympathetic nervous system - heart, lungs, blood vessels, bladder, gut and genitalia, Zithromax Tri Pak. Yes, even them, although I'll try to wait until tonight in bed to act on it. Zithromax Tri Pak mexico, The voice continues, "We have been placed on Advisory status for a possible mission as soon as tomorrow. You may respond by doing one of the following:

1. I will review the website information and update my availability soon. Zithromax Tri Pak, 2. I am not available to deploy or assist with a mission for the next few weeks."

I'm always ready to go. The team consists of a bunch of crazed medical professionals who combine cynicism and compassion, often in the same sentence. I would trust them with my life; in fact, I have. Yes, I'll go.

More than that though, it's the survivors, raw and real, who touch me, Zithromax Tri Pak. They've been through brutal, 50mg Zithromax Tri Pak, life-shattering events; I see their pain, their resilience, and the very depths of who they are. I have perceived terror, rage, gut-wrenching loss, and amazing spirit in survivors. Villages, homes and families destroyed in a nanosecond - the tsunami, Hurricane Katrina; life is fragile and precious. Zithromax Tri Pak australia, We're small, and nature's big. Zithromax Tri Pak, As a disaster mental health worker, I go to bear witness; I hold them and their stories. I am humbled, powerless to do any more. Of course I'll

I will admit, too, that the prospect of avoiding up to two weeks of math homework with my son compels me to say yes, yes, yes, count me in. I hit "1".

Yet, Zithromax Tri Pak coupon, this notification is odd; always before, we've been told where we were going. I can't access the team website from the DMV, so I call my husband and beg him to do a Google News search, Zithromax Tri Pak. He says, "I hate to disappoint you, but nothing's happening - no tornadoes, tsunamis, floods, fires, or terrorist attacks. Sorry, Zithromax Tri Pak uk, sweetheart."

I'm drumming my fingers and tapping my feet; the purgatory of the DMV is eternal. Finally, the clerk calls us, elucidating the process my son must follow to be licensed. I bolt out and race home, speeding, distracted, setting a very bad example for my soon-to-be-driving boy. Zithromax Tri Pak, Jamming my key into the door, I throw my purse down and power up the computer. I chant, "come on, come on" as it slowly awakens. I pound in my password and get into the members page of the team website, 100mg Zithromax Tri Pak. Mystery solved - we are activated for "Operation Burnt Frost, a Space Object Re-Entry Mission." Chicken Little was right, the sky is falling. "A US spy now nearing the point of re-entering the atmosphere. The satellite carries hydrazine as a fuel source."

Hydrazine, Zithromax Tri Pak. What's that. "Hydrazine is a toxic substance with varying health effects...inhalation can cause respiratory tract irritation, seizures and other CNS effects, and death in larger doses. In addition to the hydrazine, there is a very remote possibility of trauma from being struck by falling debris." Falling debris. 30mg Zithromax Tri Pak, The speed of the satellite is 27,000 mph. Zithromax Tri Pak, The only intervention for that kind of trauma is to call DMORT, the Disaster Morticians.

I pull out my huge, black duffle bag and rifle through my gear. I could probably charge my cell phone, iPod, and camera with the electricity surging through me, but I plug everything in to be sure, making a note to remember to pack the chargers. I gas up the car; last time I forgot.

The moon is in total eclipse tonight; the red light eerie. The news is terrible, with lots of name calling - "renegade," "rogue" and "derelict." I'm tempted to offer a bullying seminar - "Words can hurt." There's no mention of all the other spy satellites that have tumbled down, no mention that government officials said, only two weeks ago, "A disabled U.S, Zithromax Tri Pak. spy satellite is likely to break into small pieces when it falls to Earth within weeks, Zithromax Tri Pak paypal, posing little danger to humans." Personally, I'm rooting for the rogue.

CNN reports a direct hit at 7:26 p.m.; now the terms are "Herculean," "heroic" and they're bragging that they only had a four-second window of opportunity to fire the missile. They nailed it. The Department of Defense said it wouldn't know for 24 hours whether the fuel tank had been hit or not. Zithromax Tri Pak, Sleep eludes me; still I buzz with excitement. I clutch my cellphone in my hand; when we were deployed for the San Diego wildfires, the call came at 4:00 a.m. First thing in the morning I check the team website and CNN, even before the coffee is made. 200mg Zithromax Tri Pak, Nothing has changed, so I get my son off to school, and I go to work.

At 11:00 a.m., we get the news: "We have been stood down from advisory status for the satellite re-entry; fuel tank destruction has been confirmed."

While relieved no one has been hurt, I'm disappointed; I wanted to go. With a sigh, I turn to my client who is, like me, a suburban, menopausal woman, Zithromax Tri Pak. I bear witness to her pain, her struggles, and the emptiness in her life. I'm heartened as she descends to the core of her psyche; together we grieve her losses and celebrate her resilience, her amazing spirit. I see anew that we fall and then, Zithromax Tri Pak craiglist, we fly.

When Kate Amatruda, MFT, CST-T, BCETS, EMT, DMAT, DSHR-DMH is not responding to disasters, seeing clients, or doing math homework with her son, she's scrying for an agent for her novel, a salsa version of Pride and Prejudice with a gender twist..

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Lumigan Application Procedure

Lumigan Application Procedure, Wendy Merrill's March/April column, "How Chasing Mr. Wrong Led to Mr, 30mg Lumigan Application Procedure. Lumigan Application Procedure ebay, Write," is still front and center at Roadwork on the Left Coast Writers site - - but you've already read it, Lumigan Application Procedure overseas, Lumigan Application Procedure japan, right. Now, Lumigan Application Procedure craiglist, 150mg Lumigan Application Procedure, if you haven't submitted something to Roadwork yet yourself, what are you waiting for, 40mg Lumigan Application Procedure. 750mg Lumigan Application Procedure, Contact Pat to submit your story or to pitch an idea. you ready for Roadwork, Lumigan Application Procedure canada. Lumigan Application Procedure us, Roadwork is the on-line column about travel, writing and the writer's life. All members of Left Coast Writers are welcome to submit an essay of 800 to 1000 words to editor Pat Bracewell at for on-line publication. A new Roadwork column is posted on our website every other month.

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Synthroid And Stomach Acid

Synthroid And Stomach Acid, © 2008 by Wendy Merrill

The reason I attended the Maui Writers Conference that year was not because I'd dutifully saved my money, planned ahead, and was finally ready to put myself out there after years of hiding behind my fear of being rejected in a noble effort to publish my yet-to-be-written memoir. No, the real reason I decided to attend the conference that year was simply because I was chasing yet another good-looking-commitment-phobic-he's-just-not-that-into-me man/boy with mother issues with whom I'd had a brief affair while on vacation in Maui, and I wanted to appear to have a legitimate reason to return to the scene of the crime.

I'd known about the Maui Writers Conference for years, but always had a good reason not to go. Like I wasn't ready to show my work to anyone, or I felt too fat to wear a bikini, or God forbid I might actually have to write something if I attended a writers conference, or nobody likes me everybody hates me I think I'm going to eat a worm, and so on, 150mg Synthroid And Stomach Acid. But upon returning home from my vacation fling, before I'd even unpacked my suntan lotion, I sat down at my computer and registered for the upcoming conference. (Apparently lust trumped fear.)

Clearly I was a glutton for punishment, but after all, the title of my memoir was Falling into Manholes, so this rerun could be considered fieldwork, right. Perhaps my travels to distant shores to date unavailable men would be tax deductible, I reasoned (or rational-lie-zed), and made a note to ask my accountant, Synthroid And Stomach Acid. 50mg Synthroid And Stomach Acid, Okay, so my motives for attending the conference were a little skewed, but it's not like I was completely unprepared. In the previous eighteen months I'd published two personal essays in small press anthologies, crafted a pretty good book proposal, and scored a literary agent. So, when Labor Day weekend rolled around, I packed a bikini and my worst intentions, and off I went, Synthroid And Stomach Acid uk.

Upon my arrival, instead of focusing on the conference, I was preoccupied with checking for messages from Cliff. Synthroid And Stomach Acid, We'd planned to meet several days later, but I couldn't imagine why he didn't want to rush to my side. To pass the time until our rendezvous, (or more specifically to keep myself occupied while waiting to be dumped), I wandered around the conference until I stumbled across a giant banner that said, "Jay Leno's Pitch to America." A line of would-be-authors were waiting to pitch their story ideas to the cameras in the hopes that they would be one of the few selected to be aired on the Jay Leno show. I'd never pitched my story out loud, Synthroid And Stomach Acid canada, and the prospect of doing so for the first time in front of a giant camera was horrifying, but I was looking for distractions, and this fit the bill. Terrifying and potentially humiliating, it sounded like the perfect dating substitute.

When it was my turn, I stood trembling at the microphone and blurted out, "Falling into Manholes is a funny, insightful book about how I learned to take the "me" out of men." OMG, I thought, Synthroid And Stomach Acid coupon, did I say that out loud. I was feeling as though the only way this whole experience could be worse was if I were naked, when the male producer asked, "Can you give us an example?"

I froze, Synthroid And Stomach Acid. I hadn't written the book yet and wasn't prepared with a glib answer. Before I could stop myself I enquired, "Can I say blowjob on national television?"

Naturally, the producer said, "Sure!" so I proceeded to tell a story about "Brad," that involved "presidential sex" and Christmas shopping, before slinking away, Synthroid And Stomach Acid uk, determined to go into denial about what I'd just done. They won't pick me anyway, I thought, proceeding to my next humiliation stop: pitching my story to the Editor in Chief of Putnam, Neil Nyren.

Sitting across a little table from Neil, I was nervous. Synthroid And Stomach Acid, He looked serious, deadpan and bookish - not at all the type of person that I'd envisioned might be interested in my memoir, but I plunged ahead. Anything was better then obsessing about Cliff.

"I don't think this is really your kind of book," I began, Synthroid And Stomach Acid ebay, "but you're the biggest publisher here, and you've been around forever and know everyone, so I'd very much appreciate your feedback on my little project."

At this point I lowered my face into my hands, as though to collect myself, and as I jerked my head back up, like an actress hurling herself into character, I launched into my schpeel.

"Falling into Manholes is a collection of coming-of-middle-age stories about looking for love in all the wrong places - food, 30mg Synthroid And Stomach Acid, alcohol, drugs, men - and finding it, in yourself." (The finding it in myself part was not quite true yet, but I was optimistic that my book would eventually have a happy ending - and not the massage parlor kind). I talked for a couple more minutes, during which time Neil maintained his poker face, but after I finished, he told me he liked my idea, and asked me to send him the essays I'd had published, Synthroid And Stomach Acid us. As I took his card and rushed back to my room to email him the essays, I started getting excited about something I couldn't have articulated at the time, Synthroid And Stomach Acid. Something that felt like hope.

Two days after Neil returned to New York, he emailed that he loved my essays, and requested my book proposal. Several days later he told me that one of his women editors read my proposal and came into his office demanding that he "Buy this book right now so Wendy will move to Manhattan and be my new best friend!" That comment alone would have won my heart, but in the end Putnam paid me to write my story. Cliff may not have wanted me, but Neil did, 150mg Synthroid And Stomach Acid, and so did Jay Leno (I was "bleep job" girl on Pitch to America). Synthroid And Stomach Acid, And so it was that chasing Mr. Wrong led me to Mr. Write.wendysalon_2_.jpg

And as for the book, well, my relationship with my book had only just begun. Now all I needed to do was write my way towards that happy ending.

Wendy Merrill's memoir, Falling into Manholes: The Memoir of a Bad/Good Girl, will be released March 27, 2008. Check out for details and events..

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Diflucan Antifungal

Diflucan Antifungal, © 2007 by Joanna Biggar

They called us the 'Thelma and Louise' of journalism. But when we first set out in 1993, doing America for our Washington-based wire service, we weren't quite up to the part. Though she took to calling me Thelma and I took to calling her Louise, we were really just plain Ann and plain Joanna, unarmed, harmless and quite unlikely to kill.Roadkill.jpg

That was then. Soon enough we were ready to kill— each other. It wasn't just that I am tall but she is taller, Diflucan Antifungal ebay, that I was on my way to becoming bi-coastal, while she was already seriously bi-polar (as likely to be found in the North or South Pole as North or South Carolina). And it wasn't just that her sporty little red Acura said "Forty and divorced" while my beaten-up red wagon said, "Divorced with kids." It wasn't even, strictly speaking, that she is a Carolina mountain girl who believes the basic food groups are caffeine, nicotine and bourbon and that driving into dawn is fun, while I am your basic Californian, believing in beaches, wine, a.m, Diflucan Antifungal. beauty rest and that a bare-bones room includes a spa. What nearly drove us to homicide was that she is a photographer, chasing the light, and I am a writer, chasing the word.

There were many lessons to be learned. 150mg Diflucan Antifungal, They flattened us so often, we came to call them roadkill. Diflucan Antifungal, Then the definition expanded. It grew to mean not only what we found, but what we did, what we ate, what we became - and on bad days, what we looked like.

Roadkill is a disorienting concept. Sometimes it encompasses the simple need for geographic realignment, such as when we looked up to see we were at the corner of Baghdad and Grapefruit, Diflucan Antifungal us, moving right along toward the intersection of Deglet Noor and Bliss. Our impulse was to cry out: "Where the hell IS this, and what are DOING here?" The answer to the first part — the reality check — we could get from a quick glance at the map. The second, but tougher, question, had an unfailing answer, Diflucan Antifungal. We were doing what we were always doing, getting the story.

That simple act frequently required major effort just to avoid going astray.

Because of time and budget constraints, we often practiced what Ann dubbed "drive-by shooting, Diflucan Antifungal paypal, " praying that light and necessary interviews would magically line up like a perfect page layout so we could get in and out of one place and on to the next.

But for the most part, not going astray meant in the most basic way doing whatever it took to get to the story. Diflucan Antifungal, Hence we trashed cars by driving them into the mud and sand, turning interiors into the middle-aged equivalent of a girls' dorm. We also hitched rides — in pick-ups, rowboats, an ill-fated tuna trawler, and a canoe that carried us through a reptile-infested swamp. Once, pursuing wild horses across the open plains, we rode stylishly in the back of a flatbed truck outfitted with plush leather seats lifted from a Cadillac, 100mg Diflucan Antifungal.

Sometimes, driving through America's potholes, with the wind and the weather, or the strange yellow light of a tornado on the horizon, Rush on the radio, Ann smoking furiously and me Coughing with Meaning, we got down to bedrock soul-searching. Like the timeless question from that old Ladies Home Journal column: "Can this marriage be saved?"
Meaning, 100mg Diflucan Antifungal, of course, beyond the California Yankee and Carolina Belle trying out friendship, the working marriage between writer and photographer trying to create the story.

In both instances, the answer was already a given, Diflucan Antifungal. It was, even on that very first trip down the California coast, when we were about to trash our very first car loaded with essentials: my stuff — old blue suitcase, road maps, sunscreen, towels, notebooks, Diflucan Antifungal australia, laptop; her stuff — duffel bag, one black cosmetic kit including hair conditioner that promises to make your hair carry on even if your brain goes dead, contact lenses, a bunch of cameras, and about 350,038 rolls of film, though I may have miscounted. (I should have gotten the hint when I visited her Capitol Hill apartment once, Diflucan Antifungal usa, and she offered me a refreshment, then opened the fridge to the appalling sight of a bottle of bourbon and about 1 millions rolls of film).

But it was in my car that she started in with these annoying questions, such as: what were the tires like and did I have gas and had I had the oil changed in the last hundred years. Then she said in her kind of off-hand way, "Oh, hell, darlin', I'm sure you've got it all together. Diflucan Antifungal, Even the emergency tools."

"You mean like this?" I said, pulling out the corkscrew I always keep on the driver's side just in case. Then I hit the accelerator, Diflucan Antifungal us, lurching off to find stories for America' s senior citizens. And she hit the country music station, pronouncing for the first time in our recorded history: "OK, kiddo, we can do this. "

Joanna Biggar lives in Oakland and is a teacher, writer, and traveler whose special places of the heart include the California coast and the South of France. Diflucan Antifungal japan, A professional writer for more than 25 years, her poetry, fiction, personal essays, feature, news and travel articles have appeared in hundreds of publications. .

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Diflucan Canesoral Review

Diflucan Canesoral Review, In June of this year Writers Workshops International organizers, Barbara Euser and Connie Burke took yet another group of writers out on an amazing travel writing adventure. This time the participants journeyed through County Cork, Ireland. Writers Linda Watanabe McFerrin and Joanna Biggar directed workshops in between the far-ranging peregrinations. This, again, is some serious "Roadwork." The anthology containing all of their stories will be out in December, Diflucan Canesoral Review coupon, distributed nationally by Travelers' Tales. Meanwhile here are some excerpts from a few of their delightful stories...

Ann Ure
Fritz wasn't the best-looking guy in the seaside village of Myrtleville, but he was the first one I met. He gazed at us from the lawn of the Bellevue B&B as we pulled up, Diflucan Canesoral Review. Friendly yet cautious, he approached and greeted our group of writers in a rather perfunctory manner. He avoided making direct eye contact with me, though it was obvious that he sized up each one of us before returning to his post at the edge of the lawn beside the inn's lovely dining veranda.

Fritz wore his reddish brown hair short, Diflucan Canesoral Review canada. Relatively young, there were telltale flecks of white in his eyelashes and beard indicating that he'd been around the block a few times. Diflucan Canesoral Review, He also appeared to be a bit scraggly, but in that way that the Irish can work unkempt to their advantage. Despite his stern demeanor and rather short stature, I immediately found him attractive.

"What's his story?" I asked Benny and Gaby Neff, the husband and wife proprietors of this charming County Cork inn. 500mg Diflucan Canesoral Review, Benny was the first to answer, and he did so with a sigh and a shake of his head.

"That's Fritz," he said. "He's from Crosshaven, about two miles down the road, Diflucan Canesoral Review. He hangs about more than we like, but he's okay."mj.jpg

I didn't understand, and continued my probe. "You say he hangs about your property?"

"Yes, Diflucan Canesoral Review mexico. He's in love with our Daisy," Benny replied, "but she's not the least bit interested in him. I guess he's not her type."

"What's Daisy's type?" I asked, my curiosity having been tweaked. Diflucan Canesoral Review, "The big guys," Benny confided, "Labrador retrievers, mostly."

Photo by Mary Jean Pramik

Doreen WoodBuckley__s_Pub.jpg
The fabled conviviality of Irish pubs was about to become a reality for me on that bone-wet night in Myrtleville, County Cork, Ireland. Several years ago I'd had a great personal loss followed by many lonely nights and I'd longed for gatherings around a big round kitchen table. Diflucan Canesoral Review ebay, Now, bright blue eyes stared at me as I pushed open the rough-hewn door of the Pine Lodge pub. I was cold and the luminescent swinging "Murphy" sign had beckoned me as I'd abruptly left my walking companions. I must have been a sight, with my wind-blown platinum hair and my cheeks freshly pinked atop my shimmering ruby red raincoat. Fifteen men looked at me as if I were a phenomenon they were going to thoroughly enjoy, Diflucan Canesoral Review.

"Well, well, come in, 20mg Diflucan Canesoral Review," called the red-haired man perched on the bar stool nearest the doorway. "Sit down."

I didn't yet know that any unfamiliar face in this neighborhood would be looked at with concerted interest, or as I came to call it, gleeful scrutiny.

Photo by Connie Burke

Gail Strickland
That is the first time I hear Cobh described as The Holy Ground, but after he explains it to me, 40mg Diflucan Canesoral Review, I hear it everywhere. I find an old sea chanty in an Irish folk song book called "The Holy Ground." When I ask Michael, our taxi driver, about Cobh, "Oh, the Holy Ground," is his answer, a response I will hear time and again, Diflucan Canesoral Review paypal. Everyone I ask about Cobh Diflucan Canesoral Review, gives me the same answer, and they never utter the words without going deep within to a pool that is their past and their hope for the return of loved ones - loved ones who seldom returned home.The_Cobh.jpg Each inward gaze, disconnected from whatever liveliness surrounds them - a pub, taxi, restaurant - is like an empty chair left waiting at their kitchen table.

A few days later on the bus touring southern Ireland, I talk with Sister Eily, and begin to fully understand how those departed never faded to mere memory. Sister Eily is a feisty, red-haired Irish Catholic nun. She sits in front of me and tells stories about her family, 200mg Diflucan Canesoral Review, whispering her last story to me, a memory of the final days with her aging mother. There were tears in her mother's eyes, as she lay in bed resting, and Sister Eily asked her mother if she was uncomfortable or needed something.

"No," her mother answered in a voice frayed and worn, Diflucan Canesoral Review. "I'm thinking of the day Gulann (her younger sister) went to go to Cobh and I made her that gray coat."

Photo by Connie Burke

Mary Jean Pramik
The open frame bodhran sets the heartbeat of Irish music. A large circle of wood, capped at one end by a smooth sheath of sheepskin, Diflucan Canesoral Review overseas, the drummer cradles the bodhran under his or her arm and hugs it tight against the body while sensually massaging the taut skin from the inside. With the other hand, the musician twiddles the double-headed beater or tipper against the outside surface.Bodhran.jpg

A skilled bodhran player is a prized find for traditional Irish music groups. This frame drum is an exciting instrument in the right hands, layering a subtle sound to Irish folk music. To the untrained ear, the bodhran appears to be an easy path into a band and free pub ale. Not so, since the bodhran player works to match the tune and the melody.

One of Josef's music teachers explained it: "The drummer does not keep the rhythm. The drummer paints, he fills in the spaces of absence."

Photo by Connie Burke

For more information about Writers Workshops International and upcoming travel/writing opportunities, write to:

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Wellbutrin And Prozac


© 2007 by Nicole Clausing

Wellbutrin And Prozac, Working at home means I see what goes on around the block during working hours. The woman who lives across the street may wonder what Buddy, her white terrier, does all day alone while she's at work, but I know. (A lot of standing on the couch, making nose prints on the window, and barking at people walking by.)

Home during daylight hours, 10mg Wellbutrin And Prozac, I see things my commuting neighbors never know about. I see the stay-at-home dad buckling his toddler son into his car seat for outings. I see the Asian couple with their conical hats going through the recycling bins. On nice summer days I see the man a few doors down pull his BMW out of the garage and park it on the street, Wellbutrin And Prozac. He'll tinker with it for several hours while listening to the Giants on the radio. He always knocks off in the late afternoon, opening up the parking space to the first of the nine-to-fivers returning home.

I see all these things, the pets acting out, the immigrants smelting a living from our refuse, and the comings and goings of people who, 750mg Wellbutrin And Prozac, like me, don't seem to have anywhere else they really need to be during the day. I see all these activities, and I follow them, because the sometimes banal, sometimes eccentric pastimes of my neighbors fill a niche I might otherwise be stuffing with daytime television.

One day in late January, 30mg Wellbutrin And Prozac, though, was a little different.

Wellbutrin And Prozac, "There's been an accident with one of your neighbors," the officer told me.

I wasn't exactly surprised—in Oakland, you don't glance out the window to find multiple police cars on your street unless something is very wrong. There had been three cars that I could see, one parked hurriedly at a skewed angle, partially blocking the street. A blond woman was standing on the sidewalk, talking to one of the officers, Wellbutrin And Prozac india. From my third-floor nook, I couldn't hear what she was saying, but I could see she was in tears. She motioned for the man to follow her up a short flight of stone stairs into a courtyard, Wellbutrin And Prozac. Halfway up, she suddenly dropped to a crouch and took her head in her hands. In a moment, the spasm of grief passed, 150mg Wellbutrin And Prozac, and she and the policeman continued up the stairs and out of my sight.

The officer in blue hesitated a moment after informing me of the accident. I hesitated, too, uncertain whether or not I had the right to ask what kind of accident required the services of seven police cars—the three parked on my street, plus four more I'd just discovered around the corner. Wellbutrin And Prozac, An empty, idle ambulance stood by as well.

We both stood there in awkward silence, and it was then I realized that silence was another oddity. Shouldn't seven police cars and an ambulance make some noise, 1000mg Wellbutrin And Prozac. I hadn't heard a single siren all morning. What kind of accident requires such a huge emergency response but no sense of urgency. My sense of dread mounted, Wellbutrin And Prozac. I shuffled my feet uncomfortably. The officer was dressed so smartly, and I was wearing sweats and the wild hair I'd slept in. I almost hadn't come out to talk to her at all, embarrassed by my disheveled appearance and the fact that if she asked what I'd been up to that morning, 50mg Wellbutrin And Prozac, I couldn't really say.

It was the officer who spoke first. Wellbutrin And Prozac, "Actually, your neighbor seems to have taken his own life."

I gasped. "That's horrible," was all I could think to say. "Yes," she said, "It is." She gave me a sad smile and put a hand on my shoulder. Had she done this for the crying woman, too, Wellbutrin And Prozac craiglist. I wondered how she could stay in touch with her compassion in her line of work without burning out. She must have to preside over "accident" scenes all the time, Wellbutrin And Prozac. "You might not want to go down that street," she suggested, gesturing toward the ambulance and the knot of uniformed men and women milling around it.

Was it a gory scene. I don't know—I took her advice and didn't venture around the corner until much later in the day. By that time the police had gone, 250mg Wellbutrin And Prozac, as well as the ambulance. Wellbutrin And Prozac, If there had been a coroner's van, I'd missed it. The tearful blond was nowhere to be seen, either. I expected yellow caution tape, but didn't find any. The normalcy was eerie.

It was dusk. Soon, my other neighbors would start straggling home, reclaiming their street parking and greeting their pets without ever knowing that Buddy had spent the morning exchanging barks with a K-9 Unit German Shepherd, Wellbutrin And Prozac uk, or that the last car in their parking place was black and white with flashing lights. They would start dinner, crack beers, and check phone messages as if it were a normal evening, Wellbutrin And Prozac. And for them, it would be. They would have no idea that death had swept through Eastlake that morning like a tornado, cutting a swathe of destruction through one building, and leaving the rest of the street as untouched as the Emerald City.

Nicole Clausing is a freelance writer based in Oakland, California. Her writing has been published in The Christian Science Monitor, Going Places Magazine, and on the web site. Her award-winning essay, "A Tale of Two Turkeys" will appear in "Best Women's Travel Writing 2007."


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Zithromax And Side Affects

Zithromax And Side Affects, For a short spell in April of this year a small group of Left Coast Writers became part of the world that inspired Tennessee Williams, Eudora Welty, William Faulkner and Harper Lee. Their hosts, Martha Greenway and Mary Brent Cantarutti, both South Carolina natives, invited them to visit the rural South and write about it—definitely "Roadwork" as we see it. Here is a collection of excerpts from works-in-progress.
— Linda Watanabe McFerrin

Ann Ure
God only knows what they thought when they saw us coming. There were five of them. Five country boys with farmers' tans dressed in worn t-shirts that advertised whiskey and motorcycles, Zithromax And Side Affects. Zithromax And Side Affects mexico, They wore Wrangler jeans—the kind that George Jones wears. Smokes protruded from their back pockets. They wore baseball caps too, and work boots. Each had driven there to meet us in his truck, each truck towing a small boat, not much bigger than a canoe, and fitted with an outboard motor.We looked like ladies from another time and place—possibly from another planet. Zithromax And Side Affects, Since most of us were from California, we might as well have been from some other planet—or Disneyland, a place that most good old boys would not have visited because it was in California.

There were eight of us: eight ladies who didn't know what we were getting into, Zithromax And Side Affects us, so we had prepared ourselves for the worst. We were dressed in long-sleeved shirts, full length pants. We wore wide-brimmed hats to ward off the sun. Evelyn's was huge and had a yard of fine netting that draped around her face. She looked like a beekeeper, Zithromax And Side Affects. A couple of us wore scarves around our necks to protect them too. From what. 750mg Zithromax And Side Affects, We didn't know.

When we arrived at our meeting point we slathered on the sunscreen. Zithromax And Side Affects, And then we applied mosquito repellent. Lots of it. Less is not more when it comes to mosquito repellent. As a final step, before approaching our young, country guides, we placed Jackie O. sunglasses underneath our hats and above our scarves to protect our oh-so-sensitive eye areas from any kind of assault, 1000mg Zithromax And Side Affects. Then, as ready as we'd ever be, we departed the parking lot and toddled towards our destiny, Zithromax And Side Affects.

They sized us up quietly and dutifully dressed us in life preservers. We gingerly stepped into the waiting boats, tucked our purses, cameras, binoculars and journals between our knees, took deep breaths and one last lingering look at the shore, then pronounced ourselves ready to enter South Carolina's Sparkleberry Swamp. 500mg Zithromax And Side Affects, Anne Woods
There's only one way to skin a chicken, but in the South there are thousands of ways to prepare grits. One cup coarsely ground corn meal—yellow or white—to four cups liquid is the basic recipe. Zithromax And Side Affects, Everyone seems to have his or her own way. However they are prepared, Southern grits are smooth as a South Carolina accent. Smooth as the accent that explains how grandmother taught her daughter and her daughter taught her daughter that grits are best made with chicken stock instead of just water. That the liquid should be brought to a rolling boil and the pot taken off the burner just as the grits are added. That they should be left to plump and soften in the residual heat. That a grating of cheese into the pot just before serving never hurt anyone, Zithromax And Side Affects. That the perfect grits begin not in the kitchen, 200mg Zithromax And Side Affects, but at the mill—preferably a stone grist mill because it keeps the temperature of the corn lower than any other milling process and results in a more flavorful meal. Yes, at the mill, that's where good grits begin.

Colleen McFerrin
As we turned up a narrow channel I finally saw it: a very round, brown, dappled creature, 10mg Zithromax And Side Affects, almost the color of the branch, coiled around one of the tree limbs. It was a poisonous cottonmouth snake. Zithromax And Side Affects, I had started out on a perfect spring day at high noon, on a jewel of a waterway, known as Sparkleberry Swamp in South Carolina, south of Sumter near the town of Pinewood. Named for the Sparkleberry bush that grows throughout the area, Sparkleberry Swamp is also know as Upper Santee Swamp. It's part of the Santee Cooper Lake System comprised of Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie. The South Carolina Public Service Authority created these lakes between 1939 and 1942 as a hydroelectric project.

On this particular afternoon the bright light was harsh. It pierced through the lacy canopy of tupelo, ash and giant bald cypress, their great trunks submerged below the liquid surface, and reflected against the water in the midday sun, Zithromax And Side Affects. Just staring at where the dark shade met the light was hypnotizing, Zithromax And Side Affects overseas. My eyes wanted to hold on to the cool, dark shade, but were forced into the light as the boat maneuvered through the trees. Over and over my eyes held ... and then released. Zithromax And Side Affects, It was then that I realized I could get lost in the swamp. Not just turned around. There were no identifiable bright orange markers or bold, Zithromax And Side Affects coupon, arrowed signs pointing out the watery path. The order of the swamp is random, disorienting. Time slows down. Familiar sounds are replaced with wild quiet, and the light plays with your eyes, Zithromax And Side Affects.

Marianne Betterly-Kohn
Ghost veils

Spanish moss drips
from oak and elm,
hangs like gray veils
on a ghost bride.

Wind moans
through the branches
while they cry.

Some say spirits
live in trees.

I think the moss
young brides
who lost their lives
before their innocence, Zithromax And Side Affects paypal,
like the orange blossom bride
buried in her wedding dress

The gray moss
wraps each tree in a web
but unlike a victim,
the tree welcomes its invader
and wears the long, tangled threads,
as if floating down the aisle,
while Carolina breezes swirl
its ancient silks,
antebellum lace.

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Purchase Diflucan

© 2007 by Elizabeth Weaver

  • Do pregnant whales get morning sickness?

  • How do you protect yourself from writing scams?

  • Androgynous hermaphrodite pronoun?

  • Useful websites for writers?

Purchase Diflucan, These are some of the thousands of questions asked and answered by fellow writers on NaNoWriMo forums. While NaNoWriMo may sound like a tiny rhinoceros, it's actually short for National Novel Writing Month, which happens each November through

I'm all over the place as a writer: poetry, short stories, children's fantasy and picture books, essays, Purchase Diflucan ebay, plays, novels—several novels, each a decade in the works. And since poetry is my foundation as a writer, I choose each word and comma with a surgeon's precision, a meticulous and exceedingly slow process. 40mg Purchase Diflucan, While ideas strike with the frequency of summer lightning in the Canadian Rockies, their manifestation is more like tracking the exact moments and influences that shifted the genetic code from protozoa to bald eagles.

However, NaNoWriMo offers an opportunity to approach writing like a drunk skunk weaving its way through manzanita and spraying at every twig snap, Purchase Diflucan. The goal in joining NaNoWriMo is to produce at least 50,000 words in November, an average of six and a half pages each day. There's no cost. Just log in and participate in whatever way feeds you as a writer.

I learned about it four days before its start and viewed this as an opportunity to complete the second half of the novel I'd been working on for the past year, 200mg Purchase Diflucan. Purchase Diflucan, However, one of the rules is to begin a new piece of writing. At first I reasoned that new is new; however, the website explains that writers are too attached to plots and characters already in process for this focused period to do its magic. While the site encourages writers to outline in advance, the first word of one's novel does not touch paper until November 1. It made sense and, of course, Purchase Diflucan canada, lightning struck immediately so on the first of November I began writing a novel that I hadn't even imagined four days earlier.

NaNoWriMo's site provides fantastic forums that enable writers to network so they can ask others for specific information regarding obscure historical periods or grammatical rules, or play games to relax from the task of generating 1,700 words a day, or discuss the balancing act of jobs and children during this highly productive month. Even though the organizers refer to how tiring this process is, I was undaunted, Purchase Diflucan. I'm a writer. I write almost every day and have since I was twelve so I was in it to see what neural connections would shift and develop in a month of releasing my editorial eye in favor of the fun of zipping down the ski slope of who-the-hell-knows-what-I'm-writing-as-long-as-it-totals-at-least-fifty-thousand-words.

Of course I made my 50, 50mg Purchase Diflucan,000, but it was exhausting, and also exhilarating, demanding, and one of the best things I could have done. It enabled me to find ways to generate work more quickly. Purchase Diflucan, More importantly, I found that remaining focused on one project deepened my writing. 10mg Purchase Diflucan, For example, my character is obsessed with bones so I read everything I could on bones and observed bone connections everywhere—it didn't hurt that Halloween and Day of the Dead were at the beginning of NaNoWriMo—and metaphors arose that normally wouldn't have because I was so immersed in osteology. I discovered the benefit of having a unifying theme/obsession in a novel-length work and of really digging in at the beginning of that first draft.

NaNoWriMo brings together an international network of people focused on producing the first 175 pages of a new novel. It enables participants to connect with and support one another, cheer each other on, share excerpts if we choose, or simply write in our normal isolation, Purchase Diflucan mexico, perhaps peeking into forums, and finally getting credit for those first 50,000 words that often remain uncelebrated at this stage. NaNoWriMo even enables writers to meet and continue as groups beyond November, by interest or location, Purchase Diflucan. It's a lot like Left Coast Writers, without Izzy's or those great Salons.

If this weren't enough, 20mg Purchase Diflucan, participants receive a signature halo if they donate at least twenty dollars, tax deductible, to defray the cost of running the NaNoWriMo site. Half the money donated beyond 2006 costs will build children's libraries in Vietnam.

And if novels aren't your thing, or if, like me, you work in multiple genres, 1000mg Purchase Diflucan, you may want to consider signing up for Script Frenzy, which will launch June 2007. Purchase Diflucan, Same organizers, new genre. In the spirit of NaNoWriMo, no matter what, just keep writing.

Elizabeth Weaver will read an excerpt from "bonegirl, Purchase Diflucan coupon, " her NaNoWriMo manuscript, at the LCW reading series at the Ferry Building on September 10, 2007. Please come and hear what 1,700 words a day inspired. She'll also be reading poetry April 9 for this same series in celebration of National Poetry Month..

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Clomid Risk Ovarian Cancer

Clomid Risk Ovarian Cancer, Where Gods Walked© 2007 by Patricia Bracewell

It was nearly twilight as I navigated my way on foot down the steep curves of the only street that winds through Positano, Italy. I had arrived by ferry the night before, but had had little chance until this moment to experience Positano itself. Now, having watched from my hotel terrace as the late October sun turned the town's cream colored houses to gold, I had ventured out to see what the place had to offer. The sun had disappeared behind the limestone cliffs that ring the town when I emerged from a stairway into a little piazza. To my surprise I found myself facing a large ceramic plaque proclaiming that John Steinbeck had once lived there, Clomid Risk Ovarian Cancer coupon, and that he had immortalized Positano in an essay that he wrote forHarper's Bazaar in 1953.

Jolted by this appearance of a fellow Californian in a place where I hadn't expected to meet him, I made a mental note to look up the Harper's essay when I returned home, Clomid Risk Ovarian Cancer. As I write this, three weeks post-Positano, my memories of the town still fresh in my mind, I find that Steinbeck's fifty year old assessment of Positano still rings true:

Positano bites deep. It is a dream place that isn't quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone. Clomid Risk Ovarian Cancer us, John Steinbeck.

I spent only a single day in Positano, and I left wishing that I could linger. Clomid Risk Ovarian Cancer, Steinbeck lingered for eight years, turning his writer's eye on everyone he met. His essay is filled with an assortment of town characters: the mayor, the postman, the shoemaker, even the town healer. He throws in a little history and a handful of hilarious anecdotes, 500mg Clomid Risk Ovarian Cancer, and he pinpoints Positano's attraction to writers:

Nothing in the little town is designed to disturb your thoughts provided you have a thought. John Steinbeck

I formed my own thoughts about Positano not in the town itself, but high above it. I had come to Italy on a walking tour, and our Positano itinerary took us to the finger-like limestone cliffs that tower above the Bay of Sorrento. We spent the day on the Sentieri degli Dei, the Path of the Gods, walking through a rolling fog that obscured Positano and its tiny harbor far below, Clomid Risk Ovarian Cancer. Our group of fourteen was guided by a rugged Amalfian named Vincenzo, Clomid Risk Ovarian Cancer craiglist, a man with a passion for the beauty of this coast. Although Vincenzo fretted about the clouds that shrouded the vistas he'd promised us, it seemed to me that the fog imparted an eerie loveliness to our trek. On previous days we'd hiked in the sun past the farms and lemon groves of Sorrento and Capri, our passage punctuated by barking dogs, crowing roosters or bleating sheep. But on this day we walked in near silence, the fog cupping us like a gloved hand, Clomid Risk Ovarian Cancer canada. Clomid Risk Ovarian Cancer, Trickling water blackened the walls of fissures that gaped in the limestone rocks. Cypresses rose through swirling mist like dark sword blades. It was impossible to walk through this landscape and not think about the ancient past of this place and of the people who'd walked these hills over the centuries – peasants, soldiers, perhaps even emperors. I pondered the name, Sentieri degli Dei, Clomid Risk Ovarian Cancer overseas, and wondered if the ancient inhabitants of Positano believed that the gods themselves walked here. It certainly had a hushed, otherworldly feel to it.

We met few other hikers this late in the season, but one local fellow, walking purposefully towards town with a bag clutched to his side, paused when our guide addressed him, Clomid Risk Ovarian Cancer. After a brief exchange the man agreed to show us what he had found in some secret dell far off the path. Furtively, as if he feared we might snatch away his treasure, he opened his bag and gave us a quick glimpse of an enormous porcini mushroom. Highly prized by mushroom lovers, Clomid Risk Ovarian Cancer paypal, the porcini has been called one of God's great gifts to humanity. I began to wonder if the name of this trail might have less to do with the ancient gods and more to do with its proximity to porcinis. Clomid Risk Ovarian Cancer, Further on we rounded a ridge and saw the centerpiece of our walk, Monte Pertuso. It means "hole" Vincenzo explained, and sure enough, there is a huge hole in the center of the cliff. It looked to me as if an angry giant had thrust his fist through it. 20mg Clomid Risk Ovarian Cancer, Local legend offers an even more dramatic explanation: the Madonna, in a contest with the Devil, made the hole by simply touching the rock with her hand.

Returning to Positano, we climbed down stairways clinging to houses that seemed to be piled on top of each other. Steinbeck's description of the town is still apt:

Its houses climb a hill so steep it would be a cliff except that stairs are cut in it, Clomid Risk Ovarian Cancer. John Steinbeck

He predicted that Positano's inaccessibility would keep the tourists at bay, but he was only half right. The tourists come all summer long, 250mg Clomid Risk Ovarian Cancer. Ferries deposit them at the foot of the town and tour buses disgorge them along the coast road high, high above it. From both directions they tackle the steep passageways to browse in shops that sell clothes, jewelry, pottery and art. Clomid Risk Ovarian Cancer, The tourists don't stay, though. They continue on to Amalfi or Sorrento. 100mg Clomid Risk Ovarian Cancer, Perhaps, like me, they wish that they could linger. I wonder how many of them notice Steinbeck's plaque and, upon returning home, track down his essay. For me, it was like bumping into an old friend in an unexpected setting, and discovering in his words the same sense of timelessness that I'd felt in Positano.

Roadwork Editor and Oakland writer Patricia Bracewell has written non-fiction for Skirt Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle and American Baby.

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Zithromax Rocephin Difulcan Vaginitis

Zithromax Rocephin Difulcan Vaginitis, Discovering the Heart of Copper Canyon

A lone Tarahumara woman sits in the shade of the trees on the edge of the cliff above our hotel. I watch her from the hotel terrace about a hundred yards below. I can tell who she is from the bright pink skirt, yellow print blouse and the green scarf that frames her dark hair and skin. She sits quietly after a long day of weaving baskets and dealing with tourists - a difficult transition for a shy tribal woman whose culture is not open or aggressive.

I am traveling with my husband on a guided tour of Canyon del Cobre, known in English as Copper Canyon, 30mg Zithromax Rocephin Difulcan Vaginitis, Mexico. Legend says the name originated from the intense yellow-orange reflecting on the sandstone and shale cliffs, Zithromax Rocephin Difulcan Vaginitis. This relatively unexplored area is located on the western side of Central Mexico in the Sierra de Tarahumara. The western entry point is Los Mochis, a harbor town that services the agricultural valley on the continent side of the Sea of Cortez across from the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula.

A chartered bus had taken us on the paved road from Los Mochis to its end-point at the town of El Fuerte, located at the base of the Canyon. From there, the Chihuahua-Al Pacifico train line is the only way to proceed, 250mg Zithromax Rocephin Difulcan Vaginitis. Zithromax Rocephin Difulcan Vaginitis, The air was heavy and wet as we drove to the train station the next morning under dark skies. From the bus window, we watched children walking to school. Their dark hair and complexions were enhanced by their uniforms: white shirts and black pants and skirts. Backpacks bobbed as they walked. The schools are K-6 and 7-11. Then those who qualify are off to the university, Zithromax Rocephin Difulcan Vaginitis. The rest stay to live and work in this rich agricultural valley. 150mg Zithromax Rocephin Difulcan Vaginitis, The train sped along, climbing out of the valley. Oak, manzanita and madrone trees soon filled the hilly terrain. Our guide, Bryan, pointed out the sesame fields as the train rolled past. Zithromax Rocephin Difulcan Vaginitis, McDonalds buys all of these seeds for its sesame seed buns through a distributions system set up by local food brokers.

We soon reached the section of the track that rises quickly to 4200 feet by snaking back and Chihuahua_al_Pacifico_Line_Temoris_Station.jpgforth over three levels of tracks across and through these cliffs, 500mg Zithromax Rocephin Difulcan Vaginitis, using a system of switchbacks and tunnels that is one of the engineering marvels of the world. As I finished lunch in the dining car, I looked down on Temoris, where the climb began, and watched a waterfall tumble from the side of the cliff.

A few minutes later the train arrived at the San Rafael switching station and stopped to change train crews. Zithromax Rocephin Difulcan Vaginitis canada, Tarahamara_Venders.jpgTarahumara women and their children came to the train windows with their hands full of baskets to sell. One woman had a baby on her back, tied on in bundle fashion with a large blanket, Zithromax Rocephin Difulcan Vaginitis. I noticed the cement block homes of the train crew behind the tracks. Their children, wearing the same uniforms we saw in El Fuerte, were coming home from school.

In another 15 minutes the train arrived at Posada del Barranca, the stop for our hotel. Hotel_del_poasada.jpgWe were now at 7200 feet, Zithromax Rocephin Difulcan Vaginitis uk. Zithromax Rocephin Difulcan Vaginitis, The view from our room balcony was of the jutting canyon walls thickly covered with green vegetation and, about a hundred yards down the cliff face, a cave dwelling of a Tarahumara family. Wooden boards seal off the opening of their cave and provide a front door entrance as well some protection from the elements. I could see the family members walking the trails and doing household chores on the ledge in front of their home. Archeologists theorize that the Tarahumara were contemporaries of the Anasazi, "The Ancient Ones," from the American Southwest.

Bryan led us down one of the rock and dirt trails to the Tarahumara dwelling. He told us it is known only as Cueva del Chino, a name of unknown origins, Zithromax Rocephin Difulcan Vaginitis. 10mg Zithromax Rocephin Difulcan Vaginitis, As we stood beside the family garden of squash, peaches and apricots, he and the patriarch, El Chino, a man of about 60, greeted each other by lightly touching the fingers of their open hands in the accepted manner. Soon El Chino treated us to a demonstration of traditional Tarahumara violin playing using his hand-made instrument.

The families in this group, Zithromax Rocephin Difulcan Vaginitis australia, now about 17 strong, work corn fields and orchards that stretch for miles through the canyon. Their homes, a few under construction, made from wood and cement, thread their way along the ledge of the cliff from the original cave. Zithromax Rocephin Difulcan Vaginitis, Other groups of Tarahumara families live deeper in the canyon, some over 100 miles from the nearest roads. 750mg Zithromax Rocephin Difulcan Vaginitis, They travel the distance by foot over the course of the day on trails that weave through the forests and along the canyon walls. Reflecting on that, I now understand their name for themselves, Raramuri, The People of the Swiftly Running Feet.

The Tarahumara will stay in this canyon as their ancestors have for centuries, adapting to their environment and surviving with their culture intact. We will move on to another valley town in a lower part of the Canyons, 250mg Zithromax Rocephin Difulcan Vaginitis. I know, though, as we reboard the train, that my visions of the deep and verdant canyon walls glistening from the sun and of the Tarahumara people and their enduring way of life will remain with me forever, Zithromax Rocephin Difulcan Vaginitis.


Marsha Black has been traveling and writing about her travels for many years. She is a businesswoman and grandmother with a passion for photography and a great traveler's tale. Her photography is exhibited regularly at Reed's Camera Shop in Walnut Creek and at Brewed Awakening in Berkeley and on her website, She has been published in travel journals and webzines such as International Travel News and American Women Road and Travel.

Copyright © 2006 by Marsha Black. All rights reserved. NNNo part of this article may be copied or reproduced without permission from the author.

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Cycle Length On Clomid

Cycle Length On Clomid, © 1993 Christine Krieg

My story begins with a community of a thousand men and women.  Okay, okay, mostly men and let me tell you, I didn't mind that one bit. We were traversing the east coast of Tassie (that's Aussie slang for Tasmania, that island to the south of Australia that once got left off an official map. Cycle Length On Clomid craiglist, That ought to tell you a thing or two about how isolated some of the folks here might feel.  Who can blame them for doing things their own special way?)

But back to my story.  Where was I. Oh yes, traversing the east coast of Tassie.  Well, this was a truly good bunch of folks.  Their only goal was to enjoy themselves and their beautiful surroundings on two-wheeled transportation.  Now, Cycle Length On Clomid canada, if you cycled for countless hours up and down hills (of which there were MANY), around lakes (and sheep), Cycle Length On Clomid usa, over rivers (and the ubiquitous sheep turd) you might build up quite an appetite by the end of the day.  And we did.  But being Aussies and all, we also built up quite a hunger and longing for a pint or three.  Or four.  Or five.  (Here was living proof of that beer statistic I remember reading before setting out on my Australia adventure.  Aussies consume the most beer per head than any other nation on this planet.)
What does that have to do with the plight of poor Piggy Boo, you ask?  I'm really glad you asked.  Remember the stuff I told you about Tassie getting left off the map?  You know, about people here doing things their own way?  Well, 30mg Cycle Length On Clomid, one afternoon, as we (our cozy group of a thousand riders) pulled into another small town, Cycle Length On Clomid us, instantly tripling their population, we proceeded to fill the nearest pub.  The pub was part of a small farm, nothing unusual in this part of the world.  All the blokes (Aussie speak for guy) started drinking pints of stout, the most potent of beers.  I watched the dark liquid pour like molasses straight down their gullets.  The stout was quite cheap, 30mg Cycle Length On Clomid, a dollar fifty I think.  That's when I noticed the sign up on the wall behind the bar.  It simply read:


Strange, I thought.  Who or what was PIGGY BOO?  And why would they sell stout cheaper for this PIGGY BOO?  Could it be the "Local of the Month"?  My curiosity, Cycle Length On Clomid australia, never something to be held back, soon got the better of me.

"Who's Piggy Boo?" I asked the bartender.

His face had the burnished good looks of someone who spent all day outdoors.  He turned, and his blue twinkles took on a mischievous smile, Cycle Length On Clomid.

"Our pig.  Want one?"

"Your pig drinks stout?"  I forgot to close my mouth, Cycle Length On Clomid us.

"Yeah.  Loves it."

This I had to check out. I tossed a few coins on the counter, 750mg Cycle Length On Clomid, grabbed my brown bottle of molasses and made my way to the door.  A small crowd had already gathered around Piggy Boo's pen.  A bottle tipped slightly.  The stuff oozed out.  The pig pushed his lower lip forward, never missing a drop.

I swear Piggy Boo was smiling.

Christine Krieg considers herself a citizen of the world.  Born in Australia, Cycle Length On Clomid india, she stayed just long enough to acquire a bit of an accent before moving to Germany.  She grew up there and finally settled in Northern California.  She tasted the intoxicating power of travel in her thirties while sitting in a tiny plane over the Amazon rainforest.  Ever since, she has photographed and written about her adventures to foreign lands.  Her last journey took her to the rainforests of Borneo in search of orangutans in the wild.  As a full-time photographer, Christine creates beautiful author portraits as part of her work.  She also donates time and talent to Left Coast Writers to capture our monthly speakers.  Visit her website and check out her beautiful images at

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Bayer Apotex Cipro Settlement Agreement

Bayer Apotex Cipro Settlement Agreement, by Cheryl McLaughlin

It was one of those third-shift nights.  I was done with the busyness of the day and the silence of nighttime surrounded me like a huge bubble—that safe place where I could finally hear myself think—when I sat down to write yet another practical, bulleted how-to article, "The 7 Keys to Managing Competitive Stress." But this wasn't just any article. It was an opportunity, for I was one of the few professionals—and the only woman—asked to be a contributor to The Sport Psychology Manual for Coaches, a publication which would be used to train coaches throughout the country. Once again, I was up against a should have been done yesterday deadline and I was praying for clarity, Bayer Apotex Cipro Settlement Agreement canada.

What are the 7 things coaches need to know to help their athletes manage competitive stress? I asked as I placed the numbers 1 to 10 down the page. (It's helpful to brainstorm a few extra for good measure.) I set the alarm on my ACT contact management software to beep me in five minutes and jotted down notes. Short, timed writes, I've learned, help me write fast and freely, Bayer Apotex Cipro Settlement Agreement.

When the tone rang, I stopped, 250mg Bayer Apotex Cipro Settlement Agreement, sat back in my chair and looked at my list. Fifteen pretty good ideas.

Not bad. The challenge was to choose the seven best and put them in order.

I placed a 1, 2, or 3 beside each idea, 100mg Bayer Apotex Cipro Settlement Agreement. Bayer Apotex Cipro Settlement Agreement, 1 would be the most important, 3 the least. I was hoping for seven 1's or a combination of 1's and 2's, though in reality it is never that easy. But this time, I was lucky. Bayer Apotex Cipro Settlement Agreement paypal, Five 1's emerged and two 2's. Perfect.

I set my ACT again for five minutes and asked myself the key question for Point #1, Bayer Apotex Cipro Settlement Agreement. What are three things coaches should know about competitive stress? I scribbled down notes as if taking dictation. (Have you noticed how much easier it is to write when you're responding to a question?)  I continued this process for the other six points. Within an hour I had a detailed outline.

Writing these articles had become second nature to me, 150mg Bayer Apotex Cipro Settlement Agreement, as they are a staple in the game of success in the professions of both sports and business.. Bayer Apotex Cipro Settlement Agreement, You write articles that people can scan easily; you highlight the key points and use sidebars to provide essential information in as few words as possible for those who don't have the time or the desire to read.

I looked at my notes. The information was clear enough. The part I struggled with was getting started. Bayer Apotex Cipro Settlement Agreement mexico, That damned first line. Yes, I know you shouldn't start there, but I'm always listening for that launching pad for the piece.

But this night when I sat forward to bring my fingers to the keyboard, I was like that wiggly child who drives teachers crazy—shifting in my seat from cheek to cheek, my upper body writhing as if I was wearing an itchy wool sweater, and my knees bobbing, sometimes together sometimes alternately—pulsating, Bayer Apotex Cipro Settlement Agreement. I know I don't sit well, but this restlessness was making me crazy

I leaned forward again to type, opting not to start with that dreaded first line, Bayer Apotex Cipro Settlement Agreement us.

My brain felt cloudy, as if filled with mushy cotton balls. What I really want to say is, I typed to get started. 1000mg Bayer Apotex Cipro Settlement Agreement, My fingers responded stiffly, jerkily as if they were translating barely perceptible Morse code messages from my brain.  I write best with my eyes closed, when I can feel what I want to say and my fingers flow—just like when my flute seems to sing the song in my soul. Bayer Apotex Cipro Settlement Agreement, But this night as I focused on what I should say—on what I needed to say—a piercing pain in my left eye and pressure like a vise gripped my brain and made it impossible for me to think clearly, let alone write. This shouldn't be that hard!

I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply into my belly, held my breath for as long as possible and exhaled slowly to the count of eight—a tool to quiet my overactive, left, Bayer Apotex Cipro Settlement Agreement craiglist, logical mind that can think too much and kill the performer.

YOU MUST LEARN TO WRITE DIFFERENTLY. It was that deep voice from the volcanic underbelly of my soul. I've heard it before, but this time I was shaky. 20mg Bayer Apotex Cipro Settlement Agreement, What does that mean?

I closed my eyes again, taking another deep breath, hoping for an image to come up on my mind's movie screen. A curvy, white Casper-like presence with a cherubic face smiled at me as she squeezed her way out of a nearly closed jail-like box, and the meaning became clear: the curves of my artist's soul must be freed from that how-to bulleted box.

I need to go write stories.

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Where Can I Buy Lumigan

Where Can I Buy Lumigan, by Robin Sparks

There are the plans you have for your journey, and the plans your journey has for you.

Things to do in San Rafael, Argentina:

1. Get an appendectomy.

We were watching the gauchos gallop into town when it was decided that I should see a doctor. I'd felt queasy all day, but, when it began to hurt when I breathed, I knew it was more than the bottle of Malbec wine we'd drunk the night before.

During the 30 mile ride on dirt roads to the hospital, I had time to think, Where Can I Buy Lumigan. I'd entered that travel place where you go from being captain of your itinerary, 100mg Where Can I Buy Lumigan, to tossing the itinerary out the window. Its very possibility keeps many would-be travelers at home, but it's a place that travel writers secretly love to go.

The on-call doctor at the private clinic looked like he'd stepped off the set of General Hospital. He called the surgeon to come in, late Saturday night or no. Where Can I Buy Lumigan, As an interesting aside, each doctor from that point on, the lab doctor, Dr. Castro, the surgeon, was more Calvin Klein model-esque than the next. What are the odds. The only way to explain it is that in Argentina you get into medical school based on your looks, 150mg Where Can I Buy Lumigan.

The nurses have an entirely different set of requirements.

A handful of expatriates and a couple of Argentines, some of them strangers an hour earlier, had gathered in the examining room to help, Where Can I Buy Lumigan. There was Johnny from South Africa, who had survived 14 heart attacks at the age of 35. There were Annette and John, Brits who traveled the world on motorbikes before ending up in San Rafael to try their hands at farming, and there were Angel and Rosie, he Argentine, she Mexican, along with their daughter Candy. Where Can I Buy Lumigan us, They'd recently moved to San Rafael, Argentina from Las Vegas. Did you get all that. Where Can I Buy Lumigan, Fifteen-year old Candy was unflappable as my interpreter until they got to ''medical stuff''. Great. Argentines speak Castillano. I speak uh, Spanish. It was a Three Stooges comedy of mis-translation.

The surgeon checked me in for overnight observation, whereupon I paid $30 per day extra for the one air-conditioned patient room in the clinic, Where Can I Buy Lumigan. I couldn't see how anyone could heal in this nearly 100 degree heat. Through the partially open doors of rooms up and down the hall, I'd seen visitors standing over beds, 500mg Where Can I Buy Lumigan, vigorously fanning patients. At the Policlinica patients are required to have a friend or family member stay in their room at all times to help with their basic ingenious solution to health care costs, but a tricky one when you are a stranger in town.

As it turns out, my new friends fought over which one would remain in my room throughout the night. Where Can I Buy Lumigan, Next morning the pain had subsided, so I figured I'd be heading home and was a bit embarrassed that I'd caused such a ruckus over nothing. The docs came in to make rounds, said a few words to each other, and suddenly I was being loaded onto a gurney and wheeled down the hall to surgery. I tried to talk Dr. Where Can I Buy Lumigan ebay, Castro into letting me fly to Buenos Aires for the operation. He assured me that it wasn't an option.

Under the operating light, they strapped me to a table, tied both my arms straight out at my sides, stuck IV needles into my arms and I lay there like Jesus Christ, Where Can I Buy Lumigan.

My last thoughts as the gas mask came down. A story I once read about a surgical patient who was paralyzed by the anesthesia but remained wide awake throughout the surgery, able to feel everything, but unable to let anyone know. I ran a quick inventory: Hearing. Yes. Where Can I Buy Lumigan, Sight. Yes. Speech. Nope, Where Can I Buy Lumigan craiglist. Sensation. No...Except, I discovered, my neck and head, which I began to wag violently back and forth with a look that I hoped shouted No, No, Where Can I Buy Lumigan. No. I'm not asleep yet. Your anesthesia isn't working!...

The upside down face of the anesthesiologist came into focus. Where Can I Buy Lumigan, ''Robin.

''Fineeshed?'' I couldn't think of the Spanish word for ''Over.''

Ow. I'd been hit in the gut, hard. How much time had passed. 20mg Where Can I Buy Lumigan, I asked. (In my groggy post-surgical state, I spoke fluent Spanish), Where Can I Buy Lumigan. Thirteen minutes. Had it been my appendix. Yes. Had it burst. Where Can I Buy Lumigan, No.

''12 centimeters long!'' someone announced as if I'd given birth to something wondrous. Which in a way, I guess I had. My appendix, an organ normally around 2 inches in length, had been found poking up into my chest cavity, Where Can I Buy Lumigan mexico, a fully erect 7 inches. Yes, I'm proud.

The next morning, Dr, Where Can I Buy Lumigan. Novak, I mean Dr. Gonzales, stopped by my room, and after checking my stitches, said, 10mg Where Can I Buy Lumigan, ''You can put on your makeup now.'' I chose to believe that he meant that my prognosis was good. Dr. Castro came by too, and announced that he'd made the scar small enough that I could still wear a bikini. Where Can I Buy Lumigan, A few hours later, a nurse summoned my friend, Susan, out into the hall. She returned carrying a package wrapped neatly in white butcher paper. "What's that?" I asked. "Your appendix."

We left it sitting there on my nightstand until the next day when I summoned a nurse to please take it away to la basura.

''La postal?'' she asked. ''No, no, Where Can I Buy Lumigan. Don't mail it, throw it away!''

It may be a global world, but it's still a babel world in lots of ways, Where Can I Buy Lumigan overseas.

Two days later, and I'm back ''home'' on the ranch surrounded by the warm people of San Rafael, Argentina and doing well, thanks to everyone here.


Robin Sparks is in Argentina as the new editor of EscapeArtist Travel Magaine ( to be launched in April, 2006. She'll be back in the Bay Area in April. In June Robin will join Larry Habegger in Turkey for their writing workshop, The Personal Travel Story. Check it out under the Journal link at Robin's website

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Prozac And Ms

Prozac And Ms, By Deborah Griffin
Roadworks: Deborah
I pressed the bumper sticker onto my dashboard. Good Girls Go to Heaven, Bad Girls Go Everywhere. It was my mantra for the trip I was about to take. For the first time in my life I would be on the road with no destination. Every other trip I'd taken was charted to within an inch of its life, mapped and reserved ahead with a quota of miles per day. Not this one, Prozac And Ms. Part spiritual quest, part art journey, this would be a trip with time to think, 750mg Prozac And Ms, to make decisions about the rest of my life. On the passenger seat lay a new journal, its smooth pages ready to record with words and sketches the adventures that lay before me.

As I drove west toward the unknown, the idea of ‘bad girls' kept playing in my brain. Bad girls, as opposed to good girls who never got dirty, never quit their jobs or left their husbands; who raised good little girls just like Mommy, Prozac And Ms coupon, and worked hard to get into heaven. Prozac And Ms, But what if bad girls really do go everywhere, including heaven. I was about to find out.
Roadworks: Deborah
My first stop was a buffalo preserve in Medicine Park, Oklahoma. I set up my tent and tried to sleep despite the calls of wild turkeys and the wailing of a fellow camper's violin that out-screeched the birds. Outside my tent the raccoons provided percussion, creating a sloshy rattle of ice against the inside of the cooler they couldn't quite break into or drag away. I sat up in the cocoon of my sleeping bag and by the light of a flashlight wrote the first words on my fresh new pages, Prozac And Ms. What in the name of heaven am I doing. Hunched over my journal, I wrote until my hand cramped, Prozac And Ms uk, then spent the rest of the night rolling from rock to rock.

Blurry eyed over coffee the next morning, I made a decision. If I was going to spend weeks in my tent, I was going to have a comfortable bed. Prozac And Ms, I broke camp and headed to the nearest shopping center. A friend would one day christen the little pavilion I put together that day The Taj. I purchased a blowup mattress, foldable cot, Prozac And Ms paypal, table and chair, a Persian design rug, luxurious comforters and linens in jewel colors. My lantern wasn't pierced tin and amber, but it provided sufficient light for reading and journaling. I hit the road again, wallowing in my luxury and in the glory of having no agenda or schedule, no friends, husband, or family with needs to satisfy, 200mg Prozac And Ms. I had only to satisfy myself, Prozac And Ms. I stopped at gila monster museums, Route 66 diners, wigwam curio stands, and natural wonders. I visited caves.
Roadworks: Deborah
I loved the caves best. I loved the coolness, the thrusting stalagmites and the clinging stalactites. Prozac And Ms, For me the caves were a physical metaphor for the emotional place I occupied — a going-inside place with a view to the world from the entrance. 40mg Prozac And Ms, My favorite caves were the ones I could hang out in alone. In one I sat and traced the name of a former occupant. Margaret Marion had written her name in pencil on the surface in 1912. Years of limestone deposits had slowly covered it over until it lay sealed beneath transparent layers, unerasable. Was that what I sought, Prozac And Ms. Some way to leave my mark.

One morning at dawn I sought spiritual enlightenment in the mouth of a cave above the campground at Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. The valley below was filled with a plethora of purple, lime and scarlet tents, Prozac And Ms australia, which the early morning mist and campfire smoke obscured then revealed at the whim of the wind. The veil of time seemed to thin, the colors faded and the encampment below could have been this century or during the time of the Anasazi, a thousand years before. Prozac And Ms, I closed my eyes, sat crosslegged and heard a raven cry and a mother calling her child. I smelled food cooking, breathed in juniper, sagebrush and the cool, damp smell of time that permeates all caves. Prozac And Ms japan, Here in this holy place, where people had come through the ages to seek answers, I was ready for the Spirits to speak to me. I tried to concentrate, then tried to just be. And I found, not sustenance, light or counsel, but a sudden realization. I was done with caves, Prozac And Ms. I was ready to go back and deal with my life: end my relationship, 250mg Prozac And Ms, find a job, move out of stasis and do the next thing. I wasn't empty-handed, though. I would take with me pages and pages of observations and sketches and forty days of experiences that would take me years to assimilate.

I made that trip in my thirty-fifth year, and even now in my fifties I sometimes go back to those journals. Prozac And Ms, I find insights, or maybe a descriptive memory — birdshadow dancing on peach canyon walls, the giggly sound of white throated swifts, the tinkle of goat bells rising 1000 feet to crenellated cliff edges. I smile at the story of the woman who brought me leftover cake and anecdotes about her artistic granddaughter. Prozac And Ms usa, I see again the conference-bound executive who shipped his suit ahead and rode his motorcycle across the desert, telling me his life history late at night while sand dunes leaned close.

Mainly I go there for the memory of days and days without agendas or plans, for the joy of simply being, with nothing to do but whatever shows up. Today, with every hour filled to the brim, that is my current version of heaven.

Deborah Griffin is an artist and writer living in Alameda. She exhibits regularly at the Alameda Art Center and the Frank Bette Art Center and has been published in Goddess Magazine and Skirt. Magazine, and will be included in the upcoming Hot Flashes II in 2006.

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Diflucan Use In Ear

Diflucan Use In Ear, By Marsha Black

By December of 2001, a quiet blanket of winter white covered Yosemite Valley. The event was so unusual that it made the local news for a week, catching the attention of Bay Area residents, including my husband and myself.
I think most of us needed relief from the personal and national disasters of 2001, Diflucan Use In Ear canada. We certainly did. Mentally and physically exhausted, our enthusiasm and energy flagged. Our bodies ached, Diflucan Use In Ear. 30mg Diflucan Use In Ear, Instinctively, we turned to Yosemite's familiar retreat, hoping that the pristine beauty would refill our spiritual and physical reserves.

The morning after our arrival, we woke to the first indication of hope, 1000mg Diflucan Use In Ear. Looking out to the meadow behind the Ahwahnee, we were rewarded with a vista of white-cloaked trees. As the sun rose slowly into mid-morning, Diflucan Use In Ear india, we watched the limbs release their snowy mantles, creating a translucent cloud of powder. Diflucan Use In Ear, I felt my spirits rise as each bough bounced back, freed from the strain of heavy snow.

Yosemite Three Brothers
A drive over the rough valley road took us to another meadow. The sun had hidden behind dramatic clouds and the air felt noticeably colder. Following the light, 50mg Diflucan Use In Ear, I scrunched and pounded through white drifts to the middle of the field, finding new strength in the physical effort and in the anticipation that something special was just ahead.
Yosemite Half DomeWhen I turned around, Diflucan Use In Ear australia, I faced Half Dome in all its majesty. Nature's own spectacular backdrop, it dwarfed a snow couple that had been built in the meadow below, Diflucan Use In Ear. I felt myself smile as the scene before me crowded out any last subconscious visions of past events. Part of the healing of nature, I reminded myself, is about perspective, 10mg Diflucan Use In Ear.

At day's end, we made a final stop at a bridge spanning the Merced River. The setting sun angled across the valley floor and the water snaked gracefully through the bright meadow. Diflucan Use In Ear, Merced RiverWatching the river scour the rocks and streambed, I felt my own body continue its cleansing process. 500mg Diflucan Use In Ear, My shoulders became more pliant, my neck less stiff, my facial muscles less tight. The lingering headache I'd brought to the valley with me had disappeared. I reflected on John Muir's belief in the healing power of the wilderness, Diflucan Use In Ear india, and of Yosemite in particular. A remarkably insightful man, I thought.
Yosemite Bridal Veil FallsHand in hand, my husband and I walked back to the car, lost in our memories of this quietly restorative day, Diflucan Use In Ear. Diflucan Use In Ear us, It would snow again that night, we were sure, and we were quite content to take what came our way.
About the Author

Marsha Black has been traveling and writing about her travels for many years. A businesswoman, grandmother and passionate photographer, her work is exhibited regularly at Reed's Camera Shop in Walnut Creek and at Brewed Awakening in Berkeley. She has been published in travel journals and webzines such as International Travel News and American Women Road and Travel. Diflucan Use In Ear, She lives with her husband, Dale, in Pleasant Hill, California. See more of her photos at her website:

Copyright © 2005 By Marsha Black. All rights reserved. No part of this article may be copied or reproduced without written permission from the author.

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Zyprexa Prozac

Zyprexa Prozac, By Nancy E Rapp

In the fall of 2003 I found myself intrigued by the lyrics of Loreena McKennitt's song,

Dante's Prayer.

Cast your eyes on the ocean
Cast your soul to the sea
When the dark night seems endless
Please remember me.

Umbrian countrysideI wondered what it was that McKennitt wanted us to remember about Dante, who was, to me, a rather mysterious figure from the Middle Ages. I did a little research into the historical Dante Alighieri, Zyprexa Prozac craiglist, and some of what I discovered struck me as significant in today's post-9/11 world.

Dante began to write The Divine Comedy two years after he was exiled from Florence for political reasons. I found it fascinating that he did his finest work during the nineteen years that he was barred from his beloved city, forced to rely on the charity of foreign patrons, Zyprexa Prozac. He expressed his distaste at the burden of his outsider status in these lines:

You shall leave everything most dearly loved.
You shall discover how salty is the savor
Of someone else's bread

Paradiso XVII
Umbrian countryside For Dante, a native of Florence where even today bread is made without salt, the taste of salted bread was a visceral symbol of his exile. Perhaps it was that sense of displacement, that loss of all that was familiar and precious that compelled him to begin the poem that would become his masterwork, 30mg Zyprexa Prozac. The sympathy that I feel for the tragedy of his exile however, is tempered by the knowledge of how passionate he must have felt about his great poem. Zyprexa Prozac, Pincio Gardens, Rome

What, then, is the ‘salted bread' of our lives. Maybe it is the bizarre and frightening array of headlines that bombards us daily. More than ever before, I am aware of the cracked mirror of history, the collapse of governments and the breath of the cold river of the future ahead of us. Zyprexa Prozac coupon, Natural and man-made disasters are on the menu – and sometimes seem like the main course – of our contemporary times. The choices that we make to survive, physically and mentally, are crucial. In an atmosphere like this, how do we create anything of beauty, Zyprexa Prozac.

After 9/11 my own passion for creating something new in the world was stunted by picture after picture of black smoke rising into the perfect blue of a September sky. Perhaps that is why I was so struck by McKennitt's song and its suggestion that we look to the past for examples of courage in unsettled times. In reflecting back to Dante's time and place, I sought new ideas and a fresh wave of inspiration, 750mg Zyprexa Prozac. I imagined Dante's hand as he began the first line of what would become The Divine Comedy. Zyprexa Prozac, Carefully he would dip the quill into ink the color of overripe blackberries. He would tap the sharpened tip lightly against the rim of the container, then place it against the vellum and begin to write. The rest of the world – sorrow, exile, the hatred of men – would fall away. Zyprexa Prozac usa, Despite everything thrown into his path – war, unjust prosecution, permanent banishment from his home and the seizure of his family assets – Dante prevailed, and by prevailing he left us a blueprint to follow: Never lose sight of the goals that you have set for yourself.

Pincio Gardens, Rome I often think of Dante's wanderings as I am walking the hills of Marin under a cloudless sky that can be both horizon and ceiling, 100mg Zyprexa Prozac. As I run my fingers across the wind-tossed velvet of new clover or scan the variety of wildflowers within my reach, I am humbled by nature's beauty, Zyprexa Prozac. The oak and laurel trees in the distance stand as tribute to a vastness that I can never completely understand. On days like this, the recognition that "Nature is the Art of God" (Dante's words) is one compelling reason to keep going. To turn away from Nature is to turn away from Art, and from Life.

Though we share this humble path, Zyprexa Prozac ebay, alone
How fragile is the heart
Oh give these clay feet wings to fly
To touch the face of the stars

Surely in these words McKennitt has described the writer's task – to touch the face of the stars, to travel as far as you can with your imagination as companion. Zyprexa Prozac, It is what Dante did by penning his magnificent poem. And, in his case, the image of feet on a humble path is not merely symbolic. He spent almost twenty years traversing the Italian countryside in his exile. Nevertheless, when he died in Ravenna in September, Zyprexa Prozac japan, 1321, he was buried with a crown of laurel in recognition of the stature that he had attained through his writing. In spite of adversity, Dante had created a masterpiece

It will soon be the fall of 2005, and I have not yet regained the feeling of security that I enjoyed in pre-9/11 days. Maybe I never will, Zyprexa Prozac. However, Zyprexa Prozac mexico, if I can sit in the warm afternoon light of autumn with a plate of fresh figs, golden pears and tart olives for a snack, and a pen and paper for my words, then maybe, for today, it is enough.
Nancy E. Rapp is one of the founding members of Left Coast Writers, 40mg Zyprexa Prozac. Although she grew up in Southern Illinois, she has lived in Marin County for the past 33 years. She is married, with two grown children. When she isn't contemplating Dante over a plate of figs, Nancy can be found at the Marin County Library, where she has worked for many years.

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Cipro Patient Information

Cipro Patient Information, by Claire Savage

When I first heard about the trip to the Arctic, visions of polar bears, reindeer, and jolly old Santa Claus danced in my head.  Childhood fairy tale scenes of The North Pole were all I knew of land and sea beyond latitude 50 degrees north, having never ventured farther north than Vancouver, British Columbia.  In spite of my fairy tale images I still feared the journey to this remote hinterland.  Would the barren landscape and frigid temperatures be too much to bear.

Layers of protective clothing in tow, I departed from San Francisco with an overnight in Ottawa.  And after a short three-hour flight, I saw sunlight radiating off the landing strip on Baffin Island in the city of Iqaluit.   "Welcome to Iqaluit's Spring Festival" read the banner in the lobby of the Frobisher Inn.  For three days each year, the city of Iqaluit (I- KA-loo-it) celebrates the return of the light, 1000mg Cipro Patient Information, longer days and warmer weather.  This year, in addition to hosting Inuit traditional games and events, the Inuit Circumpolar Conference invited members of the Union of Concerned Scientists, the National Resources Defense Council, politicians, artists, 250mg Cipro Patient Information, journalists, and, to top it all off, actors Jake Gyllenhaal, Cipro Patient Information canada, who starred in the movie "Day After Tomorrow," and environment-conscious Salma Hayek.

I felt honored to be a part of such a group, my role being a member of the team that was to create a performance art piece on the ice.  All of us had assembled there to draw attention to the precipitous rise in temperature of the Arctic, the dangerous melting of the sea ice and the deleterious impact on the lives of the Inuit.  As a canary in a coal mine warns of leaking gas, perhaps the changing climate of our northern neighbors foreshadows drastic environmental changes for the rest of us living farther south.  We had come to the Arctic in the hopes of sending a message of warning to the world, 50mg Cipro Patient Information.

While the celebrities, politicians and journalists were speaking at a press conference indoors, a team of seven of us, led by artist John Quigley, 150mg Cipro Patient Information, worked outside preparing for the aerial art event to take place the next day.  Low winds and sunny skies supported us as we marked out a grid within which hundreds of people would gather to form a large image.  First, we staked out four corners of a square with 200 foot sides, placing in each corner a pink flag.  Then we marked 20 points at 10 foot intervals along each side, thus forming the grid.  Several more flags were placed inside.  By the end of the afternoon a field of pink flags danced against the ice and sky.

The next day, in even less hospitable weather, Cipro Patient Information overseas, -25˚ Fahrenheit with 40 mile-per-hour winds, we were back outside to "draw" the image within the grid.  The image of a drum dancer flanked by the words ARCTIC and WARNING in English and LISTEN written in Inuktitut, the native language of the Inuit, appeared in flags on the sea ice just in time for hundreds of local residents and school children to file down the hill and take their places somewhere upon either the picture or the words.

Along with 50 other people, I lay down on the ice and became part of the lower fringe of the drum dancer's jacket.  Next to me a little Inuit girl in tennis shoes, her ankles bare between the tops of her socks and the bottom edge of her jeans, unprepared for an hour-long event in the bitter cold, cried frozen tears.  I wrapped my arms around her and gave her my scarf in a futile attempt to protect her from the cold, Cipro Patient Information. Cipro Patient Information paypal, A short while later, after photographers flying overhead in a helicopter had taken pictures of us on the ice, we joined hands to form a great circle.  After a moment of stillness we raised our arms into the air and sent our message out.

The sun shone bright and warm the day we departed.  Surrounded by a large group of townspeople, I was heartened by the strength and grace of this community, who have survived for generations in the cold, Cipro Patient Information uk, creating a rich and meaningful culture.  The paradox is clear, we all desire warmth against the cold.  But our lifestyle, by over-warming the earth's atmosphere is devastating all of our future lives.  The Inuit are only the first to experience the consequences of this paradox.

Gazing out the airplane window on the ice below, 200mg Cipro Patient Information, I wondered whether our efforts were of any consequence, whether the press conference, the aerial art event, or the news coverage could possibly help stem the tide of our planet warming up.  Who will hear the call?  Who is listening?  Are we all like a mythical Cassandra predicting the world's fate, but doomed never to be believed?  And in the end, will anyone live happily ever after, 20mg Cipro Patient Information.

Claire is raising her daughter and writing in San Rafael.

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