BRAD NEWSHAM has taken four global back-packing trips and turned
two of them into memoirs: “All the Right Places” (Random House,
1989) and “Take Me With You” (Travelers Tales, 2000).  From 2002
to 2005, he was the driving force behind Backpack Nation, a
non-profit organization he founded in order to “transform the
West’s roughly 3 million travelers into an army of global
ambassadors, and thereby help to save our world.”

For the past 21 years, Brad has worked as a San Francisco taxicab
driver (“No, I was never the Chronicle’s ‘Night Cabbie’,” he
says).  He is currently working on a book about a year behind the

Newsham will discuss his writings, his world travels, and his
work in promoting global goodwill through his Backpack Nation

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