Book Launch: Mary Lou Peters Schram

LEFT COAST WRITERS BOOK LAUNCH: Mary Lou Peters Schram, author of Pursuing Happiness … One More Time

Mary Lou Peters Schram

Saturday, November 14, 2009 || 7pm
Book Passage-Corte Madera || 51 Tamal Vista Dr.
Corte Madera ||


Four women, a dead husband, a not-so-great boyfriend, a little extra weight and lots of money—is this a recipe for joy or disaster?

If a good book and a glass of wine is your idea of happiness, please grab a friend and join us for a delightful evening with local author Mary Lou Peters Schram.

“Although the pursuit of happiness is one of our inalienable rights, nowhere is it guaranteed that we shall catch it.  Mary Lou Peters Schram’s witty new novel chronicles the lives of four women, all residents of Shady Acres, an adult community in California’s wine country, as each pursues her own particular vision of happiness.

Marion’s husband, Jeb, dies on the first page and Marion finds herself with very little money and not a clue as to what to do about it.  The only thing she knows for sure is that she doesn’t want anyone telling her what to do.  And why, during all those married years, didn’t she ask Jeb any practical questions?

Jessie, tall and model slim, sells real estate.  Edgar, her current boyfriend, bores her but does she dare to try for another one?  While her friends watch in trepidation, she dares and find love with a capital L.  Can it last?

Bridget, three times divorced and better off financially each time, has decided that she no longer needs a man in her life.  She’s gained forty pounds since the last one but she still has her pretty face and her stunning clothes.  To her surprise she develops a crush on Jessie’s new beau.

Phyllis, twice married, twice widowed, has learned that you don’t have to let life just happen to you, not if you have a plan.  Phyllis always has a plan, and if the first one doesn’t work, she can always develop another.

The biggest negative factor in all their hopes is the fact that the men tend to become ill or die, but the women forge on determined to achieve their goals before life ends.”

—Reviewed by Pat Mills, Bay Area Book Reviewer