After 10 years of varied employment as a bike messenger, waitress, typesetter, Alaskan cook and bike shop manager, Alison read one of those annoying career help books, Jobs for English Majors and Other Losers, and discovered copy editing. She realized it was something she had been doing automatically for years, much to the chagrin of friends and coworkers, and decided to try to get paid for it. She got a job at the Phoenix Journal in the East Bay, then Diablo Magazine, then the Chronicle. She started as senior editor with the magazine in 1998 and was named editor the day before her second maternity leave a year and a half ago. A voracious reader, Alison’s been working ever since to make the San Francisco Chronicle Magazine into something she would spend time on a Sunday morning reading. Alison has launched many a literary career in the Bay Area. With a readership estimated at over 1,000,000, her publication has tremendous reach. Alison will share an editor’s point of view, 

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