Book Launch: Burmese Jade by Cynthia Greenberg

LEFT COAST WRITERS BOOK LAUNCH:  Burmese Jade, a Mystery by Cynthia Greenberg 

Cynthia Greenberg

Saturday, March 9th, 2013 || 7pm
Book Passage-Corte Madera|| 51 Tamal Vista Dr. Corte Madera ||

Travelers, writers, mystery lovers, you won’t want to miss this event. Burmese Jade, a Mystery is a new mystery novel by Cynthia Greenberg that takes place in Burma (Myanmar) and Thailand and features an interesting set of characters, all strangely a part of the same tour group. This includes a jewel thief, a smuggler, an ex-spy, and a Buddhist monk, among others. The main character is a French photojournalist who is searching for information about her grandfather’s mysterious disappearance.  A young couple from Texas, accidentally film a murder while on the same tour with all of these people.  Come and see how it turns out!

Cynthia Greenberg has been writing about her travels since 1973, when she studied film-making, writing and photography at the American University in Rome, Italy. She put herself through school acting in spaghetti westerns and had a cameo role in the Godfather Part II. Her essay Vespa 73 appears in the award-winning anthology Greece, a Love Story (Bay Area Travel Writer’s 2007 best travel book). She lives in Marin County, California with her husband Jake and two Persian cats. Burmese Jade is her first novel.